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    posted a message on Looking for server admin/mod, and help building.
    Hey guys, I've been working for a little while now on my minecraft bukkit server.

    Pretty much everything is up and running smoothly, got plenty of nice bukkit plugins installed, lag free, everything. Even the server map is pretty nice. But, with my doing some advertising here soon and getting more people to play (there's definitely not a lot yet), and me also being in school, I need an admin and a mod.

    I don't only need an admin and a mod though. I also need a builder that can help, and has experience with World Guard and WorldEdit. Setting up my safezones and warzones in PvP areas has proven to be quite a challenge.

    If you know anyone or you yourself are interested, please message on here. Thanks
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    posted a message on which is better. survival craft or minecraft
    As Sig30 said, SurvivalCraft is based more on reality. Like no creepers, zombies, etc. Instead there's bears and stuff. Graphics are a bitty iffy too, seem like an old outdated Minecraft Alpha texture pack. Also, the GUI for the controls and stuff is laid out weird. It's an alright game, but it also gets boring quickly. And there is absolutely no multiplayer on SC.

    SurvivalCraft Rating (/10): 5/10
    Minecraft PE Rating (/10): 7/10

    As of now, neither game is all that great. SurvivalCraft isn't as fun as Minecraft, and that's that.

    EDIT: Those ratings aren't like real ratings by some consumer game rating website. I gave those ratings based on personal opinion and past experiences.
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    posted a message on My pointess minecraft screenshot and short story.
    Well, this is a kinda pointless screenshot.. I was being chased on a Hunger Games server and I had no weapons, armor, anything.Except for a stick, and two golden apples..

    So here's how it goes.

    We're about 10 minutes through the game. I'm sitting there, and I'm like, Hey, sitting here isn't gonna get me anywhere.

    So I sneak out of the tree I was hiding in, and snoop up to these two people who are at the cornucopia chests in the middle.. I punch one of them in the back of the head a few times, then they both turn around in their armor, and then start chasing me. My thoughts now are Oh, ****. Why the hell did I do that. I'm gonna die. Run. Run. RUNNNN.

    So now here I am, a retarded looking zombie being chased by two people in armor. I was being chased for 2-3 minutes, when a group of 4-5 people come up and attack those two, and kill them both. I was excited.

    Then they killed me. I hope you enjoyed my little story. (: and porkchops for all.

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