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    we're adding copper in the next update. So, next logical step is wireless communication. After that? computers. After that is rockets. I would like there to be a possibility for catastrophic failure if you mess up on the crafting. I don't want it to "explode" per say, just for it to not function. like, the computer will catch on fire if built wrong. the communication will just not function. The rockets will explode, not launch, not hold air, will not be able to turn. but I want it to require some material from the end for crafting the rockets. That way you get elytra in the process. I would also like to ask that you add some room for creativity. like, add a special crafting table for the rockets and computers for customization Or make them multiblock structures. Entirely Up to you. If possible, could you try and make it auto update?(if not possible, I understand.) I would also like to ask for electricity and electric appliances.(harvesters, furnaces, brighter lights, alarms, water pumps [liquid cooled pc?], and crafting table for the rocket.) If possible, make it for 1.16.x

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