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    posted a message on TreasureChest - Backup & repair saves (Mac, Win & Linux)

    Backup & Restore Minecraft Savegames on Mac OS X, Windows & Linux (testing)

    Development status: Seriously dead.

    Mac OS X

    Windows XP & Linux
    (coming soon)

    About this project
    After I got tired of copying everything by hand I looked a bit jealous over to the various windows minecraft backup solutions and decided to write my own one. For Mac of course. But since some people asked it's also available for Windows and soon for Linux.

    Downloads (from Rapidshare.com)
    Dead. Also dead: Rapidshare :rolleyes:

    - Backup your savegames on Mac OS X, Windows & Linux (testing)
    - Restore your save from previous backups
    - Restore your savegame into another Worlds slot
    - Repair corrupted savegames and worlds with chunk errors
    - Delete previous backups you don't need anymore with a click
    - Unlimited backups per world (limited only by your HDD capacity :wink.gif:)
    - Universal Binary (Mac)

    Planed Features
    - None anymore

    Would you like to know more...?
    Website is also dead by now.

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    NEIN edit isn't NBTedit
    Open, Edit & Save NBT Files on Mac OS X

    About this project
    I wrote NEINedit because I was coding a class to read the NBT format. Since I had to read & write stuff with that class to test its function I wrote this small editor. Let's hope this will help someone.

    Development status
    Long dead -_-


    Since this is the first version I'm handing out there might be a number of errors. I tested this a LOT and it seems to work just fine but the devil's in the detail. Please backup your original files before you use this. Also: If you edit files of your minecraft save, please backup the whole savegame so it doesn't get corrupted. I wrote a handy application for that. Take a look at the thread for TreasureChest :smile.gif:

    System requirements
    Mac with Intel or PowerPC Processor and Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) or higher

    Also long dead :ph34r:

    Current Features
    - Read & Write NBT Files (.nbt, .dat, .dat_old)
    - Display the whole thing (with TAG infos for every entry)
    - Change values for: Byte, Short, Int, Long, Float, Double & String

    So your basic set of things you would like to change around.

    Future Features
    - None.

    Open up the DMG and drag the application into your application folder.

    Would you like to know more...?
    Official website is also dead :D

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    posted a message on 1.3.2 BUG
    Quote from Ghostcat55

    [solution : delete the door and place back!]

    One would think that this should work ...

    But restarting MC does if you find it annoying.
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    posted a message on How do I find minecraft screenshots on Mac? D:
    Screenshots can be found in

    /Users/<yourUsername>/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots/

    Next time: Use spotlight and search for minecraft. Would have saved you some time :smile.gif:
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