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    posted a message on sim u craft glitch
    I installed sim u craft and played it on one of my worlds, the first few times everything was cool but then when i created another world, it didn't ask me for the modes (creative, normal etc...) and in my new world i had the same amount of credits as my first world which is -1.61...
    I don't know if this is a glitch or it's normal.

    plz help, thank u :)
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    posted a message on ships and boats mod 1.4.6
    Are you sick and tired of that old same tasteless 2x1 boat and want to create you own ship! Then you will love this mod i found called ships and boats mod, basically it allows you to create your very own ship no matter how big it is and you can actually commandeer it. But unfortunately this mod is only available for minecraft 1.2.5... please update this mod to 1.4.6 or leave me some instructions on how to update a mod, and please leave an answer.
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