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    Quote from Mrlink122912»

    Before you tell me people are buying it, I know.

    Before you tell me I've done this topic before, I know.

    Before you call me dumb for writing this, I'm not.

    Minecraft is dying, and there is no reason to deny it anymore. Now, I know people are going to try to use the 'It's not dying, more people are buying it' card, that doesn't mean anything.

    Lets use Target as an example. Years ago, target was extremely popular but it has long since lost it's popularity due to a cyberattack. People still go there, but not as many compared to Walmart or what have you. Sound familiar? Minecraft has had multiple cyberattacks. Mojang isn't really to blame, as those are hard to stop, but they do happen. Look at the YouTubers. They got the game popular. Mindcrack? Falling apart. Etho and Doc have let the group to play on Hermitcraft, which still has interest in the game. Chimneyswift. Stuck at 1.8 million subscribers for over a year. Antvenom. Stuck at 2.2-2.3 million for almost a year as well. Sky is still around 10/11 million. Lets look at Markiplier. He's been doing all sorts of games, and has grown to 8 million, and he was at 7 and 6 just a few months ago. He's growing so much faster than anyone could've thought.

    Here's another thing. Updates. And not those tiny little 'security updates' which gives modders like the Optifine guy a migraine which the tiny changes to code. The big ones. 1.4. 1.5. Those two updates, with 1.5 being my favorite, were mere months apart. Mojang managed to do the same with 1.6 and 1.7, but we saw the bottom of the barrel with those. Now fast forward to 1.8. The 1.8 update came out 11 MONTHS LATER. ELEVEN. From maybe 4-6 to almost double. And here we see it again. September was the last huge update. It's July again. 2 months from September. And we finally get an update? NO! A SNAPSHOT THAT HAS NO RELEASE DATE AS OF NOW. Basically a prerelease.

    I know that Microsoft bought Mojang, and before you tell me they're why Minecraft is going down this hill, they're not. And no, I'm not saying this because I have an Xbox One. I'm saying this because they wanted Mojang to update the port on the Xbox. And can you blame him? Almost, I think, a year between updates. But Mojang is smart, they sold themselves before no one wanted to buy the game from them.

    I've given enough evidence as to why Minecraft is dying, If you see a reason it's not other than 'people still buy it', then post it down below.

    I'm going to talk about the bolded text only:

    While it is true that YouTubers such as ChimneySwift and AntVenom have been hovering around the same amount of subscribers for a while now, there is something I should note. In the middle of Minecraft Files Season 6, ChimneySwift put the series on hiatus for a while and went to do Attack of the B-Team, and a lot of his fans stopped watching him. (I find this quite stupid tbh, because he was still doing Minecraft, just a modpack, and he's played plenty of other content that hasn't been Minecraft.) However, I agree with the whole AntVenom thing. He was on a pretty big subscriber boost for most of 2012 and 2013, but it has kind of stopped for him. Maybe it's because he's been doing different things, and people haven't been as eager to see these things.

    (If that's the case, then I also find that stupid as well, because just because he's not playing Minecraft is a silly way to unsubscribe.)

    However, there are still YouTubers are going strong. Channels such as CaptainSparklez and TheSyndicateProject are still gaining, even if they haven't been gaining quite as quickly as they were a couple years ago. However, there have been new channels on the rise, especially within the past year. PopularMMOS with 4.9 million subs, stampylonghead with 6 million subs, and TheDiamondMinecraft with nearly 7 million subs. (TDM has especially been getting big as of recent.)

    So while the original YouTubers may not have as many people watching them, there have also been new ones as of recently to take their place. Although, I still feel kind of bad for AntVenom and ChimneySwift, because I really liked watching them back in the day.

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    I guess I am a cross between a penguin and a dragon...that's how biology works, right?

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    I'm an Obsidian Miner with 1,499 posts right now. So...this just might get me to Void Walker.

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    When you were building the foundation of your house, you probably should have dug down and made sure it was all cleared out and safe below.

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    Quote from PD101»
    div class="quote-body">
    Basically, zombie horses where added, but they don't spawn or have any purpose. That is 100% true.

    Stats: -Spawning: Rare, at the light level of 7. In caves and any other biome except ocean, mushroom island etc. etc. Probably wouldn't fit too well in caves -Heath Points: 30 Since the zombie has 20 health points, I'd assume the horse has 10? You might want to include their separate healths -Attack Damage: easy- 6 normal- 6.5 hard- 7.5. Sounds good -Drops: Common: Rotton flesh 0-4, Bones 0-3. Rare: Iron Horse Armor 0-1, Saddle 0-1 No problems here -XP: 10. Okay.
    So, I came up with this idea: At night zombie horses have a rare chance percentage? of spawning, but they can be created by zombies infecting them like villagers. (They can be recovered with a hay bale and a potion of weakness.) Now, sometimes a zombie can mount one of the horses making a Zombie Jockey, which will make a harder enemy. So, just like the Spider Jockey? Makes sense
    Attack Method: Aims and then charges in bursts of energy at its target. Takes a 4 second recharge. Bites as well which has a 15% chance to inflict blindness effect on the player for 6 seconds. Okay, but how much damage would the bite do (or does it just give blindness)?
    This suggestion is not game-changing, it's just a helpful, balanced way to get a saddle and horse armor as well as a mob for a challenge. Thanks for your support/criticism. Keep an eye out for concept art, and feel free to make your own to support this thread! Partial support, but there are some more details that could be available.
    Responses in bold.
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    This suggestion seems somewhat interesting, but it's extremely vague. How much more quickly would hunger go down by breaking blocks than by not breaking blocks?

    On a side note, I should probably add that hunger already goes down more quickly after you take damage.

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    posted a message on *Your* favorite minecraft parody song?

    Take Back the Night isn't a "parody" song, it's an original. (IIRC, the reason it was an original song was because the last song CaptainSparklez made - Minecraft Style - had a lot of copyright issues)

    On-Topic: My favorite is probably "Revenge" or "Fallen Kingdom" by CaptainSparklez

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    posted a message on Is it more or does 1.9 seems like a little too much...

    1. I don't think dual wielding is going to be a problem; in fact, I think it could make PvP more interesting. It could allow for more creative strategies in battle.

    I doubt it will "break" minigames per se, but some new strategies will need to be taken. In some ways, it could make battles more interesting based on what it sounds like. (Also, the dual-wielding has new controls with the main hand and off hand) But I can definitely see where you're coming from on this topic.

    2. Minecraft: Story Mode is actually going to be a separate game from the looks of it, and is not going to be built into the preexisting game.

    Here's how Mojang describes it: https://mojang.com/announcing-minecraft-story-mode/

    Also, why is it so bad that they're collaborating with Telltale Games? At least it's not EA or ActiVision.

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    Banned for FOUR broken images in signature.

    Also banned for having "Achievement Get" signature as all I can see there.

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    posted a message on Worst/Most Annoying Fandoms/fanbases?

    I guess here's my take on it...

    -Minecraft. As you can probably tell, I love Minecraft (and have been playing it for well over 3 years). However, there are some archetypes of Minecraft players that annoy me a lot.

    A: The 8-year-old kid who says "MINECRAFT RULZ111!" and doesn't listen to anyone's opinion that could be critical (in that the game may not be perfect after all...)

    B: The people who complain about how the game was "so much better back in Alpha/Beta" and constantly rant about new updates. (IIRC, the Minecraft launcher allows you to downgrade back to those versions now)

    The haters can be pretty nasty as well, but I do sympathize with them when they are irritated by the fanboys. (The haters can also say they don't like Minecraft because of the age-old reason "The graphics suck.")

    -One Direction. I've never had any use for One Direction's music and consider them to be a mediocre boy band, but their fans especially make me hate them. I've actually read up on their fandom, and some of the rules the "Directioners" set up actually feels like a cult to me.

    Oh yeah, and then there was that whole thing that happened when Zayn left...*facepalm*

    -Justin Bieber. Similar to One Direction, minus Zayn's leaving, but plus for that I find Bieber to be completely talentless.

    -Bronies. I don't hate MLP (I don't like it either though), but they have irritated me in the past. (And I'm still a bit confused why grown men would watch a show targeted towards little girls.)

    -Five Nights at Freddy's. Similar to Minecraft, I like the FNAF games. However, it does seem like most of the FNAF fandom is composed of Archetype A that is listed for Minecraft fans (as well as people who like to draw creepy fan art)

    -SkyDoesMinecraft. For similar reasons as Minecraft and FNAF (I actually think his videos are funny, but his fandom can be quite annoying, and the butter thing was pretty ridiculous)

    -Apple fanboys. Like Minecraft Archetype A, but perhaps worse. No phone out there is perfect (trust me, it's going to screw up sometime) but some believe that iPhones are supposedly God's gift to the world. (despite the fact that iPhones are very expensive and I find Apple's support system to be sub-par) And, they also criticize people who have different phones than them (I have an Android).

    To be fair though, a lot of fandoms are centered around pretty cool things, such as Minecraft (there's a lot of creativity there) but they're unfortunately dragged down by the vocal minority that really ruins the look of the fandom itself. (haters can also be just as bad)

    Dishonorable Mentions:

    -Roblox (never had any experience with Roblox, but hear the fanbase is terrible)

    -Sonic (same as Roblox)

    -Fundamentalists (mostly Westboro Baptist)

    -Feminists (I actually don't hate feminism, but "feminists" like Sarkeesian really irritate me)

    -Taylor Swift's fandom (like One Direction, but not nearly as mediocre music and not as strict)

    -And finally, the 12 year old "MLG SWAG KIDS". Swag is stupid, sorry to say that and no one cares how "pro" or "boss" you are. These overlap with PewDiePie, SkyDoesMinecraft, FNAF, and at least half of the rest.

    Honestly, this post is gonna be kinda controversial...

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    posted a message on Current member title list

    So...close to Void Walker now.

    I love that rank, it's probably the coolest of them all.

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    posted a message on What is the dumbest thing you've ever done in Minecraft?

    How about the thing every noob does?

    That thing being just pressing the tree and not being able to break the block. Yes, that happened to me and a lot of other people...

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    My favorite songs change from time to time (and I like a fairly wide variety). However, I do agree with Ethanator with Uptown Funk and Counting Stars. Those are good songs.

    As for the OP, I really like Pompeii by Bastille. (But Shake it Off, no, just no.)

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    Well, I'm a little behind on this topic, I suppose...

    Anyway, my last day was a half day on May 27.

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    posted a message on The Above Two Avatars are your Parents.

    I might have the most interesting parents ever.

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