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    The server we are working on requires some of the following positions for the completion of our goal! Our server is based around a special, ancient, RPG theme, with plenty of exploration and adventure for the players! We offer custom items, custom ores, custom mechanics, and much much more! (We won't reveal everything upfront), but we are hoping to have you with us, to complete our goal! The core of the server is being managed by a dedicated team, however, we are in need of some more basic roles and positions.

    I want to note, this is not a moderator ad. This is more of a development stage type of advertisement.

    We are hoping you may be interested in joining us, and if so, please drop your discord below!

    We are a good team, working on communication, and developing good notes and guides for new staff.

    Some requirements can be found below, and please feel free to ask about anything you need!

    • Builders
    • Artistic / Creative
    • MythicMobs [Mob + Skill Development]
    • Lore / Story / Writers [Basic Writing + Color Arrangements of Text, Etc]
    • Java Developers [Details Included Soon]
    • YAML + JSON Knowledge
    • Minecraft Spigot/Paper Spigot/Purpur Experience
    • Resource Pack / Texture Design / 3D Modeling
    • ModelEngine Experience
    • MMOCore / MMOItems Experience
    • PAPI Placeholder + Vault Experience

    We can also arrange the possibility of payment for those of us who work hard and dedicate


    We do want to thank you for your time in reading this, and please feel free to inquire about our server if you feel the need!

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