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    In this topic, I have 2 seeds. One is the mushroom biome.

    seed: family

    the second one is a village.

    seed: seed

    The mushroom biome and village is close to the spawn but you are going to have to search.
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    Quote from Randumite

    I have a challenge for you all!
    Let's see if you can take it on.

    All neat and nice and packed in a spoiler.

    What is the Pumpkin man Challenge?:

    Simple, it's a minecraft challenge where you wear a pumpkin on your head.

    Well what are the rules?:

    The rules are as follows,

    1, You must wear a pumpkin on your head at all times.

    2, Pumpkins cannot live out of the sunlight, you must not have a roof on your home.

    3, Pumpkins only eat MEAT.

    Now you know the rules, but what about the goals?:

    The goals are as follows,

    Get a Chest completely filled up with 64 pumpkins in every slot,
    Construct a statue of yourself, you are the pumpkin man, its you,
    And finally, Have fun. (You can make up your own goals as well.)

    Pumpkin man skin: http://www.mediafire...pumpkin_man.png

    I'm not sure if I'm able to do that. I'll try. Probably I'll get mad cuz pumpkin on heads are really annoying. Haha.
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    Quote from Xenokkah

    I was digging a 3x3 mine shaft and I saw a diamond. After digging out the entire vein, I got 8 diamonds. :iapprove:

    What's the biggest diamond vein you've ever found?

    Edit: I start a 3x3 mine shaft at level 12. I then branch it off. I connected two and made a huge room, no diamonds >=(... however, I did with the normal branches get 11 diamonds after making a pick.

    I never find a big diamond vein. I only found one :PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
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