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    posted a message on ☣Fallen Pvp☣ ^Tekkit^ IFactionsI IMcmmoI ☢Hardcore Griefing☢ No Banned Items!

    Were Back! And Better than ever!
    This Server has No BS!
    Hardcore Greifing Faction Action!
    Latest Tekkit Version

    Tired of Admin abuse or not being able to use the items you love in the crazy tekkit world!?
    Well here at Fallen pvp We dont abuse we dont teleport to you randomly Were there to help and make
    the server better for everyone. Theres no banned items and plugins you love!
    Our World has a simple spawn (Grief proof) And No Border Limit! So you can travel as far as you want!
    On normal servers you get the best armour you can and then theres nothing else to do well here
    theres always raiding! Can you be the best!?
    Other info: Want more commands? More items?
    Donate today!
    See ingame
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    posted a message on ~New Hardcore Pvp Faction server $SPITFIRE$~ [MCMMO] [TNT] [FIRE] [GRIEF] [ICONOMY] [FACTIONS]~
    About the server:
    We are a New Hardcore pvp Server! No bullshyt Rules!!!! We Have Super helpful Admins And Owners Super freindly Get Some friends Get on Skype And Rape! Build a faction And Own This server! Also We used to be Very popular with 20+ regular players But We Had to Get a New IP!

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    posted a message on THX MOJANG FIX SERVERS!!!!!!
    sorry i noob
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