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    posted a message on Need a fun map to play?
    This is my first map that I am posting all the info is on plantminecraft.com it would mean a lot to a loser if you would download and comment on this map. It's all different racing games from boats to PIGS! I hope you love this creative look on racing with cool command block uses and fun red stone.
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    posted a message on Anyone good at making free servers?
    My friend and I have been trying to get a server for around 6 months now With out any luck at all. We have tried using YouTube forums and trying it our selfs. If anyone can help my friend and I it would be greatly appreciated.
    - if you are willing to help post that you will help and I will message you my Skype and/or my email (Skype would work a lot better) thank you so much for reading and maybe helping.
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    posted a message on Players and Staff needed
    All of the applications will be done on the server. If you would like to apply please message PERSON1572 your in game name so you may apply for a rank
    -Thank you for reading and applying on McFun Parks
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    posted a message on Minecraft Faction Server ~Need Staff~
    IGN: Loser2480

    Age: 15

    What Position Are You Applying For?: Mod/Admin

    Email or Skype: Skype: Jon.fritsch8024

    Are you good at building? I am not the worst, I am better with redstone

    Experience As A Staff Member: I am a admin on End Gaming and mod on Weechweb

    What Can You Offer Us? I am good at following the rules, i am hard working. and i can help people when they need it.

    -thank you
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