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    RIP. I was looking forward to trying it out but it's understandable that you can't continue it considering just how much Mojang have changed the Minecraft code. I do think that they're planning to keep the code similar from 1.13 onwards, though, considering all the focus on cross-platform compatibility with Bedrock edition. I can't know for sure, though.

    Thanks anyway, ZergMazter. Harder Wood is a great idea, maybe someone else or yourself could pick it up in the future.

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    Imo discord would be better, twitch app is buggy and barely anyone uses / likes it. Do you possibly have discord?

    I use Twitch because it supports modding Minecraft and I prefer the layout. I haven't experienced any bugs in the server-side of things, only a few crashes in 1-to-1 calls due to the mobile app being reworked. I don't like Discord, it does almost all the same essential things as Twitch (+bots which are pretty niche) but doesn't have any of the other cool features that Twitch has, like watching streams and modding games.
    Quote from Jamesc554544»

    I think this is a great idea!

    I haven't made more in a while but I am getting back into now as this is what got me into programming in the first place and now I am studying comp sci I feel like going back to my roots and I think I would love to make this mod a reality!

    I would love to be a programmer on this project, but I am not too good at art and modelling although I can do some so I would need assistance in that area

    Massive fan of Cody! Watch every video!

    Also... I think we went to the same secondary school... xD

    Hi James! Yeah, we did go to the same secondary school, long time no speak! It would be amazing to work on making this mod with you. No worries, my girlfriend can do the art for the mod. I think I have you as a friend on Steam but I'm always online on Twitch. Do you have the Twitch app? If you do, you can join the server and we can chat. I'll leave the invite link here, the server is public after all. https://invite.twitch.tv/skRU

    That goes for you guys too, TheOfficialyAwsome and WillMacViking, feel free to join the server if you'd like to. If need be I can make a Discord server but I'd have to get used to running it every day as right now I barely ever use it since I prefer Twitch, primarily for ease of access to my modpack on Curseforge.
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    Thanks for all the responses! I'm seriously considering getting into modding Minecraft and developing this myself. If/when I start working on it I'll be sure to let you guys know! I've got a chat server on Twitch that we could use to help coordinate the development. :D

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    Bump. I wanna know what more people think!

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    Hiya everyone,

    I've been experiencing a weird bug that I can't seem to find the cause of. It's really infuriating and it doesn't seem to be tied to any specific mod. Whenever I kill a mob, break a Pam's Harvestcraft garden or break some other plant like sugar cane or cactus, the item pops out and then a split second later just vanishes into nothingness. I didn't pick it up, I didn't even have the time to pick it up, it's just gone, deleted as if I were on a server with an item wipe plugin installed.

    Here's the thing, it only seems to happen whenever there are chunks loading, even a small amount off at the edge of my render distance. It doesn't happen if I stand around near the thing I want to break and then break it after a minute or two of waiting, but it happens very frequently if I just run up to something and break it immediately. It doesn't seem to happen if I drop something from my inventory. I'm playing singleplayer on Realistic Survival (mod list).

    Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how I can fix it? I'm stumped.


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    I would love mods like these for my modpack, Realistic Survival. Great ideas! I hope someone makes them.

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    posted a message on looking for a mod that locks inventory slots with tools or anything in them

    Just like the alt-click in Terraria or the locked hotbar in Starbound? Sounds like a job for the author of Inventory Tweaks. Would be handy!

    Edit: I just noticed the "mobs" tag, I don't think that's appropriate for this suggestion. Items or Tools would be more appropriate.

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    Quote from ZergMazter»

    Cool I will also be making a clay mod which will allow you to bake in-world pots for gathering water early in game with no iron, storing things, and more. I also plan to make a metal working part with actual metal processing (heating, shaping, smelting). I'm trying to decide if I wanna make it all into a gigantic mod or just make it into modules. It will have compatibility with tinkers and stuff.

    I like the sound of all of that! Seems like our ideals are very much aligned! Be sure to check out some the ideas I suggested in my thread if you consider making a metal processing mod. My ideas are more focused towards the mining and processing of the ore before smelting, but they would fit in perfectly with your ideas of making realistic smelting and forging. I would highly suggest it all be made modular so people can pick and choose which parts they want. Also, having a core file that everything requires would be helpful, I imagine.

    If you're willing to help me, I'll be more than happy to start learning how I can help with the development! I've had experience with writing Java, just never kept it going and I'm not familiar with Minecraft's code specifically.

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    This sounds like it would be fairly easy to do. Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 has done this with swords and other weapons so I don't see why it couldn't be done with guns too. I'd like to see this become a reality!

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    This mod looks great! I'm excited to try it out and I know one of my friends will love it as he's studying carpentry. It sounds like it would fit in perfectly with the mega-mod I suggested yesterday. If only I knew how to make mods...

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    I edited the poll to add another option and it seems to have accidentally skewed the results. If your vote is now misplaced please consider correcting it.

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    Quote from Welshman»

    Sounds like a very cool mod would like very much to see this as well. It would add a lot more stages and time to the game making it more fun and a lot larger and open.

    Yeah! It would certainly expand upon the customisability of the structures and factories the player can build while also making the game stay fun for longer. Glad you like it!
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    Hi everyone, I've had a few ideas for a complete overhaul mod for Minecraft that I would love to play with. The Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) made a mod called BetterGeo but it's not quite what I want.


    The idea is to completely replace all of Minecraft's stone, ores and dirt with real-life variants, much like how BetterGeo does it, but with much more detail. I want biomes to have their respective rock types and topsoil type and I want specific ore blocks to be a thing of the past. Most importantly, I want the mining and refinement of ores to be realistic, so for example, you might mine some limestone and get a few limestone chunks, but in order to get any minerals from them, you'd need to put them through some refinement processes.

    Real Geology

    The mod would completely overwrite the stone, ore and dirt generation in Minecraft. Stone and cobblestone as blocks would no longer exist and would be replaced by various new rocks from all three rock types:


    Banded Iron Formation, Chalk, Dolomite, Limestone, Sandstone and Shale.


    Andesite, Basalt, Diorite, Gabbro, Granite, Kimberlite, Obsidian and Rhyolite.


    Gneiss, Marble, Quartzite, Schist, Skarn and Slate.

    Each rock would drop 2-4 rock chunks of their respective type, four of which can be crafted into a cobblestone variant of the stone and then smelted into the original smooth variant, which can then be made into stone bricks of the specific rock. For example, break a few blocks of limestone and combine four limestone chunks, the same way you'd combine glowstone dust, to make limestone cobblestone. This can be used in place of regular cobblestone for any recipe. Throw the limestone cobblestone in some type of furnace to make limestone, which can be used in place of regular stone for any recipe. Put four blocks of limestone together the same way you would stone to make limestone bricks.

    Getting Minerals From Rock

    Each new rock has its own composition of minerals, limestone, for example, contains calcite and aragonite which are both crystal forms of calcium carbonate. To get these out of the rock, the first step is to crush the limestone chunks into crushed limestone, then you would need to add hydrochloric acid in order to purify the calcium carbonate before filtering it to remove any excess silica and other insoluble materials. This would leave you with calcium carbonate dust to use in recipes. This would all be done in a new crafting station called a chemistry lab.

    Okay, that's all well and good but it's a bit advanced, how would I get the iron to make tools at the start of the game?

    Other rocks contain different minerals. Banded Iron Formations are rich in iron, as are other rocks such as Jaspilite and Icelandite, a form of Andesite. In order to extract the iron minerals hematite and magnetite from Banded Iron Formations, you'd first need to crush the banded iron chunks into crushed banded iron using a mortar and pestle (made from clay and fired in a furnace, but only usable with low-hardness rocks) and then use a wooden gold pan (made with sticks in the same way you'd make a bowl) near water or a filled cauldron to separate the heavy materials out. This would give you separated banded iron and you'd then need to use magnets to purify it further, but as you're just starting out you'll have to combine this with crushed limestone and crushed charcoal to make crude iron powder which can then be smelted into crude iron ingots in a furnace. This is the least efficient but easiest way to make iron for tools and armour.

    Check out this video by Cody's Lab to get an in-depth look at how iron can be mined and refined in real life:

    And this leads me to the next part of the mod...

    Metal Purity

    Not all processes to extract metals are equal, often times the easiest way to make a metal results in a very impure product, especially if you lack the equipment necessary to purify it. When starting out, the first metals you make will end up being crude which means they cannot be used to make advanced machinery until you either refine them or make purer metals.

    On top of this restriction, using crude metal to make tools and armour results in crude versions of those, too. Crude iron swords will deal less damage, crude iron armour will provide less protection and a crude iron pickaxe will mine slower, all while having lower durability than normal.


    The mod would have three tiers of machinery to help the player extract and refine their minerals faster and more efficiently...

    Tier 1

    Basic manual and fuel-powered items such as the mortar and pestle, wooden and iron gold pans, hand-cranked ball mill, crude furnace, filter paper and basic chemistry lab.

    Tier 2

    Moderately advanced electronic items and machines such as the motorised ball-mill, motorised rock crusher, basic blast furnace, chemistry lab, wire filter screen, desiccator, sawmill, motorised rolling machine, motorised centrifuge, basic solar panel, basic wind turbine, basic water wheel and magnetic separator.

    Tier 3

    Advanced, electronically controlled multiblock machines such as the industrial rock crusher, advanced ball-mill, industrial blast furnace, electric arc furnace, advanced chemistry lab, advanced solar array, advanced wind turbine, advanced hydroelectric generator, steam power generator, industrial magnetic separator, advanced ore separator, industrial rolling machine, industrial cutting machine and industrial centrifuge.

    Other machinery-related blocks and items would be conveyor belts, high-pressure pipes, low-pressure pipes, wires of varying metals, the kinetic dynamo and turbine blades.

    There would be lots of different components used to make all of the machinery, including plates, metal rods, wiring and wire coils, motors, belts, metal grids, metal tubes, glass flasks, pumps, filters, magnets, solar cells, carbon electrodes, silicon wafers, batteries, machine structure blocks, electronic circuits and saw blades.


    The mod would include various sources of electrical power. In tier 2;

    • The Solar Cell would be made with two silicon plates, some boron, some phosphorus and some copper wiring. These would be the main component in the construction of the Basic Solar Panel. It would output the lowest electrical power of all the generators but it would be constant power during the day and they can be daisy-chained together to increase their overall output. One basic solar panel on its own is bad, but multiple connected together have a higher output than the sum of its parts.
    • The Kinetic Dynamo would be made with a basic magnet and a copper wire coil along with some iron plates and would be used to make the Basic Wind Turbine which would be one of the few multiblock structures in tier 2. It would generate more power with clear airspace in front and behind it for some amount of blocks. If the airspace is restricted, the power it generates is drastically reduced. It also does not output constant power, it fluctuates at random intervals as the wind speed changes. It would be made with some machine structure blocks, some turbine blades and the kinetic dynamo.
    • The Basic Water Wheel would have to be placed in flowing water or static water in a river biome. It would output constant power but lower than the average of the basic wind turbine. It is the simplest power source to make, only requiring a wooden water wheel and a kinetic dynamo. This is almost exactly the same in function to the water wheel in Immersive Engineering.

    and in tier 3;

    • The Advanced Solar Array would be made with solar cells, electronic circuits, and copper wiring. It would output more power during the day than the basic solar panel but would also output a small amount during night time due to moonlight. The amount it outputs at night time depends on the moon phase with the highest output during a full moon and no output during a new moon. It can also be daisy-chained together to increase total output.
    • The Advanced Wind Turbine is a higher output version of the basic wind turbine. It is a multiblock structure made using the same blocks but requires an electronic control computer at the base and a motor housing block under the connection point of the turbine blades. It has a higher output than the basic wind turbine but it also requires more space around it as it can rotate to optimise wind speed. This cannot be done if no power is present to power the motor, however. This results in a higher minimum and maximum output and less range between the maximum and minimum power outputs.
    • The Advanced Hydroelectric Generator is the upgraded version of the basic water wheel and as such has a higher power output. It is a multiblock structure and must be built in a dam with a sufficiently sized water reservoir on one side. They can be daisy-chained together much like solar panels to increase their total power output and they provide constant power. Water must be flowing over at least two sides of the turbine blades in order for it to work. This is the best power generation structure but is also the most expensive, requiring the construction of an entire dam and the filling of a reservoir to function. It requires steel turbine blades, an electronic control computer and a kinetic dynamo.
    • The Steam Power Generator is the most customisable multiblock power generator in the mod. It is essentially a steam engine at heart but is the way most fossil-fueled power stations work today. It requires at least one combustion chamber, a water tank above that and high-pressure pipes leading out the top of the water tank. The high-pressure pipes vent steam into a turbine housing containing any number of steel turbine blades. These are placed into the turbine housing which facilitates the connection between them and the kinetic dynamo(s) placed at the end. This is easily the most complex power generator as the power output depends on how many turbines and kinetic dynamos are connected and how much steam is being blown into the turbines. To get more steam, you need to build more combustion chambers and water tanks. It is the highest maintenance power generator, requiring constant fuelling and constant water refills. To reduce the water requirement, cooling towers can be constructed, these are much smaller than real-life power stations and are essentially long steel tubes protruding up from the turbine housing which serves to capture the steam and condense it back into water to be reused. They require a low-pressure pipe leading from the base of the cooling tower back into at least one of the water tanks.

    Advanced Mineral Extraction

    In tiers 1 and 2, extracting minerals is a very linear process that results in one product. In tier 3, there would be the ability to mass produce multiple minerals from one source rock. Rocks contain trace amounts of a plethora of minerals and if so desired, the player can extract every little bit of it such that nothing remains of the original rock sample. Many early extraction processes also produce a side-product, slag. This can be refined in tier 3 machines into trace amounts of random minerals and doing this is the last step in maximising the efficiency of your mineral extraction and refining.

    In order to do this and many other things, Chemistry is used! Chemical processes are one of the best and sometimes only ways to extract certain compounds from rock. The earlier example with calcium carbonate used hydrochloric acid for example. These chemical processes would be done in the basic, regular and advanced chemistry labs. The basic chemistry lab allows the player to manually perform chemical processes using very basic chemistry equipment, beakers and flasks, pipettes and bunsen burners. All the stuff you got to play with in high school. This would be sufficient for extracting calcium carbonate, for example, but not sufficient to do some of the more advanced chemical extractions. More advanced extractions require things like vacuum filtration, distillation and electrolysis that is only provided by the regular chemistry lab which just so happens to have the equipment for the player to do any chemical process they want. Oh, and the electrolyser is one of the many addon machines for the chemistry labs. It, for example, allows you to get hydrogen and oxygen from water which can be bubbled into various liquids using the bubbling apparatus or "bubbler" for short to make various other liquids like acids.

    Then what's the point of the advanced chemistry lab?

    The advanced chemistry lab has all the same abilities as the normal chemistry lab but it has one special feature. It can be automated! It features advanced robotics, machinery and computers in order to be able to do any chemical process you could want, but it can only be programmed to perform a few and many processes take a long time to complete. It's a multiblock structure that is very expensive, requiring lots of motors, circuits and other components and it eats a lot of power. It's difficult to run even just one of these in your factory and if you want to automate everything, you'll need lots of them! Good luck!


    You can now tell why I initially stated this to be a complete overhaul mod, can't you? I basically just love the idea of every part of the game being incredibly detailed and complex, akin to real life. To some, that might sound too complex and difficult, but to me, it sounds like a really fun time. People who know and understand how these things work would get to build them to their own designs and specifications, and people who don't know would get to experiment and learn about how it works. It also adds a hardcore element to the start of the game, making it slower and more difficult to get iron for tools and armour, for example.

    Obviously, there's a lot more that I could say but I don't want this post to be a million lines long. It's largely a combination of various aspects of other mods. To me, it sounds like this would be a great opportunity for lots of mod developers to come together to work on one big overhaul mod using all of their expertise and experience from making their own mods. I suggest that the mod be made modular such that players can pick and choose which aspects of it they want. Some examples would be; Realistic Geology Module, Basic Refining Module, Power Module, Advanced Refining Module, Purity Module and a module including any other cool items you would want to add. Like Jetpacks, weapons, tools, armour, prospecting equipment, mining equipment. There could be a Quarrying Module!

    What do you think? Is this too much or does it sound good? Don't forget to vote on the poll above!

    Edit: I did actually make a similar suggestion back in 2016 that was more focused on making multiplayer more fun. It does include some of the aspects of this suggestion, too. Here it is: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/requests-ideas-for-mods/2753917-realism-overhaul-idea-server-economy-trading-and#c1

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] and [1.7.10] BetterGeo - more geology in Minecraft [Updated 2022-02-21]

    This mod sounds amazing and I can't wait for it to be updated to the latest versions. I have a few concerns, though.

    • How does this mod interact with other mods? Are the new items (like copper and tin ingots etc) in the ore dictionary so other mods can use them?
    • Is there any possibility of a companion mod that involves realistic ore processing and refinement? Mining up some gold-rich quartz and getting perfectly pure 24k gold nuggets directly from the ore doesn't sound very realistic.
    • If no ore refinement companion mod can be made, could this mod be made to work with Mekanism so that we can use it to refine the ores?
    • This is a bit out of the scope of this mod, but I want a disadvantage to not properly refining ores. Perhaps smelting metal straight out the ground will produce "impure ingots" instead and using those to make tools results in lower durability and they cannot be used to make advanced items. The issue with this is that all mods that use metals would have to include this functionality; Tinker's Construct, Thermal Expansion, Advanced Rocketry, the list goes on.

    I love realism and attention to detail in games. I noticed you considering simplifying certain processes in previous replies, don't! The more detailed the game is, the more fun it is for those in the know to play and the more fun it is for others to experiment and learn!

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    Quote from WhichOnesPink»

    RTG uses the vanilla biome layouts, so it can't really do anything about changing the size of oceans.

    However, that is one of the many things that Climate Control does very well (and it works great with RTG):


    Good luck!

    Thank you so much! I'll be sure to mess around with Climate Control from now on. :)
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