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    The Chisel mod issue is because it sets the default tool of stone to the chisel. While we're on the topic, I can't seem to break cobwebs with either a sword or shears - the game thinks I'm using my fists each time?

    I'm super excited about this mod! I did a mod idea video based around having to craft a flint pickaxe before getting wood. This mod satisfies my need for flint axes which is awesome.

    The video is a little silly but if you want to watch it, .
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Hey Azanor, I'm trying to disable your biomes because Magical Forests are just too common for my tastes but setting their IDs to -1 results in an OutOfBoundsException: -1 (pastebin) and setting the IDs to 0 results in even more Magical Forests including patches of forest generating using the Taint algorithm.

    Is this intended behaviour? If so, could we have a boolean config option for disabling your biomes? Only the biomes mind you, all other worldgen is fine as it is.
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    posted a message on A Discussion: P2P Servers and Minecraft
    You would get to play on the server with whatever the server allows you to do that SP doesn't. Perhaps when players pay money they are given a more active role in controlling who becomes a part of their community. Perhaps there are payment tiers that allow a player to pay incrementally more for access to extra features that enhance gameplay.

    Personally, I don't have friends who play the same way I do. I must look online for the experience I desire. I have no time for poor communities and would be willing to pay for the privilege to be part of a good one if only to save time trawling through servers until I find one of the standard I desire. A server with a sizable subscription-based userbase can be much more reliably expected to be of high quality than that of a free server because people will not continue to pay for an experience if it is sub-standard.
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    posted a message on A Discussion: P2P Servers and Minecraft
    Quote from xGrimReaperzZ

    I would pay 5-10$ monthly, for a seriously high quality server..
    But i will make sure to try it before paying!

    Of course, any P2P server should have an F2P element that allows players to try before they buy. What would you expect from a seriously high quality server?
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    posted a message on A Discussion: P2P Servers and Minecraft
    Before anybody gets their terminology confused, I do indeed mean pay to play. SP and MP refer to singleplayer and multiplayer game modes within Minecraft respectively, inclusive of both survival and creative.

    I would like to discuss with you all the merits of pay-to-play servers, their proliferation (or lack thereof) and the willingness of users to pay for a better experience.

    Those who have played a decent amount of multiplayer know where I'm coming from. As a player on a server, we hope for a certain standard of play, a standard that matches or exceeds ours. We play multiplayer for a better experience than that which is on offer in single player. Many factors can make MP better than SP: a sense of community, collaboration on projects, social interaction, sharing ideas and achievements; the list is as long as you want it to be. These factors combine to provide more enjoyment than SP - sometimes.

    Not all servers succeed in providing the things players look for, indeed many of them don't. That every player is unique and has individual requirements and expectations of a server must also be considered. A server may attempt to cater to a specific audience by focussing on certain aspects of a multiplayer experience. A P2P server must be based on this principle: players will only pay for an experience specifically tailored for them. Which brings me to my next point:

    Paying to play on a server is a deterrent for the type of people that many MPers detest: server jumpers. People who trawl through lists of servers, log in, mess around and leave when they realise that they don't really want to go to the effort of establishing themselves or integrating into the community. These people get bored easily and often resort to griefing to keep themself amused before they inevitably leave, unlikely to ever return.

    By paying for a server, you commit to it in at least a monetary sense. A P2P server is guaranteed to have a much higher proportion of players who are committed to the game itself and committed to being a productive member of the community. Paying a subscription fee improves the experience at least by eliminating the immaturity ever-present in bored adolescents looking for something to do with their as-yet meaningless lives.

    I don't see many servers that advertise themself as P2P. This does not mean that they don't exist, merely that they see P2P as unmarketable, detracting from the effectiveness of their sales pitch rather than enhancing it (although it may be that P2P servers are just rare - I have not researched this).

    I believe that P2P should be seen as a positive aspect of Minecraft MP because it guarantees a higher quality userbase and with funding being provided to the admin, generally one can expect decent hardware and support also.
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    posted a message on New Spider Spawning Science?
    Spiders have always spawned within 3x3. I haven't seen any changelog entries that suggest otherwise.

    Try copying the room out into an empty world and remove the roof to observe it at night.
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Challenge of Eights
    The Challenge of Eights

    Let's be honest, infinite resources makes for an easy game. Do you find the limitless nature of Minecraft a little too free? Are you looking for a challenge that forces you to be more strategic about your resource management? Look no further.

    This challenge reduces destruction the natural world and promotes sustainable resource-gathering practices by imposing a limit on the amount of blocks that can be removed by the player from the terrain generated from the seed. It also encourages the elimination of unnatural monsters from the natural world by rewarding the gaining of experience.

    • Game Mode: Hardcore
    • Generate Structures: On
    • Random seed for those who enjoy challenges that don't (necessarily) begin in the comfort of Testificate's living room.
    1. The player may destroy up to 8 blocks of any unique ID. (see the wiki for details)
    2. Any and all blocks/items in the player’s inventory may be placed.
    3. Any and all blocks/items placed by the player may be broken without inclusion in 8 block limit.
    The consequence of these rules is a necessity for the player to produce their own resources in order to survive and build.

    Once the player has broken 8 logs, in order to get more wood they must first grow it from a sapling. Stone becomes a point of contention - using 3 to make a stone pickaxe leaves 5 with which to make a furnace to smelt the iron harvested with it. Instead, cobblestone must be found occurring naturally, either where lava meets water, in a dungeon or an NPC village. As stone and cobblestone are unique, different blocks (IDs of 1 and 4 respectively), 8 of each may be harvested from the world. If 8 logs and 8 leaf blocks are broken without a sapling or 8 grasses without any seeds, do not freak out! That is accounted for by...

    1. Every 8 levels, the total amount allowed to be harvested increased by 8 e.g. 8 maximum at level 7, 16 at level 8, 24 at level 16 etc.
    2. Any blocks remaining in the quota when the player gets to the 8th level are carried over e.g. 7 stone mined, reach level 8, 9 more allowed.
    3. Hardcore is recommended to remove the possibility of loss of experience and hence levels as a result of death.
    If the player absolutely must break a block, they may do so, however, each block broken that surpasses the limit for that specific block type increases the next milestone level by 1, e.g. 8 sand mined at level 7, break a 9th sand block, level 9 required for the limit to increase by 8. All subsequent milestones remain multiples of 8. Don't make a habit of it!

    That’s it! No more rules, the rest is up to the ingenuity of the player.
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    posted a message on MineOS--the most simple way to host MC
    Any chance you can register an Amazon EC2 AMI?
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    posted a message on Runescape, 200M GP giveaway, free trade :)
    Played a bit with some friends back before it became a totalitarian socialist state. When they killed free trade the game lost all allure.

    This is bad news. I don't need more gaming distractions.
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    posted a message on HOW-TO: Run a server on Amazon EC2
    Can you extend the tutorial to include setting up hey0's mod?

    I don't have any of the command line knowledge required.

    The method I assume I should use is zipping my server files, uploading them to a public dropbox folder, downloading them onto the server and then unzipping them.

    How does one do that?


    wget and then unzip. Easy enough.


    Check out this post for sftp into EC2 using Filezilla.
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    posted a message on How does one change water transparency to -1 light?
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    posted a message on Shift-click to Move Items
    Showing my support, this is definitely a must-have.
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    posted a message on How does one change water transparency to -1 light?
    I'm building underwater but I can't see what I'm doing. I know how to place torches underwater but I'd like to be able to see further anyway. I was browsing the [url=http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Water
    ]wiki article for water[/url] and I saw the transparency info:

    Transparency | Partially (-3 to light)

    I want to change the value to -1 so that I can see further through water. Has this been done? If so, where might I find it? If not, can this be done? If so, how?
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