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    Luxily Network
    IP: play.luxily.net

    The Luxily Network was created in March of 2019. We started out as a small server, but have grown a bit. We created the Luxily Network hoping to create a place where anyone can go after a hard days work and have some fun. We aim to have a friendly community where it doesn't matter if you just joined or you have been with us for a while. We invite everyone to come play on our server and just have a good time.

    Some of the Servers Features:

    Custom Map - A custom map built by our servers build team

    /buy - View all of the ranks on the server and what commands and features you get with every rank.

    /is - Loads our custom island panel with many features including: Quests, Island Top, Island Level, Upgrades, Biomes, and Player Warps.

    /island - Loads a more complex version of /is which allows you to customize your Island Settings, Members, Visitors, Weather, and Island Bans.

    /mobcoins - A shop where you can buy many permissions, tags, ranks, blocks, and much more.

    /cf - Gamble your money in coinflips against other players, either win big money or lose it all.

    Join our server now at: play.luxily.net
    Join our discord server at: https://discord.gg/wbTNurd
    Join our Website: https://luxily.net
    Apply Today: https://luxily.net/apply
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