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    So, in case you're all wondering what happened to this, lemme explain.
    I moved around 201 and for whatever reason, we got AT&T, they trottled us to oblivion, but then we moved again.
    Literally, if I tried hosting, the ping would be in the 80s, that's not a joke.

    More to the point, I've lost interest in minecraft, as I PERSONALLY dislike the newer versions. I do however, plan on reviving this project, as I'm moving... AGAIN, but this time I'm making sure we're moving where either Google Fiber exists, or Comcast.

    So to all of you out there who were wanting to play this, give it a year at least, sorry that I couldn't keep this going, but last time I rebooted this, next to none joined, making the server seem like a ghost town.

    When I do this again, I'll make sure to have a white list, and will attempt Port forwarding.
    Oh yeah, that's another thing, Port Forwarding on this connection required 2 of the AT&T Workers to figure out.

    So, potentially I might bring this back in 2015. Please, don't get any hype, as it's not confirmed.

    Everything under here is now irrelevant, but for history's sake I'm keeping it.

    I'm very thankful for your guys's votes :D
    A new update has made it impossible to join servers under the current version. That's the greatest idea ever Jeb, anything else you might wanna mess up? Anyways can't host nostalgia servers, so please for the love of god stop sending me messages after the news said "Can't host."

    Can't host.
    Hop on don't steal and don't grief.


    (Upcoming) Herobrine Month:

    Can Notch save us?

    I've returned and this time I'm prepared.
    I will be hosting 1 server HOWEVER it has to be voted on.
    I'm still going to be using Hamachi for the meanwhile because I still need to make a static Ip and such. I'll just get my Computer company to do it.

    I shall be hosting based on vote when I get 10 votes.

    1/2 of the week shall be Beta. The other half Alpha. I will switch it around sometimes.

    Hamachi networks:
    llama_nostalgia1 Pass: 123


    I need some admins:

    Admin Rules: Can't give players Items.

    Can't op Players.

    If requested, tp a Player to a Player. But only if that other player agrees.

    Don't abuse powers. You will be banned on spot for abusing them in ways such as: Abusing powers on

    players such as threatening, griefing, or spamming. You are allowed to spawn but don't do it often unless it's
    absolutely needed.
    Now I want all acts such as a ban or kick to be passed by me. I will allow a ban without it being passed by me if it's something very serious and unstoppable. Such as spamming or griefing. Take a picture of it also. If it comes to spam killing just send them to the "Spam Jail" Where they won't be able to do anything but use chat.

    Have fun!

    With my servers your opinions shall be heard. If you want a specific server to be in the future list to be added I will do my best to get that server and add it to the list.

    Alpha: 0.21, 1.0.17_02, 1.2.5, 1.2.6, 1.0.17_04, 1.1.2
    The Alpha list is still being gained so feel free to vote for some not on this list as of now. I may be able to find more.
    Beta: 1.1_02, 1.2_01, 1.3_01, 1.4, 1.5_01, 1.6.6, 1.7.3, 1.8 Pre 1, 1.9 Pre 4
    Now this list is also gaining more servers. The reason the Pre Releases are in here are for Novelty purposes. I can add more if requested.

    F.A.Q. (Prolly a good Idea to read this.)
    Q: Why did you repost this?
    A: The other topic felt dead and was just a mess. It needed to be redone.

    Q: Why would you host older Versions?
    A: Simple Nostalgia. And because maybe some newer people will want to try older versions of minecraft, and play with it their friends/others.

    Q: How do I vote for a server?
    A: I'm still deciding whether it'll be done by the actual voting buttons or by comments. So it'll essentially go like this. Using the date 8/4/2012 and putting down the vote after that making it easier to judge the votes, or just saying the date with Alpha or Beta. Meaning I want a Beta server up or saying I want an Alpha server up.

    Q: Will you be hosting all possible servers?
    A: Yes. This will include The VERY old versions such as the 0.0.0a/b stages. (If it exists) Even Survival Test can make an appearance.

    Q: Where can I best contact you?
    A: http://www.youtube.c...a1?feature=mhee
    Or on Skype Jeremy Llama

    Q: Are you actually going to host this time? -.-
    A: Yes...

    Q: What's your favorite version of Minecraft?
    A: I'm stuck between 1.2_02 and Indev

    Q: What server will you prolly most be on?
    A: Kinda hard to say right now. Whatever server is up at the time prolly.

    Q: Can I have some of your servers?
    With this you can change versions back from Indev aswell as download servers.

    Q: Can I donate?
    A: I don't feel right with Donations but maybe in the future I may have one. But the money will be used mostly for internet usage to make it better making servers better, or if I'm in dire need of money (For an actual reason) I'll use it for that.

    Q: Why Hamachi?
    A: Because I haven't port forwarded yet. -.- Damn you Zhone.

    Q: Is there going to be a way to become a member instead of a guest?
    A: Not sure.

    Q: Can I record on the servers?
    A: Yeah sure make sure to spread the word about the servers.

    Q: Should I have my hopes up?
    A: I dunno. :D

    Q: Will you feature my videos on here if I make a series out of it?
    A: I'll be featuring anything I find really awesome, such as buildings, videos, shoutouts, anything really astonishing.

    Q: How can I become an Admin.
    A: I'm thinking about doing a "Trial" For people who want to become Admin. If they do a good job they'll be promoted with higher power. It's kinda like a test. it'll last about a week. I will not allow someone to go into trials all willy nilly. I'll just judge them with my own way to see if they can be allowed even a trial for a week.

    Q: Will these be Vanilla?
    A: Yep.

    Q: How can I help contribute to this?
    A: Not any real way except spreading the word. NOT SPAMMING!

    Q: Can you host a Private server for me please? :3
    A: Sure, but I'm not just gonna host it for just anybody. But I'm pretty Biased.

    Q: How can I change my version of Minecraft?
    Mcnostalgia may be a good program but with this one you don't have to force update every time you want to change your version of minecraft.

    Q: Can I help contribute rules or something?
    A: I could use some rules actually. But they are pretty basic; don't grief/spam/kill or anything of the sort.

    Q: Is the first amendment an active thing on there?
    A: ­ing penial ­. Ponies are awesome and I love furries. Answer your question? If not yes.

    Q: Do I get second Chances? As in if I were banned.
    A: MWAHAHAHA Maybe. I'll be doing my own version of seeing if you've trully earned a second chance.
    To be honest if you do something childish and you are truly sorrow I'll want everyone to forget about it as if it had never happened so you don't feel uncomfortable.

    Q: How can I submit a complaint?
    A: Well if you want it to be private Youtube or Skype. If not here is fine.

    Q: I love you for this.
    A; Love you to mate. *Licks.

    Q: Is your name really Jeremy Llama?
    A: I am a Llama good sir. So, yes.

    Q: Can I host a Older minecraft server public as well?
    A: NO! Yeah you can. BUT if you got the Idea from me please give credit where Credit is due. A.k.a if it came from me credit me.

    Q: Take Hamachi off and I'll join.
    A: I already said I'm working on Port Forwarding.

    Q: Many people are going to abuse this for 1.7.3 because they hate the Adventure update you know?
    A: Yeah I'm not going to be very Biased on 1.7.3 Sorry. I actually like the newer updates, but I love old minecraft just as much. :3

    Q :D
    A :3

    PLEASE USE! If your a Nostalgic player then please use this to spread the word.

    Me and my friend started a 1.6.6 Nostalgia Let's Play series. He's also going to be advertising this to help support the Mcnostalgia servers.

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    posted a message on How terrain could be improved
    I actually agree.
    though I found it funny how as an example you used the best seed Glacier.
    It literally tears apart the argument when you use the best seeds there are.
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    posted a message on Ender Realms Mod UPDATED (1.2.5)
    UPDATE 2012

    Hey guys. I''m worked a small amount on this mod.

    Hello Everyone!
    Me and my friend are working on a Mod that Allows you to Go to a New Realm and We ae adding stuff to the New Ender Portal that is being added to 1.9
    This Means that the EnderRealms isnt going to be worked on since Notch is Adding a new "Realm" of his Own sorry about that (not mad btw :D ) but we are still adding MANY more things
    The * means finished

    1: make a block out of Enderpearls. *
    2: Ghost Of The Beyonds (Invisable unless looked at)
    5: Allow yourself to Disguise yourself and Enderman Will Think you are them
    6: a Necklace of EnderPearls
    7: Gloves Of EnderPearls
    8: EnderSticks *
    9: When Staring at Enderman you will slowly start to fade to its realm or to the Nether (later update will be skylands and rarely AlternaVerse (or pass out and go to your bed/spawn
    10: EnderPearl Gems (needs added in next mod update)
    11: Permanant Day Time In The AlternaVerse
    12: Its In Sepia
    13: If you sleep in AlternaVerse you will wake up randomly anywhere (revene, cave,abandoned mines, etc)
    14: The Alterna Verse Consists of Only 1 mob and 1 mob only when killed You Recive a Secret Weapon
    15: Everything is Paused In AlternaVerse
    16: 6 NEW Biomes (3 in real world)
    17: New Trees For New Biomes
    18: Alternate World Requires Lightning To Enter (when raining (or storming) you can use Lightning Staff Conductor
    19: AlternaVerse Is Circular With Lightning To Go Through
    21: EnderPearls are Now Smeltable and makes EnderGems (needs added in)
    22: EnderDogs (HellHounds)(in the works)
    23 Tameable Enderman *
    24: The AlternaWorld Will Be In Sepia
    Me and my friend have done mods but nothing like this so will take a while since this is still just in indev

    I am going to not have pictures for a while. I want to make new pictures btw heres a video done by Zurchi thanks man

    I have a youtube account youtube.com/jeremythellama1

    We've only gotten the AlternaVerse Hardly Done reason is because of the new portal to the Ender making our EnderRealms Mod Unusable and uneeded

    Please give a response and Keep this Topic alive We are Working on the Mod Very Hard especially since what we've done so far in coding is invedit randomly spawned chests and 3 new items

    I am the texture artist and my friends the coder. but we can still have more coders and advertisers and texture artists Etc.

    leave Support :D

    1: Busy




    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?x057gs9uc2sdevk

    Anyways I have been thinking for a little bit on the scariness factor ^_^ so i decided to add 2 secret updates to the next update pre pare if I can get it to work lol
    I'll give you a hint
    _ _en_ _r_ _n
    _er_ _br_ _e
    first one to guess what it is gets to play the next updated version of the mod :wub:
    Whats in this Mod?
    1: Ender Tools
    2: EnderBlock
    3: Updated Texturesx2
    4: Tameable EnderMan (Tame them with a EnderPearl)
    5: renamed so you dont know what it really is :D
    thats it for now we working on a more Powerful Version of the EnderPearls I also want you to keep in mind we are going to have secret updates but it will consist of 1 secret (sometimes) and a update with a message telling you stuff :D

    We may be getting someone to work on the actual Realms while the others and me work on textures Weapons Blocks Mobs
    and other stuff but if not we still need help so if you are a modder and like this mod and want to help, then please ask we dont mind we cant get enough help.



    Have a mod you want in? Want to Pitch in and help? Wanna give ideas?
    Well then volunteer here http://www.minecraft...volunteer-list/
    Heres the forum for ideas for the mod go here to Possibly Get You Idea In
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    posted a message on Floating gravel...What?
    Lol. newbies :smile.gif: I used to be one then I took an invedit to minecraft.
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    posted a message on GET MINECRAFT FOR FREE
    another reason why i know its fake is because you are out of water (you are spamming your own topic to make it look like you've been on here for a long time :tongue.gif:)
    so now you are a tree puncher lol
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    posted a message on Taking a new team for 1.8.1/1.9 Server!
    Hi I've been a admin on SERVERAL servers and only a few griefers have made it by me. im very good with sneaking and looking dumb to confuse griefers i will take anything where i can make a jail or find plugins for servers my old server i was with sadly isnt up to often anymore nor have i gotten answers from the owner i was his first admin.
    same with another server. but i've became a admin/mod for 7 or 8 servers im good at building redstone stuff and jails and sneakyness :biggrin.gif: so if you need a griefer catcher im that guy you need i always keep an eye onnew people and if i cant ban i'll trap them in a bedrock jail. so if its someone who can keep an eye on players then im here.
    but if not then i'll just take mod :biggrin.gif:

    btw im 14 NOT IMMATURE just so you know :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.8 was a major disapointment. Its the truth.
    Quote from Kesuli

    I have lots and lots of reasons why this 1.8 was a disapointment. No, minecraft is awesome game. I liked it, I have played it since alpha. But after 1.8, its now garbage. Everything is lame now. Heres a little short list of the bad things. Sadly, there were too much bad things about this brand new 1.8 so its long.

    First of all, the npc houses make the minecraft too easy. There are ready farms, craftbenchs, houses to live, everything you need. It makes minecraft too easy. Also, houses look plain UGLY. Oh, only one thing about them are good. They are fun to burn. Hey, wait a minute. WHERE ARE THE NPC PLAYERS?

    The food system sucks now. You can't heal yourself, just eat. The food bar regenrates hearts too slowly, and that makes spiders poison make you die soooo easily. And eating takes long. You know, it sucks. Community's player made maps like puzzlemaps and escapemaps are now ruined, because you have to keep eating to be alive.

    Biomes. Theres nothing changet about them. Notch said there's going to be alot of new biomes and larger biomes, but he lied. Only one new biome, seriously? And no, no. no larger biomes. Never seen them. And looks like chunk errors are really hard to remove...

    Abandoned mineshafts. They are endless, crappy, boring and useless. It may be few seconds fun to explore them, but after awhile you realize that the mineshafts last forever, and the stuff in rare chests are crappy and useless. And sometimes mineshafts float around in caves, and that makes the game look dumb.

    Exp Points. Why add them to game, when they don't even have a use? Collecting them is useless, and when you kill a person with s**tloads of exp in smp, you're messed up.

    Slendermen. Major disapointment. They were going to be scary, rare and hard to kill. Bulls**t. They appear too often, and that makes them less rare and scary. And if you punch them few times, poof! Slenderman has died, and dropped an useless slenderpearl! Not so challenging. They walk glitchy, and their teleporting looks like a stupid glitch. When you look at them, I though you had some staring contest. Wrong, once again. He starts to attack with weak attacks that doesn't cause so much damage. Slendermen don't always see that you look at them, so they dont work so good. And he was going to be fast too, oh cmon!

    Ruins. Never seen one, and I asked if my friends have found even one, but they never saw too. Same in this community. Only one spawns per world? :dry.gif: Well thats cheap

    Bows charging system. Retarded. Do I have to say more? Okay, now with this new ''update'' its WAY too hard to kill mobs. Chargin is slow, and this makes it lame. My chest filled with arrows is now useless, because I am not going to use bow again.

    Sprinting. Well this is a good one, but doing it is the darn bad thing about it. Once when in a cave I was exploring, there was lava around me and I was searching for diamonds. I had to be really careful, just because I wouldn't fall in lava. I used W key to walk slowy, but when I accidently double-tapped it, the character ran'd into lava. So much for that trip. Sprinting ruined parkour maps, you can cheat now. Its possible that it ruined some other maps.

    New lighting. People say its beatiful. Its true, but it makes really large waves of lag. I had to turn fog to small and turn th smooth lighting off and change fancy to fast. Still it lags a little. ''Ololol just go buy a new fast computer cheap ass'' you say. I say no money.

    Is there more? Of course. I would keep writing, but that would take forever.

    TL;DR : 1.8 was a major disapointment. Its the truth, deal with it.

    well while reading this i found SEVERAL errors and im here to fix them well 1 npc villages yeah they dont make it easy really there hard to find and i bet when npcs are added they'll attack you if you steal or grief them.

    food system i like you said we heal slowly well my friend i fell from a 20 block fall and healed right up in about 7 seconds 3 hearts to 10 and the poison yeah that doesnt kill you and this hasnt been used to its full potential yet so calm down about it its a good idea nad realistic.
    biomes do i really need to point out the error in this one? well you say that the biomes arent any bigger well my friend i can tell you with out a doubt thats a load there are HUGE oceans HUGE deserts HUGE swamps and HUGE etc. and for the new biomes yeah maybe you shouldnt have rushed him to bring it out.

    abandoned mineshafts i sorta agree with him but at an angle he said they go on forever when they rendomly generate forever (neverending)and they are useful for mining you can find iron gold and rarely diamond in them and you can find chests that have a bunch of stuff in them such as watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds that you cant get any where else (from my knowledge)

    and yes the exp is VERY useless especially on servers where you can grief them easily by just getting a bunch of exp so its a griefing tool NOT needed i think you should just not drop them or at least have a death chest so that way it doesnt mess up servers and even your own game.

    ITS ENDERMAN DUMBASS seriously the WHOLE time i read the "Slenderman" part i screamed ITS ENDERMAN DUMBASS ITS A JOKE OF SLENDERMAN BUT ITS ENDERMAN! seriously cant get any more fail than that but enderman havent fully been used to its potential and the "glitchy" walk? he doesnt look like hes glitching when he walks maybe you're just a dumbass and for the teleporting it really doesnt seem glitchy to me its supposed to happen :tongue.gif:.

    ruins i think you mean STRONGHOLDS but ya know and i do agree though WHY do they only have 1 per map thats stupid and VERY boring especially when you finally get to one and its so damn hard and you die whcih means yu have no way back MUCH LESS want to go back.

    bows seriously??? wow ok so back before 1.8 bows were COMPLETELY useless so i dont know why you hate it i enjoy it, it kills enemy mobs in 2 hits when fully charged and only takes 1 second to charge up to max and for animals it kills them in 1 shot so this part was useless because it was FULLY an error nad that chest full of arrows i'll be taking :biggrin.gif:

    sprinting ok yeah i love this it WAS needed but i agree it DOES get annoying when trying to move slowly and should be a turn on and off button somewhere but we need to wait for a mod or another update.

    the new lighting isnt the cause of lag i changed smooth lighting off and STILL lagged but not extreme lag the smooth lighting ISNT the cause of lag im sure its just that the terrain is much bigger and it loads MUCH more so change fog setting to normal or less like everyone else.

    so as you can see i pointed EVERY thing you pointed out false or agreed with so get a mod or play 1.7.3 and have fun with the boringness that it was
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