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    I heard there were some guard spots open so decided to apply!

    Active for at least 2 weeks.

    - Block D Or above.

    - Cannot have any permenant bans on record.

    Guard APP Format:

    IGN: lokag123

    Age: 12 (I know I am slightly younger then most other applicants)

    Time Zone: Western (California)

    Date Joined: September 12 2012

    Do you understand and agree with the Guard rules?: YES

    What times are you available to guard? From 4:15-9:00 weekdays and anytime weekends.

    Are you available to be online during weekends? (Friday-Sunday): Yes

    Why should we pick you: You as staff, should pick me because I am a one of the oldest players on the server who still plays. I have seen many generations of guards come and go and I have experience with guarding from this. I have bow-trolled guards before so I know how to handle them as well as other types of trolls. I have even more experience with guarding because I have been guard and head guard on a few other servers, but none of them as big or dear to me as Lockdown. I loved Lockdown ever since I first joined, I haven't applied yet because I thought I wasn't wanted by the players or wasn't old and mature enough. Now with encouragement from friends and other players I believe I am ready for this responsibility. I am one of the best shots with a bow on the server and decent with a sword. I fight tactically and with teams, I can notice things on the corner of my screen and respond to them quickly. I may not be the best guard ever to play on the server but I aim to be. A big reason why I am applying is that I noticed that too many guard slots are open and I feel it is my duty as a player to apply and help people by protecting them from the higher up players who like to kill them. I am nice to the new kids, ranking them up and giving them tours. Lockdown has a unique PVP environment that I am well adapted to.

    Are you staff on any other server?: I was staff on many servers, but they have since gone private or gone down.

    Attach a photo of your current rank from ingame (MUST BE FULL SCREEN/ NOT CROPPED): Not quite sure how to upload a pic but many players can vouch for my rank as Legend.

    What makes you different than other applicants? (Include the hidden word in this section): I am different then others because I am a senior player that has experience and maturity. I follow rules set by the staff. I do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals, whatever they may be. This server is the one server I have had over a year of dedication, I have donated many times just to prove to staff how much this server means to me. I remember the hard times Lockdown fell upon in the past months and will do anything to make that never happen again. Another good thing about me being guard is that I rarely lose my temper and when I do, I do it for thing that deserve fighting over. I try to help keep peace between player of all ranks. I will never give out kits and will protect E rankers and RHYSBIGTOE with my life!

    [By Applying for the guard postition you will not request an admin to look at your app]

    Thank you for reading and even taking consideration into my app.
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