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I am going to tell you a little story. A story of how my Pokemon obsession began. On christmas day, I was given two games as presents. Pokemon Y, and LoZ: A Link Between Worlds. I played Pokemon Y for a couple hours, getting my first badge and a few Pokemon. I then set it aside to play A Link Between Worlds, which I then proceeded to 100%. Over the next few months, I didn't play Pokemon Y, as I had marked it as a "meh" game in my mind. But one night, when I was very bored, I decided to pick the game up again. I then proceeded to spend all my waking moments of the next two days playing and completing it. I now have no life but Pokemon, and I have preordered Alpha Sapphire. Obsession levels are now at 97%.


Minecraft, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, a bunch of indie games you've probably never heard of, absolutely 0 FPS games and an unhealthy amount of explosives.

Location Not far, i assure you...

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Minecraft nahtanojrepus Xbox What Xbox? PSN nope. Steam yours.