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    Ok guys I'll be adding you here shortly I should be on for most of the night can't wait to meet you all
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    Brand new server. PvP Raiding TNT Shops and many more to come. Need moderators. Server needs a little more work on spawn other then that I'll have it up tonight for an all nighter

    To Apply
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    Age 15
    Mic yes
    GT valentineboyz
    Preferred kingdom Dwarves
    If you still need help building I would love to help
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    posted a message on Savage Raid PvP - [1.7!] [CUSTOM PvP/Raid Server] [24/7 LagFree] [FULLPvP] [PvPStat Tracking/Leaderboard] [Base Raids] [Factions
    Quote from cr0ssVtW

    The Best PvP/Raid Server!
    Non Stop PvP!
    ZERO Lag, Factions, PvP, Base Raids, and TNT!

    Just read what our members have to say below!
    Log in at:


    Full PvP - Base Raiding - Factions - LAG FREE - Warzones - Classes - Arenas - TNT

    Tired of looking for PvP, not being able to raid bases, no TNT, unresponsive admins, laggy servers, lack of content, or just being bored? Then Savage PvP is the server for you! We are getting RAVE reviews from everyone.... Isn't it time you checked out what all the talk is about?! The purpose of this server is for you to log in and be able to PvP, Raid bases, and take on the world with no boredom! No lag and a professional staff ensure fun and fair PvP no matter if you want to PvP, Raid Bases, Do a Warzone, or Create the Strongest Faction. There is truly something for every PvPer! Just read what our members have to say(listed further down in the post.)

    Server Info:

    FULL PVP - We hate wandering aimlessly for PvP, so our world is designed so everyone can find meaningful PvP quickly! Our large population helps to ensure you have new and relevant battles frequently rather than killing the same guy without gear over and over.

    BASE RAIDING - How fun is it to go loot a whole base dry? Well, we have designed our system around Base Raiding and Faction Battles over their bases. Nothing is funner than creating a TNT Cannon to destroy the walls of a base and looting them dry. Rise to the top and smash your competition by taking all of their stuff!

    FACTIONS- To ensure amazing group fights and battles over territory we have a Faction based system. Join a Faction and help them in their ongoing wars or start your own and Conquer the World!

    LAG FREE- The number one thing that ruins PvP is lag. We HATE Lag. So, with our staff's massive amount of experience we have designed a revolutionary server side system to ensure the best PvP experience possible in Minecraft for all of you!

    WARZONES - Want to just log in and get some quick battles? That is exactly why we created our Warzones. Not only are they quick and fun, but they are also meaningful!

    ANTI CHEAT - We have one of the best anti cheat systems in place. We have applied tricks to fight hackers on our server not seen elsewhere. Also, with our professional admins if anybody does manage to hack, they are quickly caught and banned.

    CLASSES - To spice up PvP and make it a little more fun we have completely designed unique classes for you to play. While they are fun and add some neat things to do we have worked very hard to ensure they don't take away from those of you who like Vanilla Minecraft PvP.

    How to become a Member:

    Reply to this thread with the following:

    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name)
    • Age
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below?
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok.
    Vote for Savage Realms:

    1. Go to vote.savagerealms.net.
    2. Click all 3 different voting sites under the PvP Server area.
    3. Enter the captcha and you are done!
    4. We give you FREE in game gold just for voting!

    Once you post here, our helpers/administrators will add you as a "Member" and you will get all the standard member benefits/permissions including building rights. People are usually added almost immediately.

    What people are saying about Savage PvP..

    Please read the signs in our starting area for all the information you'll need to survive/do well. Also, visit our website above to go over any rules/regulations on the forums. While you're there, feel free to register and post any questions/concerns you may have.

    Thanks again for looking into us! We hope to see you soon.

    Server Specs
    • Two 325 Player Max interlinked servers
    • Quad Hyper-Threading Sandy Bridge cores @ 3.8ghz
    • 32 GB RAM
    • 7500 GB of InterNAP Bandwidth Transfer
    • 320 GB SSD all for Minecraft!

    server awesome whitelist
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    This is a new minecraft server we are focusing on building spawn.Get On And have fun! Don't Forget To Invite Your Friends!The Server Name Is Smitecraft. The I.P Is Enjoy :D
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    posted a message on Tankard [PvP-focused] [Mob Arena] [Warzones] [SimpleClans] [Grief Prevention] [SignShop] [Amazing]
    Quote from Dorgyll

    Tankard [PvP-focused] [SimpleClans] [McMMO] [Grief Prevention] [SignShop] [Mob Arena] [PvP Arena] [Awesome]

    Do you like building large bases? How about gathering and trading goods? Maybe you prefer conquering neighboring provinces?

    You can do it all here in Tankard!

    Our goal is to provide a survival multi-player server where you can play how you like. You can even bring some buddies and form a clan in an attempt to become top dogs.

    Forge alliances, make enemies, but most importantly; have fun!

    This is a very new map - everyone will be starting on equal footing. The server went public on 5/5/2012. Start fresh with us! We have created a wonderful spawn for players to start at!

    Server IP is:
    Dynmap IP:


    -Grief Prevention: Protect your lands with this amazing plugin. It prevents players from griefing your lands, yet allows for some epic PvP through it's siege system!
    -Mob Arena: Earn amazing rewards for clearing waves of mobs!
    -Warzones: Participate in epic warzones against friends and enemies!
    -LogBlock: Helps roll back changes made by griefers!
    -Automated Backups: Never lose your progress with our automated backups.
    -Essentials: Many quality of life features such as /sethome, /home, /spawn, /msg, /mail, /tpa, /tpaccept!
    -SimpleClans: Members may create clans which prevent friendly fire with other members of the clan. You may also use /. to speak to your clanmates. Set a home for your growing clan! Organize and conquer the leaderboards!
    -BorderGuard: Map is blocked 4000 in each direction. This helps keep everyone in reasonable areas and prevent server lag.
    -SignShop: Plugin for shopping. See in-game tutorial room for a tutorial!
    -McMMO: Earn rewards for becoming a talented gatherer. Combat abilities are disabled, only gathering stats are allowed!
    -Dynmap: A *Dyn*amic *Map* of Tankard, see the areas and find other players easily:

    Server Rules (Rules listed here are not complete, please use /rules in-game for a full list.)

    [1] No Cheating (including exploiting - Ender Pearl glitching is okay and valid.)
    [2] Chat Rules
    [2a] No Racism
    [2b] No Spamming
    [2c] Caps are fine, just don't overuse them.
    [3] Asking for Creative mode, mod, or asking staff to go to another server will be an insta-ban.
    [4] Swearing is fine. Don't be a **** about it. If someone asks you to stop, stop.
    [5] No complaining if you're killed in PvP. **** happens, it's a PvP server.
    [6] No Aerial Bases without a solid pathway to get to them.
    [7] No Combat Teleporting. If caught, will result in a tempban the first time. Perma the second.
    [8] You may only camp (unless during a siege) for 15 minutes. If your clans are rivals time is infinite.
    [8a] If attacking a player only kill him once if he's inside his home. If they are still hostile towards you and try attacking you you may kill them again, though.
    [9] If you're caught making 'floating trees' you'll be told to fix them all of you will have your inventory space cleared at the time of an Admin's choosing.
    [10] Do not falsely accuse your fellow players. Too many 'false reports' and you will be tempbanned until you learn the rules.
    [11] No PvP while spectating the various arenas! Do not fight in spawn either! Any deaths caused by you in spawn will result in a tempban!
    [12] Mob Spawners are 5 to a clan or 5 to an individual not in a clan. This is for performance reasons.
    [13] Do not set your /home in or within 50 blocks of another player's base without permission!
    [14] You only get to set your clan home *once* without asking an Admin to change it. Think carefully before setting it!
    [15] Do not claim End portals. Everyone should have a shot as going to The End.
    [16] Griefing is not tolerated. You may break a block to get into a base, but no destroying the base or the area around it. This includes dragging creepers.
    --------If you need to appeal a ban, post your case and why you think you should be unbanned on the MC forum topic!--------

    How to apply:

    Please post the following application. Then hop on and ask us to check and we'll get you set up ASAP!

    Member (Access to building, certain commands):
    1. What is your in-game name?
    2. How old are you?
    3. Primary Language spoken?
    4. How often/what time do you generally play?
    5. What are your favorite things to do on Minecraft?
    My IGN is Lukiegold
    My Age is thirteen
    My Primary Language is english
    I play Atleast 3 times a week
    My Favorite things to do is pvp and build.
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    posted a message on [CLOSED]
    Quote from ForThyCake

    IP: axius.provisionhost.com

    This free-to-play Minecraft server is cheerfully owned and run by Neon_Foxeh, with reasonably mature staff
    to back him up every step of the way. You might have seen our main server before, and now we're
    back with a whole new theme! Say goodbye to your safety and hello to fighting, raiding,
    stealing, and griefing. We have absolutely no whitelist, so all you have to do
    is quick-connect and get started!


    • Listen to the OPs.
    • No client hacks.
    • No advertising other servers.
    • No obnoxious caps-locking.
    • Don't spam public chat.
    • Don't ask for rank promotions.


    There's an anti-hack / x-ray system in place,
    a border of +/- 5000, a protection for new players,
    and no combat logging!

    Free Stuff

    Post your IGN and get $500 in game cash to
    buy stuff in our server store! (An OP will send it to you ASAP.)

    Avid posters on this thread will be likely to receive creeper eggs as gifts!


    $5 - Light green colored name, 5000xp, diamond tool set, 1 small virtual bank, 5 creeper eggs, $500 in game, 4 TNT,

    $10 - Light green colored name, 10000xp, diamond tool set, 1 large virtual bank, 10 creeper eggs, $1000 in game, 8 TNT,

    $15 - Light green colored name, 15000xp, diamond tool set, 1 small and 1 large virtual banks, 15 creeper eggs, $1500 in game, 12 TNT,

    $20 - Dark green colored name, 20000xp, diamond tool set, diamond armor set, 2 large virtual banks, /sethome + /home, 20 creeper eggs, $2000 in game, 16 TNT,

    $25 - Dark green colored name, 25000xp, diamond tool set, diamond armour set, 1 small and 2 large virtual banks, /sethome + /home, 25 creeper eggs, $2500 in game, 20 TNT,

    $30 - Custom colored name, 30000xp, diamond tool set, diamond armour set, 3 large virtual banks, /sethome + /home, 30 creeper eggs, $3000 in game, 24 TNT,

    *Donations are not cumulative unless paid before a 24-hour time period in between payments

    my ign is Lukiegold
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