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    posted a message on Dying in peaceful mode.

    um yes

    I used to play on peaceful mode coz I was scared

    now I don't

    and I actually died in peaceful mode.

    I was in the nether enjoying being able to jump in lava without taking fall damage, and I was bridging across.

    I did not know how to speed bridge then

    so I was like,


    why dont i try to speed bridge

    I fell and died.

    the end.

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    posted a message on What was your worst death?

    In hardcore mode:

    Got a really good seed, then all of a sudden on the first day: lochnessmango fell from a high place.

    In survival mode:

    Got an AMAZING seed, with a shipreck with eighteen iron, bottle o' enchanting, gold, emeralds, and lapis. AND a village.

    Boom lochnessmango was slain by an iron golem.

    Left the game, copied the seed, deleted the world, made a new world, ctrl + v, and then realise I didn't copy it down correctly.

    I lost worlds' best seed.

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    posted a message on Should rotten flesh be removed from the game?

    I would not want rotten flesh to be removed. I play this minecraft factions server, and food on there is rare, because of the terrain animals rarely spawn. So me and my faction team, for a long time now we are killing zombies for their flesh. also 1.18, if the horror update/desert update is added, rotten flesh will have a use for summoning a new monster.

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    posted a message on Why do you like Minecraft?

    I just like minecraft for endless hours of fun, and due to it being sandbox you can go on for hours. I got minecraft when I found my sister playing it, and before I didn't know what it was. Turns out she always wanted minecraft, and now here I am playing java. I am new to minecraft, I started playing when 1.15.2 was released. Know I am making youtube videos on the game, and so far so good.

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