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    posted a message on 🔥🔥 play.YomNetwork.ca DayZ Survival PvP Loot Guns 🔥🔥

    IP: Play.YomNetwork.Ca

    Come and Join the oldest and most Hardcore Survival DayZ mode in Minecraft! Find guns and armor and survive against the undead NPCs and other players! Loot the massive map and form alliances and wage war against other players!


    Server Features:

    A large active playerbase

    A massive open world 10k x 12k blocks filled with ruined cities and towns https://yomnetwork.ca/dayz-map/

    Hardcore PvP and PvE Experience against Players, Zombies, NPCs and Bosses

    Thousands of items to find to use, trade and sell

    Over 200 3D guns to find and use to slay your enemies

    Clans and bases and base raids

    18 Bosses

    Over 300 different types of armor

    Hordes of zombies with smart AI that can climb over walls and into buildings like death itself

    Backpacks, campfires, trackers, weapons

    No Lag and great staff

    No P2W


    Economy and rankups

    Battle Royale


    Join today and see if you have what it takes..... to survive.... Goodluck


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