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    posted a message on Cat inflicted death and pain
    Cats don't like WATER, you made it SWIM, so it MURDERED YOU.

    You deserved it.
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    posted a message on Infinite Arrows for the Bow?
    Quote from Locklear308

    380 arrows? I've not broken my first bow yet, and it has been a while.

    Farming with the spawners isn't the main idea. The main idea is you must work to make a farm or, whatever you'd like to call it, to produce a supply of supplies.

    Any RP servers, or normal PvP several, if someone wanted to make a weapon shop, you can't really sell arrows anymore.

    Why work for the arrows? Just get 380 easily

    You basically told me,

    "I don't want to work for something, I want it fast and easy. And now I wondered why the game begins to feel broken, easy, and unfulfilling"

    I heard that enchantments are free and take no effort and guaranteed to be the one you want the first try, confirm/deny?
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    posted a message on Infinite Arrows for the Bow?
    I've usually found several skeleton dungeons by the time I think of enchanting something. I'm all for something that doesn't require me to AFK for 8 hours to the same effect.
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    posted a message on Better than Minecraft?
    He made CHAIRS and TABLES, things which have been requested in Minecraft for years.

    Slopes, partial blocks, round columns.

    This has serious potential and I hope development progresses.
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    posted a message on Cant blame notch.
    Notch half-assed his implementation of both those mods, as well as powered rails and baby animals. The worst part is he did all of this after promising a proper mod API which would have allowed us to use the existing superior versions seamlessly.

    So yeah, I blame Notch.
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    posted a message on Notch steps down as Minecraft lead designer

    Notch is incompetent, lazy and downright insane in his design decisions.

    Jeb's first action is to commit to a modding API. I already like him 250% more than I ever liked Notch.
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    posted a message on Who the hell would want a "boss"?
    I head the Ender Dragon comes into the real world and impales itself on your sword then you see the ending credits and your minecraft account is banned forever.

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    posted a message on Couple looking for server

    My wife and I are looking for a server to play on. She will likely be online often and we would prefer a server which has some population all the time. We've been playing since Alpha; the patch which introduced somewhat working multiplayer survival. I have hosted my own server for us for a long time but it's mostly empty lately.

    We don't grief.

    I am familiar with administering linux servers and minecraft if you need a moderator / administrator.

    Here are some things we've built:

    Replica (with liberties) of Jacobstown Mansion from Fallout: New Vegas
    100% legit

    Fortress & surroundings

    Bank exterior & combination lock

    Cookie store & milk bucket

    Town overview

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    posted a message on Air portal a potental end to minecraft?
    The "end" of Minecraft:

    You go to Ender land and steal their spaceship but you crash-land on a habitable planet and have amnesia.
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    posted a message on Black stars != the epic thing
    Maybe it's a less stupid looking replacement for the night sky.
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