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    posted a message on MessMod: A minecraft mod that allows you to take more control of the game, see more information, and do some work easier.


    Just like what the name says, the Mod contains many features ranging from world manipulation and information providing to bug fixes and so on, therefore the mod seems to be messy, even the style of the source code is messy.

    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/messmod

    Github: https://github.com/lovexyn0827/Minecraft-World-Manipulation-Enchantment-Mod

    Don't want to type "/summon creeper" 100 times to summon 100 creepers? With this Mod, it can be done within a single command. (i.e. "/repeat 100 false summon creepers")

    Don't want to use "/data" to obtain the velocity of entities? With this mod, press F3 + E and target the entity, you'll find something you wanted at a corner of the screen.

    Got annoyed about TNTs rendered at some wrong position? With this Mod, you will see the correct boundary box of these entities.

    Bored with typing "/tick freeze" & "/tick step 1" over and over again? With this Mod, these operations could be finished simply via right-click if you are holding a brick or a bone.

    However, that is not everything, the detailed document is here


    Fabric Loader 0.7.4+.
    The fabric-carpet by gnembon. (strongly recommended, but not necessary)
    Minecraft 1.16.4 or 1.16.5.
    Everything Minecraft 1.16.x requires.

    A full list of currently added commands

    A block state checker to check if a block is rendered wrongly. If you got annoyed with "ghost blocks", it may be helpful.


    Currently, the command can only make some entities can/cannot step on blocks directly, more features may be introduced in later versions.


    Access some Java fields of entities, using reflection. Deobfuscation is supported if a mapping is loaded.


    An entity logger, that is, in other words, a simple tool that obtains some data from some specified entities and writes them to a file.


    Something even more interesting but useless, it can do nothing but cause some explosions.


    Configure some features of the Mod (a detailed list of the supported options could be found in the next section).


    Modify some properties of entities. That is similar to /data and /entityfield, but much easier to use.


    Move an entity, in whatever way you want.


    A POI (a.k.a. Point of Interest) scanner & editor.


    Show the detail of raycasts, visually if you want. If you wonder what would happen if an ender pearl skims the surface of blocks, it may be useful.


    Repeat the execution of a command for some times.


    Do some RNG manipulation.


    What would it be like if the explosion replace the broken block with diamond blocks instead of air? That will give you the answer.


    Access the data of block entities, including adding, removing, reading, and editing (in this case /data is more appropriate). What if a dropper has a block entity of a campfire?


    The following options could be set with the command /messcfg, and the format of the command is /messcfg option value. For example, to enable the entity boundary box renderer, the command /messcfg serverSyncedBox true could be used.



    Entity information HUD: Information about the entity that the player is looking at is got at the end of server ticks, and the information of the local player is got at the end of client ticks.

    Explosion rays: It renders the lines between the center of an explosion and some chosen points in the hitbox of entities affected by the explosion, which determines how much damage the entities will take, and how much the velocity of the entity will change, and so on.

    Server-side hitboxes: Don't always believe the hitboxes provided by F3 + B because they are adjusted by the client to make movements smoother and don't "keep up with" the server-side when the entity is moving.

    Data of fluid blocks: Display the bounding box, height, level, and a vector describing the flowing direction of the targeted fluid block.

    Bounding boxes of blocks: Display the bounding box (the collision box or OUTLINE Shape) of the targeted block.

    The output level of redstone gates: Display the redstone signal levels of the targeted redstone gate (i.e. repeaters and comparators).

    Item Tools (requires fabric-carpet):

    Brick: Pause or continue ticking using /tick freeze provided by the Carpet

    Bone: Continue ticking for some ticks when ticking is paused by /tick freeze. The number of the ticks equals the count of the stack of bones.

    Netherite Ingot: Remove all non-player entities.


    -The mod is still in development, some feature is not available or buggy, please tell me if you find something wrong.

    -Dedicated servers are not supported currently, so only use the mod in single-player mode or a LAN server.

    -Some commands like /explode ~ ~ ~ 2147483647 true can freeze the server, be careful.

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