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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    **Out of Character**
    IGN: saadie
    Age: 21
    How did you find us?: I've been a member on Akavir for a while. Just finally getting around to reapplying.
    What Roleplay experience do you have?: See above. Roleplayed tons on minecraft at this point, although the majority of my roleplay is through paragraph roleplay.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Using information you gather through OOC means IC. Overhearing someone discussing on Skype some details about their character and then utilizing that information IC would be an example of meta.
    Define Power-gaming in your words: Writing out actions or consequences of the actions of another character. In example, your character swings a sword at character B and in the same reply, include how character B didn't dodge in time and now is missing an arm.
    Define God-Modding in your words: Acting invincible. Spinning like a top with your swords out and deflecting or dodging every single blow while landing all of your own.

    **In Character**
    Name: Nalisi Uleni
    Nickname: N/A, Isi (by her "family" only)
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Race: Dunmer

    At 5'8, Nalisi is fairly tall. She is all bone and skin, lanky arms and lanky legs. Her shoulders and hips are wide but the rest of her body lacks soft curve. Much like her face, she is full of sharp angles and hollowed space between bone. Her eyes are abnormal: the color of the iris and the sclera look as if they have been swapped. Almond shaped, the iris itself is a more vibrant red while the sclera is a deeper, ruby red. Much like her eyes, her hair is a bloody red as well, long and straight, parted slightly to the side and hanging limply past her shoulders. Her brows arched high, giving her an almost surprised look. Her face typical for a dunmer. She has high, hollowed cheekbones with a thin, yet hyperdefined, jawline. The bridge of her nose is thin and the tip slightly bulbuous but not much wider. Her mouth is wide as well, yet her lips are full. Overall, Nalisi is not much to look at. However, she holds herself well enough, standing straight and a good, confident sort of posture.

    A bit of an oddball by Dunmeri standards. Nalisi, even outside her race, would likely be viewed as a little "off". The Dunmeri woman was by no means a violent mer, but she had a strange sense of humor. Despite it all, Nalisi is quite creative. Although seemingly gifted whereas magic is concerned, she never had the opportunity to study it. The mer has her head held high above the clouds. It takes a lot to ground her, if such is even possible. There is usually a pleasant smile on her face, her good spirits are difficult to dampen with even the darkest of news. Paradoxically, she has a pretty dark outlook on things, which is a small part of her that stays true to her race.

    In-game RP example:
    "Well, we're not dead, at least," Nalisi mumbled as she flopped down onto the sandy shore. The fire from her mother's ship could just be seen on the horizon. Glancing over, she frowned immediately at her mother's expression. Still, the sheer devastation was not something words or even a hug could temporarily soothe. That ship had been her mother's life.
    "I should have sunk with that ship... she served me well." Mama Uleni's voice trembled. "You are but my second child, that ship might as well have been my first born. And there she dies along with my life."
    Nalisi frowned, her brow creasing. It was just hitting her how dire the situation was- moreso for her mother's mental well being than anything else. The young mer would adapt, but it had been her mother who put over most of her long life into that ship.
    "We shall get a new one," Nalisi said. "And a new crew... it is not the end."
    If the older Uleni heard her daughter's words, she didn't respond. Her deep red eyes would not move from the far-off flames.

    Nalisi's mother is the captain of a small cargo ship and makes her gold by exporting and importing goods from and to Morrowind. It was never a particularly lucrative occupation, but they always had enough for their basic needs.
    While she never met her father, her mother managed well enough. Living on the cargo ship has had its ups and downs, but overall Nalisi loves the sea very much. The crew was always quite fond of the little dunmer girl. Nalisi as a child was very quiet and observant. She was quite shy around strangers, although she'd met so many traveling from port city to port city and generally got over her fear. As soon as she was able to, the dunmeri girl was working with the rest of the crew.
    Most of her days were spent with heavy chores. Every month they'd dock in a new city for a week to trade wares and occasionally take on a passenger or two. It was an exciting life, one that she wouldn't trade even to be living in one of the exciting cities they stopped in regularly.
    As such, pirates tend to be a problem for the small ship. Although being a smaller barge, they were able to move relatively quickly and unseen. This saved them more than a couple of times, as they lacked the means to defend themselves. A couple of the crew members were mildly proficient with bows and her mother could cast fireball, so the only offensive measures were rather ineffective against ships.
    On one particular run to Akavir, the small ship had been spotted by a dingy little pirate ship. They were near the island, so her mother just attempted to hightail it to the island to drop the supplies off.
    But still, the pirates chased. Her mother tried lobbing a couple fireballs at the ship, hoping to catch their sails.
    The closer they got to Akavir, the more desperate the pirates became. The ship ebbed closer, keeping up. Once the land was in sight, the small cargo ship was bombarded with fireballs, as well. There seemed to be at least two of them that knew magic. Unfortunately, the fire caught on the sails. The entire crew was in a panic at this point. Of all the close calls, this was definitely the closest. Some of the crew dove over the side, making for the island.
    Nalisi stayed, trying to bring water up to at least stifle the roaring flames from burning the entire ship through. Unfortunately, the flames grew faster than they could be quelled. The young dunmer and her mother eventually hopped over the side as well, swimming hurriedly after the crew as the pirates closed in on the ship, taking over the effort of trying to put the flames out.
    Eventually they both reached the shore, exhausted both physically and emotionally. Her mother was thrown into a very sudden, deep depression at seeing her entire livelihood sink into the ocean. Nalisi tried her best to set up a camp and keep them comfortable for the night. When she awoke, her mother was gone. Just some footprints along the shore remained, eventually fading out into the forest.

    skooma killz
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    IGN: saadie
    Age: 21
    Why us?: I was originally going to join just because it happens to be an Elder Scrolls server, but I also have some friends on the server and I figured, why not? Seems like a fun place to roleplay when I have the time.
    Have you "liked" this thread?: I voted for the first post, yes.
    Have you voted for us at Planet Minecraft?: Once I play on the server a bit and find that I enjoy it, I will. Wouldn't be fair to vote for a server I've yet to play on.
    Did you join our forum?: Yes.
    Define Role-Playing in your words: Creating a character or a set of characters to respond and interact with other people's characters to create a story.
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Using out of character information that your character wouldn't know or hasn't found out in character.
    Define Power-gaming in your words: Taking control of another's character (making your hits land without giving them time to react) or being unrealistically overpowered.

    Name: Adrienne
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race: Breton
    Appearance: Like most of her race, she's short in stature. Her skin is fairly tanned, mostly from keeping outdoors so often. Adrienne's hair is a dark reddish-brown and usually tied up into a high ponytail to keep out of her face. Her eyes are a pale green. She isn't entirely intimidating at first glance considering her weapon of choice happens to be her magic, but she definitely is athletic.
    Personality: Adrienne is someone who enjoys novelty, which is made obvious by her choice in career. She enjoys visiting new lands and is quite interested in learning about other cultures. Generally she is quiet and observant, choosing to keep her mouth closed and carefully watching a situation before approaching it. Even though she is brave enough to travel across Tamriel alone and explore various ruins, she'd be more like to run away from a fight that is tipped in the other's favor. Most might call this cowardly, but Adrienne prefers to think of it as 'smart'.
    In-game RP example: Adrienne couldn't admit to caring much for Skyrim. It was nothing but snow and Nords, neither of which she was entirely fond of. Every town or settlement she went to, she was met with anything from distrust to complete contempt. Finally at Riften, she was ready to leave sometime within the week to Morrowind. From what she heard, it wouldn't be much better, but at least it'd be warmer. That was enough for Adrienne.
    "Hello miss, interested in a job?" Adrienne looked up suddenly, eyes narrowing as she saw the sleezy looking Nord speaking to her.
    "And what job would this be?" Adrienne crossed her arms, looking unamused. "If you're as sleezy as you look, I suggest you take your business elsewhere, sir."
    "No, no... you seem... sneaky. And I haven't seen you around before, which is good. We need someone who isn't a regular here. Someone who'll be in and out at a week, tops," he explained.
    "Continue," she said, mostly just interested in hearing whatever this Nord had in mind.
    Background: Adrienne's mother was part of a traveling caravan. To make money, the woman would play her lute for coin or provide services such as fortune telling via tea leaves, palmistry, or cards. Her father was another 'gypsy' and whenever they settled down for a while near a town, would do odd jobs for food and gold. Out in the wild, he hunted and thus was quite good with bow and arrow. Adrienne's caravan was quite fond of her, finding the little girl quite charming. Her mother taught her to play the lute and to read fortunes, expecting her to take up the trade to make some extra money. Although her father used traditional weapons, he was also adept at magic and quickly taught her when she showed an aptitude for it.
    Adrienne loved traveling with her parents. She wasn't nearly as flamboyant as most of the other gypsies, having more of her father's sort of serious, withdrawn nature. The other girls her age would dance and sing and charm the money out of boys, but she found herself drawn more to practicing her magic and heading out on hunting trips with her father. Although she was horrible with bow and arrow, she was slightly more proficient with daggers and soon found her own style of hunting with illusion magics.
    As she grew, Adrienne found that her own destiny did not coincide with those who belonged to the caravan. They traveled often, this was true, but she wanted to see even more. She did not wish to stay in High Rock all of her time. Although her parents were sad when she admitted that she wished to leave, they were supportive of her decision.
    Ever since then, she's been on the road and has hardened up considerably. It was hard at times, trying to find food and money especially with the civil war in Skyrim, but she persisted and found her own way- be it cleaning, hunting, or thieving. It took her years, but eventually she reached the country of Morrowind. The alien landscape was absolutely enchanting, but the prospect of Akavir was what brought her to Tamriel's coast. The thought of exploring terrain unknown to most of Tamriel was asbolutely enticing, so she left at once.

    Skooma kills.
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    Out-Of-Character Information
    Please fill out the following questions as accurately as possible, and ensure the essential details are accurate.

    Minecraft Account Name: saadie
    How old are you?: 21
    Time-Zone: Eastern, -5
    Have you read, understood and agreed to the rules?: Fully
    What previous experience have you had in role-playing?: I’ve participated in many forum and paragraph roleplays for maybe half of my life, now. Besides that, I also enjoy table-top rps. I started minecraft roleplaying on Wild Wasteland (when I joined it was a horrible server, but I hear it’s been reformed). I also played on OWB and Lost Days. Before that I was briefly on a server called the Illiac Isles, if I remember right.
    How did you hear about the the Lord of the Craft?: TornadoWatch referred me
    Link any applications that you have previously made for the server: N/A
    Have you posted this application on the Minecraft Forum? If not, then please do so (link above): Yes
    Have you read the Human lore, and shall you ensure you make use of it and follow it in your biography?: Yes

    In your own words define the following terms. Do not take any definitions from elsewhere!:

    Role-playing: Working together with another individual (or multiple) to create a complex story and world complete with a diverse cast of characters.
    Meta-gaming: Taking OOC information and having your character suddenly knowing this knowledge.
    Power-emoting: Landing actions or hits on another player without their consent. This is also power-gaming.

    In-Character Information:
    Complete the following biography on your character:

    Full Name: Cordelia Garner
    Current Age: 18
    Sub-race (if any): N/A
    Past / History (include childhood, major-events, etc. 2+ paragraphs long): Born to peasantry, Cordelia's gone through life working hard alongside her family. Cordelia's parents were Francis and Godiva Garner. While pregnant with Cordelia, Godiva fell ill and so the pregnancy and birth were very hard on the woman. Still, Cordelia was born without much trouble and Godiva survived the birthing although after, she found herself unable to conceive any more children. Despite this, both parents doted on her.
    Originally they lived in a small farming settlement and owned a decently sized plot of land. Francis farmed the land as most of the villagers did, but he had the added bonus of also owning the land, which is how they made their food and way of life. Part of the land was dedicated to crops and a small portion to a handful of livestock- mostly chickens and some sheep.
    Cordelia's mother had a vast knowledge of plants and herbs, and made money for their family by mixing up herbal remedies for smaller ailments. It was a decent life for a peasant. Never did Cordelia go to sleep hungry and there was always good or some extra coin saved up for emergencies, which was more than most of the other villagers could say.
    Growing up, Cordelia spent a lot of her free time helping her mother with the garden. They had a rather spacious side garden and the house was always filled with potted plants, most of which the young girl helped to plant and take care of. When she wasn't doing that, she was usually off feeding the animals and tending to them.
    Although neither parent could vouch for having an education, her mother was able to read and write in a fairly proficient manner. When she wasn't at her work, Godiva would spend some time each day teaching her a word and helping her write her letters. For her birthdays, her parents would save up extra coin and buy story books whenever the merchant caravans rolled through for Cordelia to practice reading.
    It became clear at a young age that the girl took after her mother- she was proficient at the small amounts her mother taught her. Godiva, before leaving to marry Francis, had lived in the city and had access to a fair education. When she saw how smart her daughter was with her studies, she began to save up small amounts for the girl to continue it. After all, if Cordelia could go to Arethor and continue with her education, she could possibly find herself a better means of life than marrying a farmer's son and tending to livestock all day.
    Cordelia herself was thrilled at the prospect of being able to see what else was out there. It took a couple years to finally convince her father to let her go and even more time for a caravan to be passing through with that destination in mind and the space to take her along, but once it did she was out of there and off to go see the city.
    Ambitions for the Future: For now, just to get to Arethor and perhaps explore the city. But beyond those goals, she wishes to further her own education and study at the library. Cordelia also is interested in exploring and wishes to see more of the land.
    Personality: Cordelia can be best described as an idealist, an optimist, helpful, and naive. She is a daydreamer, so often her head is up in the clouds unless there is a task begging her full attention. She can also be trusting to a fault, moreso because she grew up in an area that was fairly closed off from too much traffic but also because she also thinks that most people are good (or fully capable of such) as well. She also is against doing anything that will in any way actively harm another human being without justification and is more likely to blindly help those who require assistance. Because of this, she is likely to loudly and vehemently disapprove whenever she sees someone harming another in any way. Cordelia is also the sort of person who’d spend her last minas on helping out a hungry person, even if it means no meal for herself. Anyone clever enough and wishing to profit from her nature would be able to do so easily, unfortunately. On a more neutral aspect, she is very curious and knowledge-hungry.
    Skills: Herbalism, cooking, some basic farming.
    Appearance (this must include an in-game screenshot of your skin): (http://oi50.tinypic.com/noybnd.jpg) | Cordelia is about 5’3 and a healthy weight, her body type leaning more towards slim. Her skin is tanned from working outside and traveling, although naturally it’s fairly pale. Pale freckles dot her face and arms from where the sun hits her most of the time when she gardens or takes care of the animals. Her hair is very dark, muted brown, veering on black unless the sun is hitting it directly; it goes down to waist and is usually kept down unless she’s working. Stray strands are kept out of her face with a grey strip of leather that encircles her head. Cordelia’s face is heart-shaped with rather pointed, angular features, her large gray eyes being maybe the most noteworthy thing. She usually wears plain wool or leather clothes, anything that is dyed has been done so by natural means and thus most of her clothes are dull or muted browns, creams, and greens.
    Any other details you wish to share about your character: N/A

    Each question in this section must be answered with a minimum of one paragraph which must describe the event in full. Please be as descriptive as possible and do not break character or lore at any point.

    1. Whilst in the mighty human capital you notice a dark-clothed figure stealthily making his way towards the Emperor’s palace - he is clearly up to no good. There are guards within shouting distance - what do you do?

    Answer: Cordelia was a bit wary, but who was to say that the hooded figure was up to no good? She continued to walk the streets, not paying the person any mind. Until she saw them doing something unlawful or bad, she didn’t feel the need to call the guards over. The young woman continued along her way, off to the library to get some reading done and then maybe over to the markets to grab some food.

    2. Whilst wandering in the deep oak forest you come across a large clearing, in which sits a small cobbled cottage. Outside it stands an unstable old man armed with a small iron blade, surrounded by two heavily armed bandits - they appear to be threatening him. You are armed with leather armour and an iron longsword, how do you react?

    Answer: Cordelia wasn’t even sure why she’d bought the longsword. A dagger would’ve suited her much better, but there was no purpose to lamenting the choice now. Normally she would’ve tried keeping out of trouble, but the sight of two men threatening some poor old gentleman provoked her to react. Stepping forward, she raised her voice, hoping to sound threatening. If she couldn’t bluff her way out of this, it could very well be her getting mugged instead. “Leave him alone!”

    3. You are standing within the mighty human capital when you notice a small man standing behind a colourful stall. You approach the stall and notice that the man is selling a variety of general goods - he says that he is selling just about anything and that he has no set prices. He is willing to allow you to haggle and choose prices. What do you do? (Explain: your haggling, items of choice and the discussion that happens).

    Answer: Cordelia looks over the various items until a small, leather-bound book captures her attention. She picks it up slowly, fingertips grazing over the indented pictures on the cover. A book of fairytales, simple enough. Opening the book, she flipped over to the page where the first story starts, reading carefully through the first paragraph. “Hey, this isn’t a library! Will you be buying it or not?” The man asks, crossing his arms. Cordelia fumbles around in the pockets on her cape, eventually drawing out a small bag of minas. “How much for the book, then?” “One-hundred minas,” the seller said. Cordelia’s eyes nearly bulged, she didn’t even have half that much to spend. “Uh... I suppose I shall have to come back another day, then.” Placing the book back down on the stall, she frowned and left.
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    Quote from Arrowings

    In game name: Arrowbeans


    Quote from OoDylanoO

    In game name: dyl97an

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    Quote from BlazeCrafter

    In game name:Blazecrafter

    Still missing part of your app. ;) Read the rest of the rules, now.

    Quote from xReactHD

    In game name: xReactHD

    Although you mention Dog City, I'd like you to read the rules a bit more closely!

    Quote from oblivious12123


    In game name: Sir_Porkchop

    Please reread the rules a bit more closely, but halfway there!

    Quote from TornadoWatch

    In game name: TornadoWatch

    Welcome back to the server, General Black!
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    Quote from bigstealth

    In game name: Bigstealth

    Accepted, although the appearance section could use some work. Bit rushed, there?
    Welcome back!
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    Quote from bengalspb

    In game name:bengalspb

    Accepted! :)

    Quote from BlazeCrafter

    In game name:Blazecrafter

    Please reread the rules more closely- you've almost got the first part of your app right!
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    posted a message on [1.3]Fallout: Lost Days: Changing Locations, Vote Now!☢Serious Fallout RP☢Completely Original lore and map☢Guns☢Spout☢Autocraft☢
    Quote from bengalspb

    In game name:bengalspb

    Please reread the rules more closely; you're missing two essential parts in the first part of your app!
    Along with that: missing a couple years with the age, there. The server is currently set in 2285, which would make your ghoul 231. Overall, I do like your backstory. It's different from the usual fare and it's very sweet. Your roleplay example could use a bit more but it's acceptable.
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    posted a message on [1.3]Fallout: Lost Days: Changing Locations, Vote Now!☢Serious Fallout RP☢Completely Original lore and map☢Guns☢Spout☢Autocraft☢
    Quote from BlazeCrafter

    In game name:Blazecrafter

    Please reread the rules more closely. The beginning of your app is missing two major components.
    As for the rest of the application? A bit more description of your character is in order. And some more backstory wouldn't hurt either. Why did he have a sudden change of heart? Why did he leave the Legion after being drafted? The last two paragraphs are written more as a roleplay than a backstory. Instead of speaking what your character MIGHT do, explain how they came into the area or the journey that he had to take to get there.

    Quote from ottoguy2

    Ok, this is my app for the last server:
    In game name: Ottoguy

    Reread the rules more closely; you're missing a portion of the first part of your app.
    Also for the description, it might do to make it a paragraph rather than listing out traits. You also wouldn't be starting out with an assault rifle when you joined, but at the same time it's perfectly fine saying that he might favor assault rifles or that he always had one.
    Your bio is fine, but it wouldn't hurt to add more. Why exactly did he decide to travel to New Chicago? It's a BIG leap from New Vegas to New Chicago, after all.

    Holy ****, my condolences on that one. I totally blanked- it's my fault.
    Anyway, you're accepted. I'm so sorry!

    edit; trimming to save space + apologize
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    posted a message on [1.4] Fallout Reclamation Recruitment Post, Looking for Builders, Artist, and Plugins Devs, with Faction Leader spots opening so
    In game name: saadie

    Real first name: Sadie

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Timezone: Eastern, -5:00

    Why do you want to be staff here?: Well, for obvious reasons, I've been on this server for a while now. I played for most of the summer and now I'm looking forward to dedicating more of my time in the fall, too. In new hands, I want to see Lost Days come back strong. The more Fallout servers, the better, after all. And because of this, I want to be able to first handedly help with the growth by becoming part of the staff. I am already dedicating a large chunk of my time by becoming a faction leader, so I don't see why I shouldn't at least apply for a staff position!
    Besides that, I'm decently active in the chat. I might not always be there and replying, but I do watch what goes on and I think the server could use some more hands! A good server always needs good, active staff. I want to see Lost Days become a good, active server with many fun features that'll keep players coming back for more.

    What experience in Fallout do you have?: My first game was FO3: GOTY edition. I remember buying it having only an inkling of what I was getting myself into. I finished the main quest on that and a number of other quests. Besides that, I've played FO: NV's main quest and some others. I've begun FO 1 and 2.

    What rp experience do you have?: I've been actively roleplaying since the third grade, although it's not entirely the same as minecraft roleplaying. I can say that for the past 11 years of my life I've been an active paragraph roleplayer. Besides that, I've recently gotten into table-top rp and then minecraft rp. While I have the least experience in the latter, I feel that my experience in both paragraph and table-top give me an edge.

    What staff experience do you have?: I ran a roleplaying forum when I was younger with some friends. Besides that, I've also been admin for some guilds on websites. Besides that, I have no official staffing experience for minecraft servers. The most I can boast would be knowing a lot of the staff on the servers I've played on and helping them unofficially from time to time.

    Pick 2 of our rules and come up with 1 situation for each rule in which a player is breaking that rule, and how you would handle it: Since I see meta-gaming and power-play broken most often, I'll pretend to address them. The particular factions might not apply but the situations and how I handle them are!
    A group of players are chatting, one side is the NCR and the other side is Legion. Currently, they're simply discussing terms after a fight that wrecked both sides. One of the Legion players asks for a character that NCR is protecting, but has no knowledge of it. The NCR character immediately calls a time-out and begins to ask where the Legion character got this information from. The Legion character states that they know because a spy saw a character's nametag through the walls when they snuck around the NCR base and that they were discussing it over global.
    Obviously I'd be going into this situation without knowing exactly what's going on. I would begin by pausing all roleplay and asking for details from both sides. That might mean having them message me over skype or the forums to account for interruptions and further fighting. After hearing both sides, I'd ask if the spy actually saw this character somehow besides just the nametag. Once I figure out that it was just by the nametag and global, that part of the roleplay would be eliminated and all roleplay would continue as it was before the event. I would likely continue to watch over things for a little bit more to make sure there is not another disturbance.
    A wandering merchant is heading south to Novac from New Vegas. Along the way, a waster confronts them and attempts to mug the merchant with a handgun. The merchant pulls out a shotgun in retaliation and tells them to back off. In reply, the mugger fires all rounds of his handgun intot he merchant and states where each bullet hits in-rp. The merchant is upset and I am called in to help with the problem.
    After hearing both sides, I ask the two to rewind the roleplay back to where the merchant pulled the shotgun out. While the mugger was writing out his reply, he took entirely too many actions and also picked out whether his hits would land and where they landed, which is actually up to the character being hit (within reason, they cannot dodge every attack and must take multiple things into consideration). Since the merchant is healthy and at a good distance away, he can choose after the mugger shoots, how he wishes to retaliate and where he is shot because of that. I would guide them through the process and continue to watch for a while more to make sure that things are playing out well.

    Why should we accept you as staff?: For one, I will try my best to be as active, unbiased, and helpful to the playerbase as possible. Instead of belitting the playerbase, I wish to try and help them grow as roleplayers and be there to help with problems and guide roleplay. I've seen countless shitty staff and I really wish to counter that as best as I can. I hate seeing both old and new roleplayers alike being discouraged from roleplay by a couple bad seeds. Because of this alone, I think I will definitely be able to provide.

    Anything else to add that might help your chances?: Besides the fact that I'm already active in the community? Nothing that I can think of that's been stated! I can also help with suggestions, buildings, reviewing apps, making wikias or forums, possibly helping with graphics. Basically anything that needed of me, I can at least make a decent ATTEMPT.

    Skype: assfulofbees (already in the chat!)
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    posted a message on [1.3]Fallout: Lost Days: Changing Locations, Vote Now!☢Serious Fallout RP☢Completely Original lore and map☢Guns☢Spout☢Autocraft☢
    In game name: saadie
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Country or timezone: -5 est
    Have you played any fallout Game? Which one: FO3, FO:NV
    Why do you want to play on this server?: Because I was on lost days before it switches owners... which was partially why I'd left it in the first place.
    Have you read the rules?: *diamond*
    Have you read the lore?: Nakamura assassinated all of DTR and took their mansion. He took Detroit before ~*mysteriously disappearing*~ for Luke Rothwell to take over, being the vice chairman and all that stuff.

    Name: Damien Dupont
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Character's signifying traits, include appearance as well: Damien was fairly tall at 6' even. Despite the height, he has a wiry sort of build. Damien usually has a very mischievous look to him. His face has prominent cheekbones and a square jaw- his face is longer than wide. More often than not, he sports a dark 5 o'clock shadow. Damien's eyes are a light hazel and his hair is dark, dark brown, although he already has strands of white at his temples. His hair would be black in most cases, but in the sun most of the brown peeks through. Usually he wears it slicked back and in a very neat style. Rarely is there a hair out of place. He's a sneaky, underhanded sort of looking guy. Definitely not the type who'd be charging anyone head-on. For a waster, he's very neat and clean.
    RP example (At LEAST a paragraph): A thin trail of smoke rose from the cigarette in his left hand. Damien looked over the supply list quickly. "Good, good. 700 caps for the entire list and another 100 if you promise to sell only to the Duponts," he offered, giving the merchant an all-too-friendly smile. "Think of it as.... only have to make one stop when you come into town."
    "And if they try shootin' me down for not sellin' to 'em?" the merchant asked, looking quite nervous.
    "They won't. We'll make sure you get decent protection from the moment you walk into town 'til the second you leave. After all, you'd be an investment. I'd rather not have to find another merchant who'd agree to this sort of a deal."
    ".... alright. 800 caps, then?"
    Character biography: Damien was born as the youngest of the Dupont boys. He had the least claim to all inheritance and land his father controlled, but he was very fine with that. Damien found his true talents lie with money, anyway. He was fine sitting in the background, handling the monetary affairs of his family. Much better than going out on the front lines, after all. Especially considering that the Duponts had been at war with a couple other families in the area. Simply stepping out for a cigarette usually had to be done with great care, let alone a stroll around New Anaconda.
    Damien's mercantile skills brought his family a good bit of caps and supplies. He'd built up a good relationship with all the traders in the area and from then managed to convince them to only sell and buy for the Duponts. In a small way, he'd managed to secure most of the victory for his family in his own way. While his brothers worked about getting numbers for their side, Damien worked on weakening the opponents slowly. His ways were backhanded and sneaky and if they were honorable in any way, it was unintentionally so.
    When the town-wide war broke out, he hid, of course. Damien was an alright shot, but he wasn't stupid enough to go out there and fight. He had a handful of brothers and uncles and his father to hide behind. Instead of preparing for war, he packed his things and was ready to run at a moment's notice. Damien was surprised that, once things'd settled down, he was the only one left between all of them. Still, even with half a mind to leave, he stayed... to continue on his father's legacy if nothing else.

    Faction Leader App
    What faction and position are you applying for?: Dupont Crime Family?
    Why should we let you have a leadership position in this faction?: I feel like I could do well as a mafia lord. If nothing else, I can be interactive and provide other players with things to do. It certainly wouldn't be a boring faction to be a part of, which I feel is definitely something.
    Do you have any experience with anything like this? Give specifics: The most experience I would be able to boast is being a faction leader on an old server for about a week before leaving. Besides that, nothing official (yet).
    Have you ever played on any Fallout role-play servers? Give specifics: I started on WW and moved onto the Lost Days before it died. I'm also a member on OWB and I played on, I think it was the Vault RP? Either way, it was the FO server that shut down recently.
    How much experience do you have in Fallout?: Finished both FO 3 and NV.
    Write a good 2 paragraphs, one including a brief history of the faction, and the other connecting your character to the faction: The Duponts have a long family history of crime. Even in prewar, it was a job passed down from father to son, even if they were just starting up. They started up as a small 'business' with connections to the criminal underground. Even through the Great War, they somehow survived and set to expanding twice as hard in the lawless wastes. However, the Duponts had never flourished at any point in their 300+ year history as much as they did in New Anaconda.
    However, it seems that they weren't the only crime family to find a niche in the city. Two other well-organized groups made their home in New Anaconda, and for a generation the three of them rose hell in the town. Having to constantly be on guard was nothing new, but with the three of them fighting for territory and control it became even worse. None of the families seemed to care whether the other citizens got caught up in their fighting, so their literal presence soon became something to avoid.
    The fighting gradually built up and once day the entire town seemed to explode. Despite the build up, the actual war lasted all of an hour or two. New Anaconda had seen more shooting within that afternoon than it ever had before. When the dust cleared and finally settled, only one man stood alive... and well out of harm's way, on top of it all.
    The Dupont family finally gained sole control over all of New Anaconda, but at great cost.
    Skype username: assfulofbees (I'm already on the chat)
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que

    IGN: saadie
    Age: 20
    Role-Play Exp.: A couple other servers, mostly fallout-related.
    Why Us: I like the Elder Scrolls.
    Time You Can Dedicate: An hour or two a day, at least. Some days more or less.
    Brief Description of Yourself: I'm not sure exactly what to put here. I enjoy roleplaying in my free-time and I enjoy video games. I'm not terribly exciting as an individual but I do what I want.
    Explain Role-Play In Your Own Words: Writing an interactive story with another person or multiple people.
    What Is Powergaming and Metagaming? Explain in your own words: Powergaming is taking control of someone's character and not allowing them to react or dodge. Metagaming is taking OOC knowledge and utilizing it IC.


    Name: Ekjorius the Horse

    Race: Nord

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32

    Appearance: Even for a nord, Ekjorius was extremely tall and muscular. At 6'6 and 220 lbs., he towered over everyone, including his own father. The nord is extremely intimidating in appearance, which is both good and bad. His hair is jet black and goes down his back a little, a widow's peak breaks his even hair-line. Ekjorius' face is on the homely side- beaked nose looks broken in a couple places and he's missing a couple teeth. There are also bags underneath his dark blue eyes, whether he gets enough sleep or not. Ekjorius also sweats a lot, so he tends to wander about half-naked even in the snow.

    Fears: Seeing friends being hurt, breaking a weapon or piece of armor he's smithing, hurting a horse

    Personality: Very quiet, he enjoys his solitude and tends to work alone. Ekjorius can have a bit of a snotty attitude at times due to his upbringing, but while he looks certainly intimidating, a couple threatening words his way tends to shut him up. Ekjorius is overprotective of friends and not entirely the smartest person out there. He can read simple things and writing entirely is lost on him. He really likes horses and hopes someday to own one that would be STRONG enough to carry him. Besides that, Dwemer work and history fascinates him. Most times, Ekjorius' strength gets the better of him and he tends to break most things he comes into contact with. He also refuses to eat meat for whatever reason.

    Occupation: Smith for hire

    Skills: Unarmed, smithing/crafting, athletics.

    Can Your Character Wield A Sword/Axe?: Yes, but they break within his grasp. He needs a specialized axe or sword, so he usually goes without. He's always been fascinated with archery, anyhow.

    Can You Character Farm?: Yes

    Can Your Character Mine?: No

    What Other Things Can Your Character Do?: Unarmed fighting and smithing/crafting

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): Ekjorius was born to a fairly prominent family. He was heir to the title and all the lands his father owned and while his intelligence was never something to be admired or envied, he was strong for a young lad and as gentle as he could be. His father's trade was smithing and archery- both skills he passed down to his son. As Ekjorius grew, however, he found himself unable to properly wield a bow. Most of them snapped in his grasp, no matter how careful he was. Smithing soon became one of his only hobbies.
    Things were looking up, even with Alduin's presence threatening all of Skyrim. However, one day, the dragon rampaged through the settlement they were in- setting fire to everyone's house.
    In a mass confusion, he ran all the way to Winterhold with some of the other refugees.
    His mother and father were, unfortunately, not with the rest of the refugees. Despite this, he boarded the next ship to Solstheim fairly early. Ekjorius waited around for his mother and father to come off the next boat, taking up any smithing jobs the closest town had to offer. Everytime a ship came in with new refugees, he was there. Even after staying settled for a couple years, he still made it a habit to check the newest group seeking shelter.

    ps fus ro dah
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    The metro tunnels are coming around really well, ps.
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    posted a message on ::Fallout:Old World Blues:: Spout - Serious RP - Lore - Guns - Factions - and more!
    IGN: saadie
    Source(s): wild wasteland; wolfie_seekar, as surprising as that might be due to our past.... indifferences....
    Why Us?: I was Ava on the server, but she got caught in cross-fire and I am here to make a new character.
    RP Experience: 10+ years of paragraph roleplay and a couple months of minecraft rp! Plus the time that I spent on the server as Ava.

    Name: Victoria York
    Age: 19
    Gender: Lady
    Appearance: Still rather pale, Victoria is noticeably lighter than most wasters. She has a pretty face with a pair of bright blue eyes, her face is slightly diamond-shaped and surrounded by light blonde hair that she usually tries to keep to her jaw. The tresses are thicky and naturally in loose curls. She wears a vault 91 jumpsuit, a pair of combat boots, and her pipboy 3000.
    Personality: Victoria, in most cases, comes off as a complete ***** at first. In the nicest way possible, she is a feisty young woman. Victoria's always been known to bite off more than she can chew, though there are times where she'd managed to pull back from getting too in over her head. She is fairly materialistic and enjoys spending a good portion of her freetime exploring and scavanging, occasionally stooping down to cat burglary or pickpocketing when she can get away with it. Despite this, she's definitely clever and surprisingly quite intelligent at times. Definitely a 'carpe diem' sort of girl.
    Background: Victoria was born in a vault on the east coast. The vault she'd been apart of was rather large by the time she was born, and supplies were starting to run low. They occasionally made contact with the outside to bring in new supplies... and used it as a punishment for anyone caught doing anything particularly bad. They very, very rarely let outsiders inside. Over the past two hundred years, there were maybe three or four outsiders who ever got to join their ranks.
    Over the years, families formed. That'd been the Vault's experiment: five prestigious families were chosen to live in this vault along with various, random individuals. A hierarchy formed almost immediately. With all the time down in the vaults, feuds came and went along with alliances and the occasional joining of families. Those born to the immediate families enjoyed great wealth in the form of supplies and prestige. By the current times, these families were still established and the social pyramid was as strong as ever. It was almost like some sort of bastardized rendition of Game of Thrones, and although the initial experimenters were gone, they would've probably likened it to such a show.
    Victoria had been born to the immediate York family, one of the major five. She grew up normally like a girl born into such a life, rarely having to work for anything. However, with nothing to do on most days, she filled her schedule up with all sorts of odd hobbies, most of them just a little mean.
    She grew to be a very sneaky young woman with deft hands, able to pick things from people's pockets without detection. On the range, she learned to use guns, but favored rifles best. There was a sick sort of glee in the idea of picking off targets without them knowing until it was too late. Besides that, she was particularly guileful and knew how to talk her way out of any situation. And for all else? Hiding until the storm had blown over worked often.
    Eventually, she grew up to be a... fine young woman. Mischievous and cunning, but still fine. When her parents arranged for a marriage between her and the oldest son of another family, she was outraged. Victoria immediately detested him, and for good reason. He often attempted to bully and boss around the other, lower vault members, but lacked a good amount of respect. One night, she snuck over and killed him in his sleep and while attempting to hide the evidence, was found and held on trial.
    From there, Victoria was sent out to the wastes despite all her begging and pleading. It took her a long time to adjust and there had been many close calls along the way, but through her travellings she ended up in the Mojave, where she's aiming to rest a while if not settle down completely.
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