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    posted a message on I need an intense mod, with Origins installed alongside it.
    [p]I have no idea how to make mods and I don’t have the time. I need someone to help me make a major mod.
    here it is, along with what I want with origins-[/p]

    Mod Blocks- A. Like glass, conceals the area to make it look like regular land; Lava block- Anyone who is Hades child can pick up lava and hold it as a block to be forged as a weapon or armor. Must hold 1 block of lava to use any hades powers not from the origin mod. Q does not drop the block, but places the lava; Water block- Anyone who is a child of Poseidon can pick up blocks of water to make weapons and armor. Must be holding a block of water to get the effects of the water weapons and armor. [/p]

    Mod weapons and tools- Spear- A throwing spear, similar to the trident, but less powerful by 1 full heart. Athena children get +2 hearts damage for this weapon; Trident. - Normal trident. Change to be thrown fully by anyone who is the son of Poseidon, with flying and everything, even without rain. Posideon skids can summon rain with this weapon and get +5 damage when it’s raining; Water tools and weapons- Water axes are normal except they auto plant a sapling, water hoes auto plant any seed you have, water pickaxes take twice as long to mine anything, but you can get obsidian, water swords do 2x damage to fire and nether mobs plus hades children; fire tools and weapons- fire axes have a 50% chance of burning the wood and a 100% chance of burning the leaves for no saplings or sticks, fire hoes extinguish the water nearby, fire pickaxes have a 50% chance of a 2x drop from mining anything, fire swords do 2x damage to anything except posideon children;[/p]

    Mod armor- fire armor- Armor that is made from lava that can only be worn by hades children. Everyone else dies when it is on instantly. Must be holding lava to wear it. water armor- Armor made from water. can be worn by anyone except hades children. Hades children take damage quickly when wearing it. It does nothing to anyone except Poseidon children. It works as real armor when Posideons children wear it. [/p]
    Origins classes- 1. Hades- Fire resistant, can use fire/lava tools and armor. Can swim in lava and see under the lava. Can not breathe in it. No nether mobs attack them. They loose 1 oxygen in the overworld every 5 minutes. In the heather, they breathe perfectly. Gets + 1 heart damage for fire swords. Hades children are shown by being able to pick up a block of lava. 2. Posideon- Water breather and land breather, can use a Trident for flying or speed in any place. They get +5 damage in rain. They loose 1 oxygen in the nether every 5 minutes. Posideon children are shown by being able to pick up a block of water; Athena children- running is 2x faster, they take 1/2 fall damage. Athena children are shown by shooting a spear and a block they throw it at disentigrates; Aires Children- fighting is 2x power, bows are stronger, making weapons returns 1 ingot or diamond etc. To show they are Aires children, they shoot a bow and the block desintegrates; Zeus’s children- can fly for 1 minute every 10 minutes, they can summon a thunderstorm, which affects posideons children too. Must hold one lightning bolt in inventory, to get powersThey can shoot lightning bolts that do unknown random damage (1-20). Can turn sand into glass instantly. To show that they are Zeus’s children, they have to strike a sapling and it instantly grows. [/p]
    Mod mobs- Minotaur, in a maze (speed and head butting theowing); Medusa (freezes you for 1 minute) giant (buff zombie); flying statue looking thing (Harpie); ghosts (fly through stuff but do nothing at all and can’t be hurt); 3 headed dog (larger than regular dogs and always red eyes, only found in the nether); shapeshifter (changes into the traits of the mob); fire breathing zombies (flame throwing zombie); satyrs (can trade with them, food for shiny ores, they live by rivers and are nice but get scared easily); chests (some are alive, if not made by you, will attack you. Once you kill them, they have GOOD loot); flying horses (regular horses with wings); shapeshifting villagers (they only change to statue looking 3x speed humanoid mobs when you stare at some villagers for too long with 2x damage); dwarf- small but speedy illafers (they only use swords); Elf’s (villagers that are 1.25x taller and use bows to defend the villages)[/p]

    Regular weapon changes- shield- Athena children get a +1 damage for any weapon when holding; Bow- Aires children get a -1 range when using; Aires children get a +2 damage for any weapon holding except tridents. [/p]
    Regular armor changes- any armor is 2x armor when worn by an Aires child[/p]
    Locations/buildings- Maze with Minotaur with unbreakable walls and wonderful loot in the middle; nice garde with a cottage in the middle housing Medusa; advanced villages that house the different types of villagers and enchanted chests, which also look better and like more of a town; satyr rivers, which are beautiful riversides; [/p]
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