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    Posting just a crash report with no further detail doesn't exactly help people help you, but judging from the bottom of the report, it looks to me like you need to update your Java (Unsupported major/minor version 52.0). Try updating Java, then come back.

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    10/22/14: I'd really love to get back to work on this, but I'm finding Forge a pain to use, so until I get the hang of it this mod isn't going anywhere. In the meantime I'm keeping this thread for archiving purposes, I will want this source code later.

    I got tired of the same old enchantments (fire? pretty cool, but what about lightning arrows?), so I created this mod. Hooray. This is the result of a total of several hours' work. (Sure, I could mod something amazing, but I don't have the time for a total conversion.)


    Also, this is still IN-PROGRESS. That means there are bugs. If you find any, PM me or post a complaint here. Just don't be a nub.

    Since it basically just adds new enchantments, there's not too much to say other than describing the enchantments. Since some are kinda overpowered, you'll need levels from 20-30 to get them, and some (like Wither) need level 30.

    Here's a list of the enchantments:
    Syntax: Name (max. Level): Description


    - Venom Edge: (II) Poisons the target. Poison level depends on the enchantment level.
    - Freeze (I) (Still a WIP but semifunctional): Freezes the target, making it incapable of motion for a brief period. Characterized by a blue hue about the struck foe. The only bug is that the hue fades quickly and comes back whenever the target is hit again. ._.
    - Cripple (III): Applies weakness and slowness to an enemy. Duration depends on level. Will make zombies, etc. stronger but still slow. Cripple III can only be obtained by forging two Cripple III blades together.
    - Wither (II): A deadly and powerful enchantment that applies Wither to the target. Level and duration depend on enchantment level. Wither II can only be obtained through forging two Wither I blades together.
    - Drain (III): Saps the target's HP. Depending on the enchantment level, this may return 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the damage done to the enemy. Useful for long fights or strong foes.
    - Agility (III): Replaces blocking with a temporary boost in speed and jump height. Damages the blade faster, but useful.(Idea courtesy of easysoldier.)
    - Aeroblade (III) - Increases damage while the wielder is airborne.
    - Pierce (III) - Deals severe damage to armour upon impact.
    - Blind (III) - Blinds the target for 2-6 seconds.
    - Veil (III) - Temporary invisibility. Costs a lot of durability.
    - Deflect (II) - Allows you to deflect arrows by blocking. While level 1 won't block Ghost arrows or defuse any splash effects such as Explode, level 2 will. (Level II idea courtesy of Near528.)


    - Explode (II): A powerful enchantment that functions rather oddly. Explode I will fire arrows that explode only on contact with an entity, or otherwise after they've been in the ground long enough. Explode II will fire arrows with a larger explosion radius that explode on contact with anything.
    - Thunder (I): Now you know how Zeus did it. He didn't throw the thunderbolts, he shot them from his Thunder I bow. Arrows fired by a bow with this on it will unleash a thunderbolt on whatever they happen to hit. Including your house. Use with caution.
    - Ignite (I): Like Flame, but will actually cause fire. Buggy in that it may sometimes replace blocks like Obsidian. (I will have to change that code at some point.)
    - Ghost (I): Causes arrows to disregard solid objects and fly through them, cutting a deadly path through enemies and blocks alike. Extremely effective with Explode II. (WARNING: After I ported this mod to 1.5.1, I am no longer sure if this works. Animations were already buggy; test it by firing it at a line of enemies a few times and then through a glass wall. If the arrow hits multiple enemies and hits an enemy through the wall, it still works. This computer is slow as hell, so I can't test it here.)
    - Triple Shot (I): When fully pulled back, a bow with this on it will fire three arrows in a close spread. Not particularly useful unless I change the entity arrow hit timer, but good for multiple enemies close together or if your aim is a bit off.The center arrow always stays true to the player's aim.
    - Teleport (I): Causes arrows to teleport the shooter to their current location. If the bow also has Triple Shot on it, the central arrow will be regarded as the "teleporter" here. (Idea courtesy of easysoldier.)
    - Nosferatu (III): Similar to Drain, but for bows. Drains 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the damage done depending on enchantment level. The downside is that if you miss, the bow is still damaged, whereas with a sword missing does not damage it. Also not as powerful (Power V bow vs. Sharp V diamond sword).
    - Frostbow (I) - Temporarily useless, but in v0.4.1 it will freeze mobs and still water blocks.
    - Sniper (III) - Does more damage if the target is farther away from the shooter. Damage increases with distance.
    - Return (III) - Has a 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 chance of despawning shot arrows and returning them to your inventory. (Idea courtesy of titanic10101.)

    Coming in v0.5.0.

    Feel free to suggest more! I'm open to ideas here, always looking for more.


    Coming soon. User submissions accepted.


    The moment my computer is fixed I will do a demonstration of the current 13, otherwise user submissions are awaited.


    v0.3.6 - Mediafire
    v0.4.0 - Mediafire

    - Began work.
    - Four enchantments, Venom Edge, Explode, Thunder, and Freeze.
    - Added a few more, I forget which.
    - Various bugfixes
    - Updated to 13 enchantments: Venom Edge, Cripple, Freeze, Wither, Drain, Agility, Explode, Thunder, Ghost, Ignite, Triple Shot, Nosferatu, and Teleport.
    - Load of bugfixes, so many it took six whole sub-sub-versions.
    - Freeze renamed to Frostblade
    - Frost renamed to Frostbow
    - Frozen enemies now render properly
    - Players afflicted by Freeze now have an ice-block overlay in first person
    - Renamed Triple Shot to Buckshot (still haven't implemented extra levels, that's for v0.4.1 and its bugfixes
    - Renamed Teleport to Teleshot
    - Shield (II) - A powerful guard, but tough to use in PvP. Protects the wielder from most damage when blocking.
    - Aeroblade (III) - Death from above! Does more damage while you're airborne.
    - Pierce (III) - Your helmet needs repair? It might be because of a sword with Pierce on it - this does extra damage to the enemy's armour.
    - Blind (III) - Want to confuse your enemies? This blinds the foe. Kind of useless ATM, so I might port it to SMP later.
    - Veil (III) - Want to really confuse your enemies? This makes the player invisible for 1-3 seconds.
    (I still haven't made it to use durability (in fact I dunno if it will), but you have to take off your armour to use it effectively and people can see you at close range from the potion effect swirls.)
    - Deflect (II) - Sharpshooter protection - deflects arrows. Deflect II will also block Ghost arrows and defuse all special effects like explosions or lightning.
    - Sniper (III) - Sharpshooters rejoice! This does more damage based on the distance between the shooter and the target. Calculated by the algorithm:
    (Arrow's damage / 10) * distance traveled * Enchantment level, which returns approximately 1/3 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper I, 2/3 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper II, and 1 damage per 3 blocks for Sniper III (at 9 blocks away, that's 1, 2, and 3 damage for each level respectively - just think of it as the enchantment level times the distance divided by nine).
    - Return (III) - Returns arrows from the ground to be used again.
    (Hopefully it works; I have it programmed so that it uses a switch to pick a number one through three, two, or one depending on the level (this includes zero) and return a true/false value depending on what it picked. Basically it just returns the arrow if the value is true and it doesn't hit a mob.)
    - Frostbow (I) - Freezes enemies and still water blocks. Doesn't seem to want to work at the moment, which is odd because the code is placed correctly. Perhaps I need to change the code around with instance naming...

    As of 4/23: The code has been tested, and so far no bugs have been found. Everything works fine (except Scorch, obviously). I'm preparing v0.3.8.
    As of 4/27: I'll just release all of the bugfixes and new enchantments per version 0.4.0.
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    I stopped playing regularly a while ago (blame Valve), but honestly, this is kinda depressing. I remember reading Notch's blog and his updates when I was younger, it felt like he was directly addressing the community. There were always the joke updates, the April Fool's jokes, lots of things that really created a sense of community. The first loss of community I felt was when Classic died; I had a lot of friends from that. This is on an entirely new level.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm a PC guy. I don't hate Microsoft, but it's disappointing that Mojang was bought out like that. I considered them above that.

    Oh well. It's their decision; we can lament it all we want, but nothing is going to change.

    It's been fun.
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    posted a message on [MCv1.5.1][v0.4.0] Enchanted - Forge Compatibility Coming Very Soon
    Quote from BluntedEdgeBlade

    I has got some more Enchants! :D

    Bleeding (I) (II) (III) Bow or Sword

    Has a 1/3 chance to make enemy take damage over time. (I) 1/1(II) 1 (III)

    Petrification (I) (II) (III) Bow or Sword (Maybe Helmet if the mob or player looks at his face?)

    Just like the entangle one except that this time it completely stops the mob or player for a short period of time

    I have no name for this one. (I) Helmet

    Makes you see nearby ores easier with a faint glow just like a mushroom but breaks the helmet in 20-30 hits.

    Oh and by the way, since 1.6 is coming with like horses and stuff, will you make enchants on the horse armor or maybe the saddle?

    Wow, I like these. Especially petrification, I might just put that on a helmet and get a ray trace (that's in the enderman code to determine if something is looking at them) to do the freezing code for me. And yes, I will make enchantments for horse armour provided Mojang makes horse armour enchantable. In hindsight, the ore one looks interesting, but what do you mean breaks the helmet after 20-30 hits? You mean ore breaks or taking damage? Ore breaks would be tough as hell.

    Maybe a lightning enchantment for the sword that works like the /powertool lightning command for servers?

    I've thought of it before, but I'd have to put a serious handicap on it, like I did with Shockwave (yes, version 0.4.2 is in the making - I did 0.4.1 for bugfixes then decided to do a test run of Night Vision, which now works.)

    ~~ v0.4.2 update

    I did some bugfixes, including some badly structured/done code in EntityArrow/ItemBow that makes Return nullify every other enchantment and Buckshot not work properly. Apparently using a for(int i = 0; i < level (the level of the Buckshot enchantment); i++) followed by the creation of a new arrow instance doesn't like to work.

    Night Vision is now functioning! I've finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I'll give you a hint, I accidentally placed the code in the section that entails player sleeping behaviour. Whoops.

    Meteor Fallingi is also in-progress. I can't seem to get it to work right, but I'm going to remove some of the requirements as a test and see if the basic function (stops you completely then throws you towards the ground before making a gigantic explosion happen and damaging your armour / HP).

    Messiah is temporarily on hold. Only the two above will be added as a sort of sample for the upcoming armour update. (And lo, it will be huge - I have so many armour enchantments planned it's ridiculous. I won't be doing the SMP ones yet though, that will come after version 1.0 unless people really want it. Like, really really want it.

    ~~ Guild set update

    I've finally done descriptions...these will be updated if I or anyone else come up with anything new.

    All armour is only level I but requires a full set for benefits.
    All swords and bows are level III.

    Pyros thrive in fire and like to hide in lava to surprise their foes with a powerful, magma-drenched sword slash.
    Armour: Pyroguard
    Pyroguard armour grants complete protection against fire and lava and removes the movement penalty from swimming in lava. The protection level increases It takes 25% more damage from Hydro attacks but takes 25% less damage from Frost attacks. The user will be Weak in water, however.
    Sword: Pyroblade
    The Pyroblade does a small amount of extra damage if the wielder is in fire, and even more if they are in lava. All extra damage is done as fire damage. If that isn't enough, it also strips players of fire resistance effects and does even more damage if so.
    Bow: Pyrobow
    The Pyrobow does more damage in fire and even more in lava. All extra damage is dealt as fire damage. It can also turn standing water to stone.

    Stalkers of the deep, hydros will drag you down into their watery realm.
    Armour: Hydroguard
    Prevents drowning and renders the wearer immune to drowning damage, and removes water movement penalties. Also more protective in water. 25% extra protection against Pyro attacks and lava. 25% extra damage from Aero attacks. Provides a speed boost in rain.
    Sword: Hydroblade
    Deals extra damage while the user is underwater and does even more damage depending on their depth. All extra damage is dealt as drowning damage. Also removes Water Breathing effects from the target and deals extra damage for that. All hits from below with this blade will drag a swimming foe downward.
    Bow: Hydrobow
    Arrows fired from this neutralize fire and turn lava to obsidian. Deals extra drowning damage if the user is in water; the damage amplifies with depth.

    Real team players, Forest players receive buffs just being in each others' company.
    Armour: Forestguard
    A set of this will amplify base protection in any Forest biome and when other Forest players are nearby. (It does have a cap.) 25% extra damage from Pyro and Frost attacks, but it is the only armour to resist Aero attacks by 25%.
    Sword: Forestblade
    Does more damage in Forest biomes and when other Forest players are nearby. Has the power to remove beneficial potion effects from foes and may even replace them with a negative version, such as transforming regeneration into poison or strength into weakness.
    Bow: Forestbow
    Does more damage in forest biomes. The impact creates a small shockwave, which waxes larger and more powerful with every Forest player nearby.

    Coldhearted, solitary murderers. They'll stop you dead in two different ways.
    Armour: Frostguard
    Armour that is more protective in cold biomes and while standing in snowy terrain. The less Frost players that are nearby, the more powerful it becomes, but only in cold biomes (making Frostguard armour pretty much useless outside of cold biomes). 25% resistance to Forest attacks, 25% extra damage from Pyro attacks. Speed boost in snowy weather.
    Sword: Frostblade
    Deals extra damage in cold biomes and more so in snow. It also freezes foes, an effect that lasts longer in cold biomes. Quite a brutal weapon when no other Frost players are around - the damage amplifies when you're alone.
    Bow: Frostbow
    Freezes still water and its targets. Deals more damage in cold & snow but is the one thing unaffected by the presence of other Frost players.

    Death from above! Aeros like to fight in small groups and surround their foes by dropping from above.
    Armour: Aeroguard
    100% protection from all fall damage. It hardens at higher altitudes to provide extra protection, but actually starts to weaken at low altitudes, meaning Aeros are easy to kill in caves (unless, of course, they are very good at PvP). 25% extra resistance to Hydro attacks. 25% extra damage from Frost attacks.
    Sword: Aeroblade
    Its damage increases with altitude and receives an extra boost if the player is airborne. If the target is also airborne, it does twice the amount of damage. The only downside is that all this extra damage is dealt as fall damage, so players with Feather Falling will take far less damage from it.
    Bow: Aerobow
    Its damage increases with the shooters altitude. It does even more if the target is below the shooter.

    Creatures of the night and caves, they are rarely seen. Have the ability to melt through walls in total darkness. While not particularily resistant to attacks, they are masters of stealth and don't like being seen.
    Armour: Shadowguard
    Its protection increases when the wearer is in light levels of 7 or less and amplifies as the light decreases. 25% extra damage from everything else though. It also disappears when you're invisible and in darkness, making you totally invisible in shadow. This armour also grants the wearer the ability to sneak through walls in total darkness. If a wall separates two open spaces and both spaces are in a light level of 0, then the player can sneak to traverse shadow into the empty space. (This feature is still heavily in-progress, but with the help of some friendly Mojang-created booleans it shouldn't be too hard.)
    Sword: Shadowblade
    Its damage increases while the user is in shadow, amplifying as the light levels decrease. If the target has night vision active, this deals double damage.
    Bow: Shadowbow
    Its damage increases while the shooter is in darkness, increasing as the light levels decrease. If the arrow hits the ground or a wall, it will extinguish all nearby torches and other light sources, granting the shooter another plane of darkness to walk on.

    My good friend Near528 suggested the Shadow class thing earlier as we were building a Rube Goldberg machine, and I'm quite enamored of it. Maybe I should tone some of these down a bit - tell me what you think.
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    posted a message on "Man at Arms" Creates a REAL Diamond Sword
    I wouldn't be surprised if they started selling these as collectibles, provided it was legal.
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    posted a message on [Poll] Carpets in Minecraft?
    The OP reminds me of a Heartland Industries ad that tried to discourage people from believing in climate change (they called it "Global Warming") by putting up the Unabomber's mug shot along with the slogan "I believe in global warming. Do you?"

    Just because something bad happened in the way of decorative "blocks" (that mod) doesn't mean that Mojang can't put in a decorative block such as carpeting. It's not breaking with Minecraft's theme of blockiness.

    Quote from tobelebo9

    Yeah cause now i can have a normal ceiling if i want to decorate my floor on other floors. :P

    Ditto on this. If I want red carpet on the floor above me, I don't want my ceiling to look like it's bleeding or something.
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    posted a message on Extra Utilities v1.1.0k
    Yeah, but still...it's a really good mod. I never "officially" learned Java, so everything I can do with Minecraft I more or less picked up with my own intuition and reading other people's code. I'm working on an indie project too (hopefully it'll be the next Minecraft), so I'm now forcing myself to learn Java properly.

    On a non-narcissistic note (sorry), the pipe intake recipe contains a funnel. How would one obtain said funnel? There isn't anything said about it.

    All in all, it seems quite useful. Keep it up.
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    posted a message on [CANCELLED - SEE POST] [WIP] [v0.2.4] GolemsPlus - Put those Pumpkins to Use!
    THIS MOD HAS BEEN CANCELLED. I'm working on something that's a little more useful. And interesting.

    Tired of having loads of pumpkins from your farm and nothing to do with them?
    Tired of having loads of resources that sit in your chests?


    GolemsPlus is a new mod that adds more golems.

    Yeah, Minecraft already has golems. But they're boring: the Iron Golem, while providing a nice bodyguard, doesn't stay where you put it unless you surround it with water. The Snow Golem just throws snowballs at Endermen and gets itself killed.

    That's why I'm implementing more of these interesting creations.

    The Golems

    Stone Golem

    A behemoth, towering over the player Its empty face holds death for anything it deems worthy of attacking.

    Attacks via a ground-impact shockwave, throwing all mobs nearby away from itself.

    An added perk:

    Onward, my steed!

    (Yes, they are controllable.)

    Wood Golem

    Human-sized and very swift. Do not have very much HP (less than a spider), but they regenerate quickly. Die instantly if on fire.

    I'm runnin' in circles around ya!

    (If you get that reference you get a lovely diamond.)

    Undead Golem

    A poor, underrated, undead mercenary that will serve you eternally. Or until he dies. Whichever comes first.

    Currently in-development, but planned features include providing them with weapons (implemented - won't render for some weird reason), armour, and commanding them.

    Creeper Golem

    A currently untextured (I mean custom-textured), creeper-shaped mob that behaves just like a real creeper, only it's much faster and capable of pathfinding effectively. Also doesn't die upon exploding.

    The only thing is, it has almost no HP, so the smallest fall will kill it.

    This spider really got what was coming to it.

    Diamond Golem

    (Model pending - I'll make a better, more crystalline one once I get Techne working.)

    A sparkly fast beast that can tackle multiple foes simultaneously, as shown by the above picture. Expensive to make but well worth it if you need a bodyguard.

    Has three different attack modes:
    1) Extra-damage attack.
    2) Heavy knockback attack.
    3) Conservative attack which buffs the golem but does less damage.

    Demonstrating its extra-damage attack (left zombie) and the knockback attack (airborne zombie to the right). It's also apparently just killed something between the two zombies to the right.

    Future Plans!

    - New Golems!
    - Nether Golem: A rather short and wide golem that ignites everything it touches and spreads raging infernos.
    - Wind Golem: A golem capable of soaring through the air to attack enemies. Heavy knockback.
    - Ender Golem: A golem that teleports to its enemies and confuses them.
    - Enderborn (idea of Near528): Uses the Dragon Egg; a winged being that casts a shadow of death upon mobs.
    - Emerald Golem: A golem capable of buffing itself with various potion effects.
    - Gold Golem: More or less an idol; has no special skills. Just like its material.
    - Demolitionist Golem: Throws primed TNT at its enemies. Back up your worlds.
    - Nature Golem: (idea of branchofpower) A leafy monster that will accelerate the growth of nearby crops. While weak, it poisons enemies.
    - Obsidian Golem: (idea of branchofpower) Very weak but completely indestructible.

    - Achievements! These would mainly be for constructing the different golems, and wouldn't be connected.
    - Heavily improved golem combat AI and more types of golem-specific attacks/attack animations.

    - Stone Golems will have an improved shockwave attack (more particles, better code!)
    - Stone Golems will eventually be able to hurl chunks of blocks at enemies. (Not just one - whole clumps of blocks!)
    - Diamond Golems' multi-targeting efficiency will be improved.
    - Diamond Golems will also have a minor shockwave attack.
    - Wood Golem swill leap over enemies.
    - Zombie Golems will fight more effectively than just charge-and-attack.

    Feedback, anyone? I'm trying to compete with some very good mods here in the WIP section, so if this one isn't up to par, tell me what I could do to improve it.
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    posted a message on [v0.2.6 or something] Enchanted - New enchantments, mythical mobs, Arcane Items!
    This mod needs a better title, submit one if you have one.

    Basically, the mod adds new Enchantments (can't remember how many, there's a list below), new mobs (mythical stuff like phoenixes and hydras) and arcane items, which are specialized armour/toolsets that require a diamond version of the item (i.e. a diamond sword) and a rare, expensive-to-craft item (i.e. a phoenix core) to forge on an anvil (i.e. a Phoenix Blade).


    14 new enchantments!
    2 new mobs!
    Half of the Frost armour/toolset!


    • Explode (I-II): Causes arrows to explode on contact with mobs (I and II) or the ground (II only). Explode II has a larger explosion.
    • Thunder (I): Causes arrows to summon lightning on landing.
    • Ghost (I): Allows arrows to pierce walls and mobs. Rendering is still kinda buggy.
    • Ignite (I) Like Flame, but ignites fires on landing.
    • Triple Shot (I): Causes a fully charged bow shot to unleash not one but three arrows in a narrow spread for the cost of only one arrow. The center arrow always stays true to the player's aim (implemented because of Teleport).
    • Enderbane (I) (idea of Near528): Enables arrows to strike Endermen and does extra damage to them.
    • Nosferatu (I-III): Drains 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the damage inflicted on an arrow's target on impact (amount increases with level).
    • Teleport (I): Causes the player to teleport to the arrow, provided it hits the ground (mob impact will not cause teleportation). With Triple Shot, only the center arrow is used.
    • Venom Edge (I-II): Applies a Poison effect to the target. Strength depends on enchantment level.
    • Cripple (I-III): Slows and weakens the target for the enchantment level times two seconds.
    • Freeze (I): Freezes the target for several seconds.
    • Wither (I-II): Withers the target. Strength depends on enchantment level.
    • Drain (I-III): Drains 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 of the damage inflicted on a target. Amount increases with level.
    • Agility (I-III): Applies a brief (3, 7, or 10 seconds depending on level) Speed and Jump Boost effect to the player on right-clicking, but the player can no longer block.

    Scorch: Armour enchantment that ignites attackers.

    New mobs:

    Frost Slime - A large, icy slime that spawns only in Tundra biomes and drops Ice Crystals.

    Phoenix - A neutral mob that will become hostile if attacked. Can be tamed and will sometimes drop a Phoenix Feather.

    It's a new mod, and the mobs aren't very advanced or anything (originally, it was just an enchantments mod). I don't have time to write the items now, but feedback on what's been added (it's all complete except for the Phoenix model) is appreciated.

    I'll have screenshots soon. The only video is outdated. ._.
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    posted a message on Trinity - Strength, Intelligence, and Cooperation.

    MEMBERS: Please do not clog the thread with stuff about the base. Message me over Skype.

    Who are we?

    Trinity is a faction focusing on strength, cooperation, and intelligence. We don't tolerate theft within the faction, but emphasize raiding other factions as seen fit. The faction isn't exactly centralised; instead, it is spread out over multiple areas to prevent a large-scale raid by enemies.

    What kinds of servers do we operate on?

    Faction PvP servers - actually, only one server at the moment. The IP is below somewhere.


    Founder - Founded the faction.
    Cofounder - Person who helped the founder do the founding.
    Leader - Leads a branch of the faction on a server.
    Officer - Basically a faction mod. Presides over members.
    Member - A member of the faction.
    Recruit - A new member of the faction. Not to be overly trusted or given expensive supplies.


    Farmer - Farms stuff. The faction does need food.
    Miner - Mines ores and valuable materials such as obsidian.
    Engineer - Figures out how to properly defend the base in the event of a raid using redstone traps.
    Soldier - Launch raids, fight enemies, and defend the faction in the event of a raid.
    Archer - Basically the same as a soldier, but with a bow as their main weapon. Provide ranged backup to soldiers.
    Blacksmith - Forges armour, tools, and weapons.
    Fisherman - Catches der fish.
    Builder - Further constructs the base and makes it look nice. We need it.

    Feel free to suggest new occupations in your app, but please describe it. If you just put "turkey" as your occupation, I'm not gonna know what that does. (Please don't put "turkey". Please.)


    1. Do not steal from other faction members. There are penalites.
    2. Please ask an officer or leader before building anything. You may tunnel freely in the mines, but when in the main base, please refrain from digging out huge rooms. -_-
    3. After a raid, you may keep any loot that you have collected personally.
    4. If the faction as a whole is in need of resources, members will be expected to spare what they can for the cause. This includes leaders and officers!
    5. If you read these, put "asdf22' in your application.

    There's only two:

    1. Don't be a total jerk.
    2. Please be literate. If you can only type like "i dun no wut r u mean", I suggest going back to elementary school. Learn to spell. Learn grammar. (pl0x.)

    How to join?
    Fill out this application.
    Ingame requests on the server will not be accepted. Sorry, but it's a precaution.

    Age (you may keep this private if you'd like):
    Requested faction occupation * :
    Did you read the rules?:

    * - You may ask to learn redstone if you want to learn it and be an engineer. I'll teach you some stuff.


    Founders and cofounders do not have jobs.

    UPDATED: I have kicked multiple people for inactivity. If you want to be in Trinity you have to actually come online once in a while :P

    Also, Forum Managers.

    Forum Managers (authorised to accept applications): lordofroosters, ElysianZeal, Caruso09, CrazyGamer1010

    Founder: lordofroosters
    Cofounders: Caruso09, ElysianZeal
    Officers: CrazyMADdog5, ChungShi, CrazyGamer1010
    Members: Rayleigh(88) (Smith/Miner), Xavier5278 (Soldier), sonyford/sipsumfamily (Archer/Smith), sammito1 (Soldier), Masonzxz1 (Soldier), DuxSmasher/Dux77 (Soldier), who885 (Soldier), Zombie_Cheeze, Overlord_of_PvP (Soldier/Engineer), Yoruichi/Xlure (Soldier), Adasia (Soldier)

    Server IP:
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