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    Being at the hospital when my little brother was born, asking the doctor when we could take him home.
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    I feel the need to clarify your post. Overweight, is very different from obese.

    It's all in the eye of the beholder.
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    Quote from Homem Pigman

    Your post was full of:
    - Stereotyping
    - Self praise
    - Discrimination via lack of research (the Bible part. You can't say anything about a religion if you don't even know **** about what they believe)
    - Hypocritism

    I think I'm done here.

    -Stereotyping - Your point? I'm not here to paint a pretty picture via posies.

    -Self praise - Yes, it was actually. This was taken from a personal blog. This was meant to be seen by people who know me in the real world. I felt it would be comical to see what kind of ignorant responses I would get if I posted it here, and it seems it worked.
    -Discrimination- This one puzzles me a bit. Suddenly you feel like you're under attack? Also, no, there was no lack of research. Anyone who has read any number of versions of the bible, can tell you about how it in detail describes how to do some of these tasks. Personally I've been through the Old testament 4 times, and the New at least 5. That doesn't account for which versions of the bible we are talking about either. So please, tell me about how I've not done my research.

    -Hypocriticism? I think you mean hypocrisy. Where, and how exactly was I being a hypocrite?

    Quote from Calypo

    You mean, 'is it that SOME religious people don't understand what an atheist is?'
    You're doing what you hate by claiming this.
    Yet the bank notes say, 'in God we trust', and American politics is heavily influenced by religion.
    Then speak louder.

    My statement about religious people was a generalization. You are correct in that I have no way to know if every religious person doesn't understand what an atheist is. In the same breath, I guess it would also be fair to say that not every person without religion understands it.

    Quote from Durracel

    TBH just stop calling yourself an atheist and say your Agnostic same thing (i think) however Atheists are in alot of people's mind. "slightly mad and impossibly Hypocritical" Simply because you get annoyed at people "shoving their faiths in your face" and Alot of atheists do exactly the same thing. IT might just be where i'm from but 99.99% of the time the ones doing the shoving are atheists NOT Christians or Muslims.

    Agnostic, atheist, agnostic atheist, I really don't care what you call it. I really don't see a point in renaming what it is that I don't believe in. I don't see why that's important. Also, by renaming myself that would be as if I'm hiding behind new verbage, which is exactly the opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm confused by your statement. How is it possible to shove a lack of beliefs on someone? You want to talk about shoving beliefs on someone? How about the fact that I have to carry money that in no way represents my personal belief system. That I am somehow required to pay respect a national anthem that was modified from its original wording?
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    posted a message on New Obama scandal surfaces
    Who cares where he was born, or even if he IS Muslim.

    He sure as hell runs the country better than little bush did.

    He's got my upcoming vote.
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    posted a message on Anything but an Atheist.......
    ..... Warning RANT AHEAD......

    Over the course of my life, I've done the best I can with being honest, helping others, and trying to be a productive member of society. Everyone has established an opinion of me. Whether good or bad, you think of me one way, or another.

    Most opinions of me are based around my appearance, attitude, and mannerisms. To clarify, I am judged on a daily basis by my actions, and words. So when people develop an opinion of me that isn't entirely true, I feel the need to correct the misunderstanding. I refrain from doing so out of respect. Now, some of my family have developed an opinion of me assuming I am religious. You can see where this is heading with me being an atheist. My close friends and family are all aware of my lack of belief in a god. I'm always honest with people who ask.

    I was never one to hide my lack of beliefs, but there are others who aren't as vocal as I am. There are others who are much less fortunate. Others who would be ostracized for even mentioning they might not believe in God. It can be very scary as a child to be told you will burn in hell forever if you are caught talking to a person of non belief. So you would grow up with this veil of ignorance, that an atheist is a person of wrong doing.

    Everyone who knows me will tell you I'm quite the opposite of the image painted of the feared "Atheists". With each passing generation, the acceptance of atheism is becoming more common place, but old time traditions keep it from becoming as understood as what I believe it should be. A recent poll showed that 39% of Americans distrust atheists and don't think they agree with their vision of American society. Along with Muslims being number 2 at 26%, and gays at 3rd with 22%. I am the most hated minority group in the United States. Atheist are as distrusted in America as rapists, and it puzzles me why.

    Is it that religious people don't understand what an atheist is? Do they truthfully believe that America was founded on the word of God and that atheists are going to destroy what "they" have built? "America was founded as a Christian nation", or "If you don't like it then you should leave this country" I hear all the time, and I have to correct whoever says those things. America is in NO way a Christian nation. It was founded on freedom OF and freedom FROM religion.

    If I only have one life, one precious life. Do you really think I'm going to waste it by telling other people about a book that will instruct them on how to murder people? Racially segregate, sell into slavery, and beat your children? If it's "God's word", and "God's word" is perfect, how can you be allowed to pick and choose?

    I don't think it's fair that I'm the one who helps people, and I have to hide. I don't think it's fair that the American Cancer Society should be allowed to turn down a donation of 500,000 dollars from Foundation Beyond Belief for the Relay for Life program, simply because they didn't want to publish where the donation came from. I don't think it's fair I have to pay taxes on my work, when churches get away tax free. I don't think it's fair that politicians are allowed to bring religious beliefs into deciding on what's best for women's health.

    Most of all though, I don't think it's fair that millions of people aren't heard because they aren't brave enough to speak out. For fear of what kind of retaliation might ensue. I would like to hear your voice, I want to hear what you have to say.

    I'm not asking people to renounce their faith. I'm simply asking you to voice your opinion, even if you have the slightest doubt in your mind that what you believe in, just might not be in the best interest of you, or your family.

    I'm tired of not being heard, I think you should be too.
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    posted a message on This is what I get for being vegetarian
    Quote from RukarioZario

    I have been vegetarian for 4 days now and so far it has been great. I have told my family atleast 10 times just to get it into their skulls and today he brand me home a cheese burger when I told him 10 times I AM VETGETARIAN
    then my dad yells at me for not eating it. Is this what I get for being more healthy?

    It's just the way I am!

    This is all I can think of.

    I really only think I'd give up meat unless it was medically necessary for some reason.
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    I think it's the NES pack.
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    posted a message on Worst Company In America!.... EA? .... lol
    Quote from Right2Live

    MFW the majority of Americans probably don't know what Bank of America does, so EA will win.

    I think what you meant to say was most of the 12 year old kids who play this game, and read these forums, don't know what Bank of America is.

    Bank of America is pretty much widespread, and anyone that has done any kind of banking has more than likely at least HEARD of them.
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    posted a message on Gender Identity
    As funny as I want this thread to be, I think it's turning into a "I'm feeling oppressed, don't pick on me" thread.

    People who can't identify with themselves sexually want to be treated the same as anyone else.
    The only difference is they expect us to not be able to understand the situation.

    I don't want to make it seem like people that aren't sexually confused about their gender, are making fun of the others who are confused. At the same time, you can't bark for us to treat you differently when you demand that we give you special treatment.

    I can empathize how difficult it would be feeling stuck in a foreign body, but I can't fully understand because I'm quite comfortable in mine. While I make a valid attempt at empathy, I think it would be equally requested that sexually confused people attempt to understand that we don't have any idea where they are coming from.

    If you have female genitalia, possess breasts, and feminine looks, then by definition, you are female.
    If you have male genitalia, possess a penis, have muscular looks, then by definition, you are male.

    If you possess a combination of these attributes, you may be unisex and might want to identify with that, instead of trying to pick one side or the other.
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    Quote from Homem Pigman

    OT: I still don't get what defines this so called gender identity. Does that mean men can't like the same things as women and vice-versa? Because I say that's sexist ********.

    I think what they're trying to get at, is that certain people, while in a particular gender, feel detached from themselves, and cannot identify with who they are sexually.

    Just for this topic I called up my friend "Randy" and got her opinion on the matter.
    Randy is "Intersex". That means basically she has both a penis and a vagina.

    Randy tends to refer to herself as a she in public, but can't really say for sure what she identifies as.
    She is muscular, has some facial hair, breasts, but has both a penis and a vagina.
    Ever since we were kids, our group always called Randy a "she", but always felt weird saying it.

    Quote from TealScorpion

    When it comes to biological sex, I actually hate my female body. But again, I'd hate being male too.
    Ideally, I wouldn't have a gender. It just doesn't seem right to me.

    I think this just confirms you need to grow more in your understanding of yourself. This comes with being a teenager. EDIT: also stop using teal for text, it's hard to read, and only reaffirms my opinion that you are desperately trying to feel different from everyone else.
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