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    posted a message on Vinny's Club (New Minecraft SMP Vanilla Server) *Brand New!* (Like Hermitcraft!) Mature-(ish?)

    IGN: _gymrat_

    Discord: gymrat1987

    Age: 18

    Reason for Joining: looking for a fresh map and to play with new people

    Specialty: (redstone, building, no-talent is also an answer I guess) i love to mine and pvp

    Time Zone: est

    Country/State: (Both optional, just to break the ice. I'm from Idaho!) Canada

    Anything else?: i love my supreme and yeezys, im also a reseller

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    posted a message on ChairCraft [BRAND NEW] Survival multiplayer server [HermitCraft like server]

    IGN: _gymrat_
    Age 18
    Discord ID: gymrat1987
    Why do you want to join our SMP: i am looking for a fresh map and ppl to play with
    What experience do you have in minecraft (redstone, building, Pve, etc...) i have played since beta, i used to play alot of factions, i like to mine and pvp.
    Other information about you: im canadian, i love my yeezys and supreme wear. i drive a Mitsubishi eclipse, its manual 3.6 v8. i like going out with friends either to party or to resell clothes and shoes.
    How often can you play: can be on everyday
    Time Zone/County: eastern Canada

    i also mine dirt

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    posted a message on Corrode Gaming ( CorCraft ) | 100% Vanilla | Whitelist | Mature (17+) | YouTube ( Not Required )


    Age (17+) - 18
    Minecraft IGN - _gymrat_
    Skype ID - will pm (also i think i have you on skype already)
    Time Zone - est
    Youtube (Not required) - will be looking into recording.
    Twitch (Not required) - ---
    How active will you be - on everyday for a good amount of time
    Tell us about yourself - i am 18, Canadian. i work at timhortons and as a side job im a reseller. basically i buy clothes and shoes such as supreme and yeezy e.t.c and resell for higher.
    Why do you want to join us - i have watched your old videos on the server and i was very interested in joining but i dont think i was of age yet. i cant exactly remember
    How Often Will You Make Videos - if i get into it, i will try and do a series or at least a few vids of updates around the server or server events.


    Never mind, heres the video of me on the old server,

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    posted a message on roadBlocks [Whitelisted Community-Based Server]

    - In-Game Name: _gymrat_
    - Age: 18
    - Discord (Steve#0000): gymrat #1987
    - Maturity Level (1-10): 9
    - How often will you be playing: on everyday
    - A bit about yourself: im canadian, i love clothes and hyped items such as supreme and yeezys. i like to collect or resell depending on the object.

    - Anything else you think we should know:

    ilovecake, also how old is the server?

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    posted a message on ♣ → Vanilla Planet SMP ← ♣ - HERMITCRAFT LIKE - ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW!!!

    What is your username?: _gymrat_
    How old are you?: i am 18 years of age
    What timezone/country do you live in?: eastern and Canada
    How long have you been playing minecraft?: Since beta
    Do you agree with and abide our rules?: yes!
    What is your discord ID?: gymrat #1987
    How active can you be everyday?: i can be on everyday for a good amount of time
    What is the application token?: old spice smells nice
    Have you ever been banned on a minecraft server before? If so for what?: of course, i have played on servers for many years. with lots of experience came lots of bans. i like to pvp and i got accused of hacks depending on the server with good or bad staff i would get banned before the staff could "ss" (screen share) me.
    Tell us a little bit about yourself: i am 18, i live in canada. i work at tim hortons and as a side job im a reseller, meaning i buy things such as yeezys and supreme and resell them for x amounts of money to other people.
    Why do you want to join Vanilla Planet?: i am looking for a good fresh community to take part in
    What can you bring to the community?: (Builds, Redstone, Ideas, etc.) i like to pvp, so i could bring alot of competition to the server.
    Are there any questions you have about the server?: (optional) how long has the server been up? im kinda looking for a fresh start

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    posted a message on [ Sophisticated Survival ] 1.12 Vanilla SMP | 24/7 | Mature Community | Apply soon so you can join.

    Ingame Name: _gymrat_[/b]
    How old are you? 18[/b]
    Where are you from?: canada[/b]
    What is your favorite aspect of playing on a server with a vanilla-like gameplay?: i like building with other players, and just interacting and getting to know everyone[/b]
    Tell us something about yourself: i am a big hypebeast, meaning i love hyped clothes and what not. i love my yeezys and supreme wear. i like going out with friends and i work alot[/b]
    What is your specialty in Minecraft? i love to mine!

    LET ME IN.... please :P[/b]

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    posted a message on Super Hardcore?

    if your trying to make mc survival harder you can try something like this:

    create the survival world in hardcore, open to lan and turn off natural regeneration and see if you can beat the dragon and the wither or just play how you would normally but without a single death

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    posted a message on 24/7 Hardcore Survival 1.11.2

    someone come play

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    posted a message on 24/7 Hardcore Survival 1.11.2

    would actually be sick if ppl played

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    Come join koth at 3pm est

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    What is HCF?

    • HCF stands for Hardcore Factions. This should be quite self explanatory from now; basically it's a more hardcore version of standard Factions, which can be found on servers such as the Archon. Everything is different about it, from the base style of PVP, all of the way to the competitiveness and the base designs that factions adopt. HCF tends to be more competitive than normal factions, as I previously mentioned, with factions competing against one another to be the very best. The map resets every 7 weeks or so normally in HCF, and a new 'kit' is introduced, along with an ending event (I will explain this later).
    • Summary:- HCF = Hardcore Factions, it's a lot harder than normal factions! The map resets every 7 weeks or so and things change each map. Kohi merged with Badlion between the transition of Map 25 and Map 26.


    • Factions are able to claim land depending on how many people are in the faction. Factions can only go 'raidable' when they are sent to negative DTR (Deaths until Raidable) by killing a certain amount of their players. You CANNOT build or destroy inside of faction land, nor shoot TNT to raid it. TNT Cannons are NOT buildable like on standard Factions, therefore bases are tend to look pretty rather than durable.


    • There are very few commands on HCF. You will not be able to warp anywhere other than to your faction's home. Therefore if you wish to run to spawn, then you must run there. Even if you want to go to your base you will have to wait until your 'PVP Timer', or 'PVP Tag' runs out - every time you get hit your PVP tag will reset to the designated time, which is usually 60 seconds. This means that you cannot /f home in the middle of a fight, therefore must hide or escape before you warp to your home. Also, if you try to get into spawn whilst PVP tagged you will be thrown back out, and therefore must not be hit for one minute straight before you can get into spawn to escape.
    • Summary:- You cannot warp to locations other than your faction's designated home

    The End

    • So most of you will know that HCF is PotPVP, not gapple. Therefore you will want to turn those potions that you've brewed into splash potions. How do you get gunpowder without going around for ages hunting creepers? Also, how do you gather enderpearls? Well, you can find your answer in the End. In the End you will find creeper & enderman spawners for you to farm using lootings. The End is a small area, and obviously factions will be competing for these spawners, so expect a fight whenever you go to the End! Also, there is only one exit, so you may struggle to get out if you need to run.
    • Summary:- The End is a location where you can farm creepers and endermen easily for their supplies, but expect a fight!

    Map kits / Enchantments

    • Every map there is a different 'kit'. Basically this is referring to the maximum enchantments that you can get on your armor, tools, and weapons, and it determines what potions are and aren't brewable. An example is Kohi Map 25's kit, which was:
    • - Protection: 1 - Sharpness: 1 - Fire Aspect: 0 (Disabled) - Power: 5 - Flame: 1 - Health Splash 2 - Speed 2 - Fire Resistance Extended - Slowness 1:07 (Splash) - Poison 0:33 (Splash) - No Regen - No invisibility
    • Summary:- Just read it; there's not really a summary here
    • At 'Events' you can often find enchantments that're one or two levels higher than the map's kit. So you may be able to get Looting 4 swords for farming the End instead of the standard Looting 3 that is the maximum for the standard enchantment. You will most likely be able to view the Map's kit on the Badlion website when they update it.


    • Every so often there are events. There are normally a couple of 'KOTHs' (King of The Hill) in a day in different locations around the amp, and then one 'Conquest' every week, which is normally on a Saturday. What are these?
    • King of the Hill: KOTHs are pre-built areas where you cannot build, or break blocks, and happen at pre-determined times. Basically you must stand on a small capture point for a designated amount of time, which is normally 15 minutes, without getting knocked off by other factions. If a player is knocked off of the capture zone then the time resets to 15 minutes. The reward for the faction that captures a KOTH is normally 2 'KOTH Keys', which open crates at spawn where you receive 2 designated items from a pre-determined loot table, an example of the loot that you could receive would be: 32x Diamond Blocks, and 2 Wither Skulls.
    • Conquest: This is an event which changes every couple of maps or so it seems; and happens every Saturday at a pre-determined time. There are different types of Conquest systems that may happen every map, but once a system is decided, they tend to stick to it for the rest of the map. The most recent system they've used for example is where there is a large kingdom-like plot of land, which has 2 KOTH styled capture points in it (named Red and Blue), then another capture point in the End, and another in the Nether. These capture points normally take longer than 15 minutes; and the aim is the same as a KOTH. Try and capture it without getting knocked off of the capture point. Only the best factions tend to try and cap, as smaller ones get destroyed pretty quickly, but even smaller factions attend Conquest in an attempt to try and clean up and get some easy kills. The rewards for Conquest are normally 2 Conquest Keys for each capture point, which tend to have a lot better loot than the KOTH's loot table, such as higher armor enchantments put onto books, or better sword enchantments on books.


    • When you die in HCF, you receive a deathban. This means that regardless of how you die, whether it's another player, or lava, or a mob, you will be banned from the server for a set amount of time. Previously in Kohi HCF the time that you are banned for has been determined on what rank you are, with more expensive ranks giving you a shorter deathban. I'm not sure whether the deathban time will continue to be determined this way, but I suspect it will be. This is one of the main reasons as to why this is 'hardcore' factions. Many noobs will crack under the pressure, and will often panic. Just because you are good at 1v1s on Arena, or on Kohi's Practice2 server does not mean that you will be good at HCF, as there are a lot of factors that are quite different, from terrain, to team fights, to trapping, etc - I will explain most of these factors on this thread.
    • Summary:- When you die, you get a tempban which has a time decided by your rank. Just because you are good at Arena PotPVP doesn't make you good at HCF!


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    posted a message on Anyone Else Play Survival Mode in Peaceful?

    i just beat the dragon in hardcore mode

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