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    posted a message on What do YOU think Zombies should drop?
    Let me say this:

    NO dropping tools or armour, NO chance of dropping diamond of any type, no matter how rare. That would make the game a little to easy for me, I would wait for a zombie, punch him a few times, get tools. Easy. This is my own opinion, and i will be happy no matter what notch does, but i think that's a bit overpowered.
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    posted a message on Request: Tweet Notch to remove the Herobrine joke
    Quote from spiderslayer12

    I think its HILARIOUS. But im probably the only one. Tweet away.

    I do to. I personally didn't mind the occasional herobrine troll/spam, but I'll admit it got out of hand. At least notch recognizes the community.
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    posted a message on Shroom Farman
    Why don't you just place them level with the rest of the shrooms? Seems as though they would grow better (realistically, in mincraft logic however...)
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    posted a message on damn the monster under the bed glitch!
    The fact that they are spawning is not a glitch.

    The fact they are spawning when a room is lit is.
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    posted a message on [8x] [1.5] â– TinyCraftâ–  (MORE THAN 4000 DOWNLOADS)!
    I love this texture pack and would love to give it some support.

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    posted a message on Complaints, and critique about the new site
    I like it a little. I'm not a huge fan of the style, and I think it needs work.

    However, once the work is done, I'll be fine with it. BTW, since this seems to be a venting thread, may as well vent:

    1.) Why in the heck did you need to make us make a curse account, why? that was the lames thing i have ever seen. I mean, I know they are hosting but really? also, couldn't the curse crap go at the bottom of the site?
    2.) The new default font. Oh the inhumanity. It's terrible. This being my first post on the forum, I can't really complain to much, but its already getting on my nerves.
    3.) The home page. Why isn't the forums the homepage? And a seperate tab news? I mean, really, its the minecraft FORUMS. I come here to flame people talk civilly about minecraft.

    Okay, enough complaints. But you get the picture, needs refinement and/or me to adjust to it. Thanks for making the transition as quick and painless as possible.
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    posted a message on DLC's Would not Work
    Yeah, I don't really know how it would work. First off, inventory editors. Second off, piracy. Third off, incompatibility.

    Oh, and whining beta players. GO ALPHA!
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    posted a message on So I went back to my Alpha Backup...
    Cool. There needs to be a mod that does this automatically.
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    posted a message on Wait I'm going to have to pay more for DLC?
    Well, all I see is some whining about how you didn't get it before beta, op. I will enjoy the free dlc (if it ever comes out, which it might not).
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    posted a message on Doesn't the Inception Theme sound like a Minecraft track?
    Quote from nCH748e »
    Maybe a loading music....since it's loading an EPIC world! :biggrin.gif:


    For the nether. Then we need sunglasses and bubblegum.
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    posted a message on If only minecraft ran on this.
    Well, looking at it realistically it wouldn't change all that much in minecraft while it still being "minecraft".

    Minecraft consists of blocks and bad physics. Anything else is either not minecraft, or the future of minecraft.
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    posted a message on Optimal tnt blast physics and prep?
    Quote from andrew52525 »
    i think a tnt surrounded completeley by smooth blows an exact 3 by 3 by 3 cube.

    cobble as well i believe, just don't set them off at the same time, thats a bit hard to do.

    Really, tnt is just fun boom bang shwoom for the game, it doesn't serve *much* of a purpose
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    posted a message on Notch nerfs minecarts
    Quote from 99X »
    Notch tweeted:
    From my changelist: "* Fixed minecarts next to each other causing extreme velocities (sorry!)"

    Well, good game everyone. Guess we won't be seeing any amazing roller coasters or anything like that anymore. It's too expensive to make powered rails - not enough gold found.


    Its about time.
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    posted a message on ---Crafting Diamonds---
    I say you should have to make an obsidian furnace for this to make it more balanced.

    No, seriously. Think about it, obsidian is the strongest material in game (shutup about bedrock).

    It would make it a little more balanced and you would get a sexy looking furnace in the deal.
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    posted a message on The Gay Laws
    Quote from poda05 »
    I find it ridiculous that it is 2011 and the United States still has laws preventing certain groups of people from having the same freedoms as others.

    Most of the resistance probably comes from so-called religious individuals whose only goal seems to be elitists and spread hate. I'm Catholic myself, and its very troubling to me when I see people who call themselves Christians spreading this kind of hate because "It's God's word." I've been around a lot of people that legitimately believe they are doing good by judging others. I don't understand this. From a religious standpoint, I believe that one should always be accepting toward others, not spreading hate or intolerance. This general "being nice" attitude is not religious really, it's logical. Over the years I've found that my non-religious friends are "nicer," and much more tolerant of others than my religious friends. Judgmental behavior of any sort is bothersome.

    TL;DR: As a religious person, I am a fully support of the LGBT community and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

    Look, something everyone needs to get on this forums:

    There are millions of different type of "Christians." If you believe in Christ, you are a Christian. Take westboro baptist church for example. They are on the extreme end of crazy. Most (true) christians are actually sensible folks, in my area that is.

    So: next person to blame Christianity as a whole needs to get there brain checked.
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