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    posted a message on Is my computer good enough?
    Quote from faissaloo

    Anything more than 15fps is playable

    Just about 'playable', but much harder to play in compared to 30/60fps as it it much more choppy. Not really something that should be your minimum when upgrading. If it cant play current games, your going to be upgrading soon again.
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    posted a message on Sounds of the NPC (aka: the REAL problem with Minecraft)
    As stated above*, yeah, these actions are likely to be permanent. I would assume if we buy enough of the upcoming DLC packs then Missus Puddums may try to remove it like the nice developer she is.

    *above is Wubtavius' post, ninja'd by MaximusCreeper
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    posted a message on HACKED!
    No, it is just Minecraft's april fools 'joke'. You will of likely noticed that ingame default sounds are ElementAnimations villager sounds.

    However, any time is a good time to change your password if you want to.
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    posted a message on Modder Tutorial Livestream Event!
    As well as them being posted to his channel, the full stream can be found (nothing right now, it will appear after it is over, obviously) under his (You can get there by clicking the name of the streamer under the title of the stream on their , then click the tab).
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    posted a message on Minecraft No Longer Officially Working With Oculus Rift
    Quote from marinesleep
    Damn. I was looking forward to playing minecraft with the ocolus rift.

    It will still be possible, but in the form of a unofficial mod, such as Minecrift.
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    posted a message on Mobs Drop Body Parts!
    A little morbid, and if every mob dropped each limb (usually 6 (legs, arms, torso and head)) 100% of the time it would really clutter inventories (and if not picked up, cause some lag until they despawn). If this were to be implemented, I think it should only drop % of the time, so getting limbs would be an achievement, not just a "ugh more limbs to waste space".

    Half Support

    Oh, and some mobs drop heads, for example Wither Skeletons have a 2.5% chance of dropping a head.
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    posted a message on What's Your Favorite Minecraft Song?
    Form this Way

    Both the song and video were like normal people could make it (and that it is even about minecraft, most of the videos these days are insanely non-minecrafty) without being a master of animation.
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    posted a message on New MODPACK, Please try it.
    Quote from Fredo78987

    I am sorry, first time i am posting something here :) . I cannot work in photoshop, but i can ask my friends. No, I download them, config them and stable them (Some mods was crashing, like SoulShards or old version of FML..) I download them form www.skydaz.com, but i installed only good/funny mods. :) Hope you like my modpack!

    Before redistributing any mod (ie. providing your own download link, putting it in a modpack) you MUST get permission from each of the mod creators (I think you are also supposed to provide a list on the forum post or in the modpack download containing proof of each permission too [citation needed] )
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    posted a message on Server destroyed!
    Quote from jacob42

    I am limited to 8 more posts for some reason, but I don't want localhost, I was fine with my NO-IP, but then this error, and now I can't connect! Should I reinstall? What?

    Localhost does not affect any other IP's. Connecting to localhost can let you see if the server is ignoring you trying to connect or if something has happened with the IP you are using.

    The 8 post thing is because you have a new account - your first 10 posts are reviewed before being shown to the public on the forum. Basically stops so many spammers. There's a forum post here about it.
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    posted a message on Server destroyed!
    I am not quite sure what the cause of the errors are (no expert at error logs). What IP are you connecting to your server with? If you are not already, connect to localhost (instead of putting a IP on the multiplayer menu, just put localhost, like this)
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    posted a message on Which bands did you know before they were cool?
    I don't know if you would regard them as 'cool' or really popular, but I have listened to McFly since their very early days. They appeared on some TV shows and then onto news shows, then most recently have joined up with Busted. I loved their early music, went off it after Radio: Active (containing one of my favorite songs of theirs, ) and love their new stuff. If you have not listened to them before, their first songs were the best (Including , , , ect)
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    posted a message on Upcoming Minecraft Adventure Map: ZOMBIE SURVIVAL SEASON I
    Can't really say how good this could be due to the (current, yes you have said some may be there when it's more finished) lack of screenshots, but if you execute this well, it could be great. I would say though, you should not really start a topic until you have a bit more content to show people, as right now the post is just a idea.
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    posted a message on Achievements for XP!
    Quote from MineJaxMC

    Alright, thanks for the idea. And I always use bold, I like using bold :P

    I might like to write like this, but I use the default text for most of my post to make it easy to read.

    If you were on the achievements window, when you hover over each achievement it could also say its EXP reward.
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    posted a message on BIG Network INCOMING! Need a Co-Owner, Advertisers, Web-Developers, & Beta Testers. Get the chance to play with TEAM CRAFTED [A
    Just a safety note to everyone who is applying: Giving out your email and Skype is a really bad idea to people you don't know on the internet. Especially on a public forum. Someone comes here, has up to 100 (not counted, just going off how many replies there are) Skype and email accounts to do anything with.

    And on the 'people who are coming' post. Only say people who are almost definitely/definitely coming. Not random popular YouTubers that may never even hear of this hive.

    (Not intended to flame; just to give some recommendations to applicants and the network owners)
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    posted a message on Mario Cart Wii 1.7 (MINECRAFT)
    Quote from MiniJacob

    HAY! How do you like it know?

    Well I still see spelling and grammar mistakes (enjoy not injoy) and there are still no pictures of the map.
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