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    IGN (In-Game Name): Loony98
    How long have you played Minecraft?: 6 months
    Have you ever been banned from a server?: no
    What type of gameplay do you like most?: PvP
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    i cant get on sever is it down?
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    OOC information:
    Your ign: loony98
    Your age: 13
    How long do you think you can play a week on the server?: 15+
    Are you going to download/install Mumble and use it? (You don't have to, it's just a fun way to meet people!): probably if i get accepted
    What is the third server rule?: 1 tree per faction base
    Are you mature enough to not rage quit because of a war is started and your faction is losing?: Yes ive played on many pvp servers and i know not to cry about losing a fight, but to step up and fight back.

    IC Information:
    Your Character's Name: Mathew Moar
    Your Character's Age: 24
    Your Characters Gender: Male

    A Rp Example: As I was walking down the dust path I catch a death claw out of the corner of my eye. I stop and inch toward cover. I noticed i was an Alpha male so I stopped to think. I knew well enough if i ran it would catch me and all i had on my was my .43 revolver. I only had one choice fight back. I still had the element of surprise to I shot him twice in the face & once in the right leg. As is limped towards me i shot another time, but missed. He jumped on my and pinned me to the ground. Then right before he ate me an energy rifle was shot and killed the death claw. I got up and so the a BOS crew.

    Your Characters Biography (make it about a paragraph):Mathew Moar was born into a vault like most waistlanders. He however never meet his true parents. He was told they left him as soon as the vault doors opened. Instead he grew up alone with the guidance of Conner, a vault scientist. Conner taught Mathew many thing such as science and how to deal with energy weapons. He also grew up with Darryl Rust(rusty). Darryl was like a brother to him. They shared the same interest and never faught. When Mathew at the age of 15 left the vault bringing Darryl with him. He wondered looking for his parents but always come up short. He hasn't run into to much trouble but the NCR wont leave him alone. Always bothering him about taxes. The BOS rescued him short while ago(Rp example) and now he is trying to join them in the fight.

    Why BoS?: I always played with the BOS in new vegas
    What can you offer BoS? I am good with constructing things and i play alot.

    Character's Name?: Mathew Moar
    Why do you wish to join BoS? He was rescued by them and feels he fits in with them
    Rank your are aiming for?: Head Scribe or atleast a scribe
    How could you benefit BoS? He is very Intelligent and very good with repairs.
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    Ingame name: Loony98
    Age: 13
    I voted for the server: no
    I have read the rules and understood the rules: Yes
    Have you ever been banned from another server: No
    You understand that this promotion to a Survivor is not instant and can take some time: Yes
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    Minecraft Name:loony98
    Describe yourself best in 5 words:i love minecraft.... and waffles
    Do you agree to all the rules?:YES SIR
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