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    posted a message on Worst/Most Annoying Fandoms/fanbases?

    I guess here's my take on it...

    -Minecraft. As you can probably tell, I love Minecraft (and have been playing it for well over 3 years). However, there are some archetypes of Minecraft players that annoy me a lot.

    A: The 8-year-old kid who says "MINECRAFT RULZ111!" and doesn't listen to anyone's opinion that could be critical (in that the game may not be perfect after all...)

    B: The people who complain about how the game was "so much better back in Alpha/Beta" and constantly rant about new updates. (IIRC, the Minecraft launcher allows you to downgrade back to those versions now)

    The haters can be pretty nasty as well, but I do sympathize with them when they are irritated by the fanboys. (The haters can also say they don't like Minecraft because of the age-old reason "The graphics suck.")

    -One Direction. I've never had any use for One Direction's music and consider them to be a mediocre boy band, but their fans especially make me hate them. I've actually read up on their fandom, and some of the rules the "Directioners" set up actually feels like a cult to me.

    Oh yeah, and then there was that whole thing that happened when Zayn left...*facepalm*

    -Justin Bieber. Similar to One Direction, minus Zayn's leaving, but plus for that I find Bieber to be completely talentless.

    -Bronies. I don't hate MLP (I don't like it either though), but they have irritated me in the past. (And I'm still a bit confused why grown men would watch a show targeted towards little girls.)

    -Five Nights at Freddy's. Similar to Minecraft, I like the FNAF games. However, it does seem like most of the FNAF fandom is composed of Archetype A that is listed for Minecraft fans (as well as people who like to draw creepy fan art)

    -SkyDoesMinecraft. For similar reasons as Minecraft and FNAF (I actually think his videos are funny, but his fandom can be quite annoying, and the butter thing was pretty ridiculous)

    -Apple fanboys. Like Minecraft Archetype A, but perhaps worse. No phone out there is perfect (trust me, it's going to screw up sometime) but some believe that iPhones are supposedly God's gift to the world. (despite the fact that iPhones are very expensive and I find Apple's support system to be sub-par) And, they also criticize people who have different phones than them (I have an Android).

    To be fair though, a lot of fandoms are centered around pretty cool things, such as Minecraft (there's a lot of creativity there) but they're unfortunately dragged down by the vocal minority that really ruins the look of the fandom itself. (haters can also be just as bad)

    Dishonorable Mentions:

    -Roblox (never had any experience with Roblox, but hear the fanbase is terrible)

    -Sonic (same as Roblox)

    -Fundamentalists (mostly Westboro Baptist)

    -Feminists (I actually don't hate feminism, but "feminists" like Sarkeesian really irritate me)

    -Taylor Swift's fandom (like One Direction, but not nearly as mediocre music and not as strict)

    -And finally, the 12 year old "MLG SWAG KIDS". Swag is stupid, sorry to say that and no one cares how "pro" or "boss" you are. These overlap with PewDiePie, SkyDoesMinecraft, FNAF, and at least half of the rest.

    Honestly, this post is gonna be kinda controversial...

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    posted a message on Why mods!!!

    Vanilla Minecraft has actually had elements originally based on mods. IIRC, smooth lighting, wolves, pistons, and horses were all originally mods or part of a mod before being added to Minecraft.

    Also, you can used customized world settings to make diamonds more common if you want, or maybe you just haven't dug down far enough to find the diamonds.

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    posted a message on Is it more or does 1.9 seems like a little too much...

    1. I don't think dual wielding is going to be a problem; in fact, I think it could make PvP more interesting. It could allow for more creative strategies in battle.

    I doubt it will "break" minigames per se, but some new strategies will need to be taken. In some ways, it could make battles more interesting based on what it sounds like. (Also, the dual-wielding has new controls with the main hand and off hand) But I can definitely see where you're coming from on this topic.

    2. Minecraft: Story Mode is actually going to be a separate game from the looks of it, and is not going to be built into the preexisting game.

    Here's how Mojang describes it: https://mojang.com/announcing-minecraft-story-mode/

    Also, why is it so bad that they're collaborating with Telltale Games? At least it's not EA or ActiVision.

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    posted a message on Ban the user above you #2

    Banned for FOUR broken images in signature.

    Also banned for having "Achievement Get" signature as all I can see there.

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    posted a message on Check out my Lego Minecraft Wither!
    That's a very accurate model; it's almost spot on with the actual Wither!
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    posted a message on What if Nintendo Bought Minecraft?
    What if Nintendo bought Minecraft?

    "Thank you Steve, but our diamonds are in another mineshaft."
    Quote from DrWeegee123»

    I really hope i'm not the only one who got this reference...

    No, you're not.
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    posted a message on Caterpillars - Your cute giant flying pet
    Quote from ThePiDay»
    Have you ever wanted butterflies in Minecraft? Have you ever wanted a way to fly around in survival but in a non-OP way? Well, this suggestion is for you!

    Caterpillars are mobs that only spawn on the Flower Forest biome at day, they have 15 health ( 5 hearts and a half ) and almost the same size as spiders( Not counting the legs ) but are longer.
    When killed, the caterpillars drop 0-2 flowers ( Any flower, not counting the double ones ).
    Caterpillars are passive, and if you give one a Golden Apple ( A normal one, not enchanted ), it will turn into a butterfly.
    After it turns into a butterfly, it gets tamed, and you can ride it.
    You control the butterfly with the WASD keys ( Or other keys, if you change the controls ) and with the mouse, just like you control a horse.
    While you're riding a butterfly, it's health will show on the screen, like when you're riding a horse.
    If you press the spacebar, the butterfly will start to fly, but the butterfly can only fly up to 5 blocks above the the one it started flying, if you release the spacebar, the butterfly will stop flying.

    Suggestion made with the help of AJPirate.

    I think this idea is pretty good. You went into a significant amount of detail describing the caterpillars, which is always helpful. I will admit that riding a butterfly is a little bit "corny", but you actually went and made sound kind of cool. I support this idea.

    Diamond (I give the suggestion an 8.5/10)
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    posted a message on Best enchantments for a sword?
    A good combination overall for swords is Sharpness, Fire Aspect, and Unbreaking.

    However, if you want a good enchantment for a sword I would recommend enchanting a few books; they would make you more likely to get the enchantment you are interested in. Then you could combine your sword and the book with an anvil to get the enchantment.
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    posted a message on Deeper caves: caves going more than 2 kilometers underground! Less lag! [400+ Supporters]
    Despite the fact this would take a very long time to implement, I love this idea. I personally think Minecraft could be more difficult and have more to strive for.

    Obsidian (I give your suggestion a 10/10)
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    posted a message on How did you first find out about Minecraft?
    (In case you're wondering, the question is about the very first time you heard about Minecraft)

    I guess I'll start the discussion. It was around fall of 2011, I was really bored so I decided to look up random YouTube videos. Somehow, I came across a video over Minecraft.

    My reactions were probably similar to many others in that I thought the graphics looked terrible. Having said that, as I continued watching I began to get interested and wanted to find out more about the game.

    As time passed, I craved more and more to get the game, and finally after a couple of months I got my own account.

    Off-Topic: Honestly, I'm shocked. I've had this game for 3 years, and I still love it so much.
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