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    For some reason when im in creative and i place a clamor i crash can you please fix that in the next update? also has anyone else had the same problem? :Sheep:
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    posted a message on [Surv] Sky Tomb Survival
    i really liked the map but the challenges are too easy i only have like 3 left and it's only been like 1 hour, my suggestion is to make a 30 block high tower so you use the genoraror allot more because i haven't used it once ,i just used the water to make obsidian paths to the tombs. Also have another challenge be to expand the platform. It's still a really good map and i'm having allot of fun. also instead to a iron pick you should make it a wood one then you have to make a cobble one and so on, (make the start platform a little smaller for a bigger challenge.) Oh and in the next update of minecraft you will be able to plant cocobeans on jungle trees and a challenge with the cocobeans could be to make 2 64 stacks of cookies. if you read this it would be an honor. :steve_csi:
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