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    posted a message on Need some good dubstep suggestions

    http://www.discogs.com/artist/Pangaea (4)

    Not sure if he is on youtube.
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    posted a message on What annoys you on Xbox live?
    It annoys me that friends of mine give me grief for selling the one I had.
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    posted a message on Your opinion on "little kids" and video games
    FWIW, the 6 months I owned a 360 I came across just as many whiny brat 12 yr olds as I did 20+ yr old basement dwelling trash talking trolls. Age isn't really a factor. The idiot 12 yr olds will probably just evolve into the latter. And the latter were probably just as stupid as a kid.
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    posted a message on Musicians of OT, Unite!
    I have a number of basses but my only gigging rig is an ampeg 810 with an old svt head.
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    posted a message on Abortion: What is your stance?

    In most cases it will be the womans choice. But I think couples should make a decision like this together.

    It's sad how things like this have become so political when they should not be.
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    posted a message on Your Internet Personality vs Your Real One
    In person I do more listening than speaking. Online I do more lurking than posting. For example I have a few forum accounts going back as far as 2003-2004, at places I still actively visit. They barely have 1k posts.

    In person I am much more social. For whatever reason it's just easier for me to be myself in person. Texting, phone convo, internet conversation are all very...impersonal to me and I don't like it. Plus I can't really be mischievous and devious like I am in person because people are quick to label it trolling or take it personally.
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    posted a message on Road Rage
    I just ignore road rage. It's pointless. You'll see drivers raging at each other pretty often if you drive to work or class in rush hour daily. Make a mental note to not be near their car when driving and if you have to pass them do it quickly. I figure if they act like that regularly, their behavior will catch up to them sooner or later. And I don't want to be the one involved in that accident.

    The worst is when you get into an accident that's not your fault, yet the other driver is going mental on you because their ego can't allow them to admit they did something wrong. Stay calm and wait for the cops.
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    posted a message on Illegal U-Turns
    I won't run red lights or stop signs, no matter how deserted the area is. Though in my city they turn the traffic lights off between the city and suburbia after second shift workers are done. So the lights just flash yellow.

    I'd make the u turn given those circumstances. And if I got pulled for it I'd be honest about it. "late, want to get to sleep, next exit is far away"

    I run at 5mph over as a default. Though if gas keeps going up I'll cut it to even. Most of my driving is on an interstate and 65mph is much more fuel efficient than even going 70. It is a noticeable difference. Never been pulled for it. Been driving for 12 years. Occasionally I get up to or cruise at 75. Use 80 to pass sometimes.

    Quote from BabyCreeper

    Do the right thing and NOT turn
    But the real question is why you would be out so late at night?
    The only reason is being to a party, after which you would be certainly drunk.

    come on dude, how is that even a question?
    -visiting friends/family/so
    -partying ofc
    -driving home from a gig w/ my band (very common for me)
    -band practice where we started a jam and 2 hrs later "oh wow it's midnight"
    -went to a concert
    -went to the gym late night because it's less crowded then

    All are reasons why I am rarely home before 10pm many days of the week.
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    posted a message on Top 5 Favorite Movies
    Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
    Monty Python & The Holy Grail
    The Thing
    7 Samurai
    Blade Runner

    Not in any order.
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    posted a message on The Metallica Shrine
    Although I don't really like much of their music I have mad respect for them. That band has had an incredibly strong influence on metal in general. Especially for guitar players and bass players. James is an extremely solid metal rhythm player, prob one of the best. Up there with the King.

    I'm not really sure which album is my favorite. But without hesitation I know for sure which song is. Creeping Death.
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    posted a message on Star Wars (in 3D) is coming out February, 2012.
    Seeing Star Wars on the movie screen doesn't compare to watching it at home. Watching that first star destroyer come over the top of the screen with the entire theater shaking from the noise is immense. 3D hater or not, any fan should be seeing at least A New Hope in a theater at some point in their life.
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    posted a message on Anybody else sick of rap "music"?
    Thanks for the examples, Vincenzo. I wasn't familiar enough with the genre to back up what I said but we essentially said the same thing.
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    posted a message on What career would you NEVER want to have?
    Any form of Customer Service

    You're not right customer. Go eat some cock nuggets.
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    posted a message on what is your favorite band?
    The Black Angels

    Seen them 4 times so far. Can play their 3 albums by memory on my bass. Their bass playing isn't exactly super complicated. 3 of the band members play the bass too, depending on the song. But their parts are damn fun to play.

    There are other favorites too of course. But I'm more excited about bands that are touring actively. So I can actually go see them, meet them, etc.

    Quote from Maggarg
    I ****ing hate people who write off whole genres or decades, because all that proves is you're a stupid **** who's too lazy to listen around. Especially people who write off every decade after the 80's for music. **** youuuuuuu, wherever you are.

    +1 Fuucccck this.
    some scrub under 30yrs old: "I only listen to 70s rock now because nothing has been good since"
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    posted a message on Anyone know any good books?
    Quote from MrBossMan

    Grok is fun to use. It could be used as a code word for smart, literary people :3

    Always makes me smile inside when I hear somebody use grok in casual conversation.

    Since you're on a kindle you may be apt to have short reading sessions. Try some Lovecraft tales. They're fast reads. You can probably find a large bundle of his short stories in one kindle book, or whatever you call the file.
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