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    posted a message on Groovalicious 1.11.2 ~ Server For YouTubers and Streamers ~ Vanilla Survival

    Hi. The numbers of subs for our members varies. We have new ones who are just starting out and some that have been doing youtube for awhile. Our youtubers' numbers go as high as 213. We also have alot of streamers who also vary in followers. The highest there is over 1200 and about half of them are in the hundreds. If you have anymore questions let me know.

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    posted a message on Groovalicious 1.11.2 ~ Server For YouTubers and Streamers ~ Vanilla Survival

    We're still looking to add a few more members. The season still has plenty to do for new members.

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    posted a message on Groovalicious 1.11.2 ~ Server For YouTubers and Streamers ~ Vanilla Survival

    We already have a great group, with 27 members already on the server. We'd love to have a few more youtubers and streamers. Majority of our members are constantly promoting each other, so it's an awesome place to be.

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    posted a message on ~~The Abandoned~~ Whitelisted Vanilla Hermitcraft-like Servers [1.11] Accepting Applications

    We're no longer accepting applications here. This server has been closed, but we have one for youtubers/streamers. Click here for the application to it.

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    posted a message on GROOVALICIOUS--Hermitcraft-like 1.11.2 server looking for fun, mature streamers/youtubers


    This is the application for Groovalicious. If you are a Youtuber or streamer looking for a server for your series continue reading.


    The server is vanilla/survival with a recently started world. This world was started about two months ago, but still has plenty left for new members to do. We've only recently begun our shopping district, spawn only has a few builds, and there is plenty of unexplored, unclaimed land. This server is similar style to Hermitcraft and Mindcrack where we have alot of fun while maintaining a professional atmosphere. We have a mix of players who prefer to do their own thing and those who like to work together on community projects.

    It is run on a well maintained server that is up 99.9% of the time and relatively lag free, creating a fun and reliable environment for YouTubers and streamers. The server is owned by someone who's been running servers since 1.7. We have a small community of friendly, mature people and are looking to expand our group.

    Our community uses discord, and with so many from different time zones there are always people to talk to while playing, collab with, or just chat. At almost all times, there are admins or mods online if you need to contact one.

    Server Info

    • Minecraft version: 1.11.2
    • Normal world type (not amplified or large biome)
    • Difficulty: Hard with no regeneration and dungeons cranked up for a little extra difficulty.
    • Regular restarts and backups for stability and security.

    Rules and Requirements


    • 16+ is preferred, but exceptions may be made
    • Stay active on the server and in discord. You don't need to be on all the time, and we understand that real life happens. If you going to be away for more than a week, all we ask is that you let us know in advance.
    • Discord and a mic are required.

    Basic Rules:

    • No griefing, stealing, or unagreed upon pvp.
    • No spamming, trolling, or advertising.
    • No cheating or hacks (Optifine is allowed)
    • Keep terrain pretty. Examples of this are: fix creeper holes, no floating trees, etc.
    • Respect all players and staff.
    • Upload or stream at least once or twice a week.

    If you agree to all the rules and requirements, copy and paste the application below. We will contact you by email or on these forums.


    Ingame name:


    Time zone or country:

    Have you streamed or done YouTube videos yet?
    If you haven't streamed or recorded yet, do you plan to as soon as you are on the server?
    What are your plans once you're on the server?
    How often will you be able to be on the server?
    How long have you played minecraft?
    What are your minecraft strengths?
    Youtube channel:
    Link(s) to where you stream:
    Do you have a mic and discord:
    Any additional information you'd like to share:
    Feel free to post pics or links to your builds.

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    posted a message on Newish 1.9 survival vanilla server Whitelisted

    Ingame Name: lunicorn81

    Age: 34

    What are your plans to do on the server?: To be one of the non-streaming server minions lol. I want to help build whatever is needed on the server.

    How often will you be able to be on the server?: I'd most likely be on everyday.

    How long have you played Minecraft?: I've been playing somewhere between six months and a year.

    Why do you feel I should choose you to be whitelisted?: I've been looking for a good server with a great group of people for awhile. I'm addicted to livestreams from the server and would love to help you guys out whether it be building, decorating, or just helping gather resources.

    Email?: [email protected]

    Skype?: I don't have skype, but will get it if needed.

    Youtube Channel?: lunicorn. I don't do videos yet, but am working on that.

    Beam?: lunicorn81. I don't stream though

    Twitch?: lunicorn81. Don't stream there either

    I do have discord and a mic.

    And just because you said to: kitten

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    posted a message on Scuttlecraft AMPLIFIED 1.9 - Applications now closed.

    I'm new to multiplayer, but I have been searching for the right server for months. I have finally found the one that sounds like the perfect fit for me.

    Name: lunicorn81

    Age: 34 - I think. Math was involved :lol:

    Gender: Female

    Experience: Maybe a 4 or 5?

    Other Favorite Games: Dishonored and Dragon Age (although I never play anything except Minecraft anymore)

    Anime: Sorry I never got into it

    Ice Cream: As long as it comes with cake, flavor doesn't matter

    Skype: I've never used it, but if it's a requirement I could possibly get it

    How often I'd be on: Probably 90% of my free time

    Also, I have hermitcraft addiction and use that seed in my single player world.

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