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    posted a message on PC for modded mineraft hosting

    also your budget would help

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    posted a message on PC for modded mineraft hosting

    i'm not an expert on the matter I can only tell you what works for me

    i'm in the same boat as I need at least 6 as well for all the mods. I currently use this machine.

    ryzen 5 1500x (oc)

    8gb ram

    b350 pc mate


    be quiet 360mm aio

    and more stuff

    this machine also doubles as my normal pc so...

    but me and a friend can play on 20 render distance, 50 chunks in reserve. and a lot of mods.

    this is working fine for now but I recommend at least 8 or 16 depending on if you're playing on it at the same time and how many people are on it but

    for 4 people and some mods and the benefit of using Linux 8 should be more than enough. way more actually. if you want to know how to set up a server i can help you it was very tricky for me for some reason (shouldnt have been... ) but i can send you my folder over email if you want

    as for cpu only clockspeed matters make sure you're above 3,5ghz and you'll be fine

    ( I recommend something like an i5, i7 is not overkill it just has unnecessary cores)

    If you want to just start out easy I would just install windows ( and not pay somehow idk I always pay stop questioning me :steve_tearful: ) copy my folder as i've already configured it for the use of a large amount of mods. then just take my mods out put yours in and done

    only port forwarding left with which I can help you np.

    any questions always happy to help.

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    posted a message on home server ipv6?

    I've been having trouble with ipv4 port forwarding on my router, mainly that It doesn't excist. so i had to just do ipv6 by trial and eroor since i couldn't find a tutorial for that with my router. i came to the conclusion that it may not be neccesary. ive tried checking it by making a hostspot on another computer on my network. i on that netwerk tried localhost and it didn't work which was expected but i then tried typing in ipv6 adress of my host pc and it worked.

    but I can't verify it outside of my network as I don't know that many people who play minecraft

    so if someone with a ipv6 router could try to connect to it i'd be grateful.

    please just message me as It's not always online

    if you see any faults with my logic or are confused as to how or what i'm doing 1. you're not the only one. 2 i'd be happy to clearify.

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    posted a message on small boats for 1.12.2

    can someone please update this mod for 1.12.2

    I don't have the experience with java necessary to do this although it seems a manageable task. I have loved this mod for some time now and others have too but every single video on youtube or link on google is clickbait.

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