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    posted a message on I am a coward

    I am a big coward, unless there is at least one person I know with me.

    But I am scared to talk to other people unless it is through...

    the internet.

    that is a reason I am here.

    I need friends.

    my parents took me away from England, where I had lived for ten years.

    And it is hard to make friends in Poland because in other languages apart from english I stammer.

    like a lot.

    help me

    I really do not understand myself.

    I don't want to talk to this person from school even though I have online school.

    but it is online so I should be good to go..?

    and then when I am talking here to COMPLETE STRANGERS, I want to share everything.

    And then I don't want to ask this one person at school, through online chat, can they play minecraft with me.

    I am strange.

    I am a coward.



    does this even make sense anymore?

    I have to go I am going to be late for my art lesson.


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    posted a message on putting items on your head

    /replaceitem entity (username, all, all entities etc.) armor:head (any item/block)

    that is the command.

    try it.

    I recommend putting a feather or an end rod in the block/item space.

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    posted a message on Dying in peaceful mode.

    um yes

    I used to play on peaceful mode coz I was scared

    now I don't

    and I actually died in peaceful mode.

    I was in the nether enjoying being able to jump in lava without taking fall damage, and I was bridging across.

    I did not know how to speed bridge then

    so I was like,


    why dont i try to speed bridge

    I fell and died.

    the end.

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    posted a message on What was your worst death?
    Quote from HornedHunterYT»

    That’s why I play on 1.16.1. No piglin brutes! :)

    laughs in 1.17

    if you wanna play 1.17 then there will be brutes.

    so no awww and argh update.

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    posted a message on I lost the GOD seed...

    Oh yes also I found another god seed.

    I didn't punch any golems, so I am still alive.

    And that seed is I guess about as same as the other one.

    You spawn near a village, Wahoo! A blacksmith as well.

    Another village! Another blacksmith.


    That isn't the god part bout it.

    In between the two villages there is a temple.

    In the temple there Is an enchanted Golden apple.

    A.K.A a shiny power apple.

    Plus the TNT and other temple goodies this is an amazing temple.

    Gonna give the seed soon.

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    posted a message on What was your worst death?

    In hardcore mode:

    Got a really good seed, then all of a sudden on the first day: lochnessmango fell from a high place.

    In survival mode:

    Got an AMAZING seed, with a shipreck with eighteen iron, bottle o' enchanting, gold, emeralds, and lapis. AND a village.

    Boom lochnessmango was slain by an iron golem.

    Left the game, copied the seed, deleted the world, made a new world, ctrl + v, and then realise I didn't copy it down correctly.

    I lost worlds' best seed.

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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings


    I've been here for a while, but I have not made a introduction.

    I'm lochnessmango, but you can call me Nessie because lochnessmango is kinda a long name.

    Yes a very long name.

    I have three sisters and I love to share my stories because it makes me feel happy. I am a coward, although if I am just with one other person I know, I can be really brave. I live in Poland, and I am part Russian part Polish. I can only speak English because I lived there for ten years. Now I am in Poland.

    I have two parrots, Sunset and Kiwi (A.K.A Sir. Pickle) and I love cats as well. Back at England I made friends with a cat called Oscar, and had a pet cat called Floofy. Floofy Died because he got hit by a car, lived, but then died from a heart attack.

    I am also a new Youtuber.

    I have been to eight different countries.

    I also have the IQ of an average adult so that's there too.

    My eldest sister has 113 IQ.

    My younger sister ( age 8) has 60 IQ, she's supposed to have, what, like, 70-80?

    Yeah so um that's my really detailed intro.



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    posted a message on Where lochnessmango shares her stories

    Also I went to a chocolate festival during the weekend. On Sunday I ended up eating a whole tub of candy floss and a ginger cookie. I regret that.

    People at the chocolate festival were selling these mini donuts. Made out of chocolate. With caramel cream. And sprinkles.

    Heck yes

    Chocolate coated strawberries, and the chocolate is warm straight out of a chocolate fountain...

    Sry if I'm making everyone jealous, just sharing this because I like sharing stories.

    Won't write a diary though, with three sisters it is probably not safe.

    I once tried but after ten days my Eldest sister found it.

    Help me.

    And kill me please som1 on the niche forums already knows my real age.

    What is this turning into.

    Tell me if I should stop sharing, share the same amount, share less, share more, or share so much I explode.

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    posted a message on Do you have siblings or are you a single child?

    Three. Freaking. Sisters.

    And two parrots

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    posted a message on Where lochnessmango shares her stories

    I like sharing my stories coz I have a rather interesting life. I'm going to share some of my more believable stories here, because on a different forum my most interesting stories led to no one trusting me.

    So this happened only yesterday.

    I plonked myself into a tent I made in my older sisters room, and then everyone started looking for me. I didn't respond. They looked outside, in the field, coz they thought I had ran away. I stayed quiet. Then someone was about to send my dad out in his car to look for me, and then I just screamed, "you know I've been here this WHOLE time?"

    So yeah that is


    my first story

    Gonna try to not share to much info, but still enough so I don't feel lonely.

    I am a youtuber anyway.

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    posted a message on Who do you subscribe to and watch religiously??


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    posted a message on What are you reading?

    The how to train your dragon books

    help I have read them all except the ninth one

    I am so confused because of Wodensfang

    he appears in the ninth one

    Which I haven't read, and I am so confused when reading the tenth one

    I am also reading

    Harry potter and the order of the pheonix, A.K.A the really long one, A.K.A the one that doesn't have any pheonixes in it.

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    posted a message on improvements in 21w18a

    My biggest fear is a snapshot not coming out on wednesday.

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    posted a message on Does anyone have a good book to recommend?

    Warrior cats


    all by Erin Hunter (actually a group of peeps but who cares)

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    posted a message on [Academic Survey] Are gamers readers?

    I'm a big reader, I can wip through a 300 page book in fifteen minutes.

    And I do Yt vids I guess.

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