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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired
    Quote from Greenwindu»

    It's always sad to see an old clan retire, but it's even sadder to see a clan that's actively contributed and been a role model of what a clan should be retire. You've helped a lot of people with your builds and given many players a great environment to play and build in. We might have not spoken much but I'd just like to thank you for creating a fantastic clan and always being caring and kind to not just your own community but the wider clan community in general, I really respect that.

    Keep in touch with us all, it's going to be different without you guys and girls here. Good luck you to all of you in the future, and thanks for making the past great.

    Thanks for that - it means bunch to everyone here! We've enjoyed working with everyone in the community here, and I don't think we have plans to sever ties! Things will just be a little different, and with one less TBC around :)

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired
    Quote from nico_the_miner»

    thank you builders coalition for being you, you will not be forgotten, perhaps i will revive this legacy, a new generation of the coalation!

    you will not be forgotten, you were truly legends, god bless ~ nicholas

    Thank you for the kind words! And I would encourage you to make a clan if it's your desire! Follow your dream - though I would advise not using the name Builders Coalition or something directly related. :)

    Quote from reesylou»

    Sad to see the clan fold, but agree it has been a long while for most of us. Unfortunately,life does tend to get in the way. I would definitely love a copy of the Project Mideval world - there are a number of super cool tidbits in there, and (as usual) I haven't kept anywhere near enough screen shots.

    Of course! After I take down the server, I'll make sure all of the files are backed up. Project Midieval will actually be one of the maps I release publicly for people to still explore! I'll make sure you get a link when I do so!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Hey everyone – I feel it’s been a while. Actually, our clan has been around for almost three years, and public for almost two and a half. And boy, plenty has happened – we’ve completed projects, helped others, met some fantastic people, and grew our clan to a legend.

    We started out as a small group of friends in a boarding school with the idea of making a really cool RPG. We actually made great progress, considering the experience we had – and even moved the server to the open cloud, and earning a few members from around the United States. But it was not possible to continue the map due to all the obvious skill differences and fragmentations – so we decided to close it, achieve it, and start something else: something with a bit more structure, but still offered a challenge. Thus began the world City.

    City was new, and hugely different. Up until now, we had never done anything modern, much less possibly futuristic! Medieval was built into our bones, and breaking out of the shell was not always a pretty thing. But it was good for us! We never finished the project, and it turned into more of a smorgasbord of ideas and member made schematics, but it made us better builders, and helped us find some neat members.

    But we got tired of the simplicity modern building had – we decided that minecraft prefers medieval builds anyways, so we started (through the help of one of our administrators Jasminnancy) what has now turned into Project: Midieval (yes, midieval). PrjtM has been a massive undertaking, and everything kept growing – we’ve had to reorganize, rebuild, and retrain the terrain a few dozen times just to get it to where we liked. But it has been our pride and glory, and where we’ve grown the most – not only in skills and members, but in our following. Of course there have been other side projects we’ve accomplished, such as Asri (the floating island spawn) and multiple pixelmon gym schematics, but nothing was as prominent as Project Midieval.

    Lately however, things have not been as active – people are getting busy, distracted, and moving on – it’s time for us to move on. We’ve created a fantastic group, made some damn amazing friends, and made our stand for this long. We should be proud of what’s done – we’ve made a legend. And instead of stretching out life as long as possible, like many shows and games that have done so already, it’s better to be remembered for what we’ve done.

    So without further ado, it’s time to say goodbye to “The Builders Coalition”. We are moving on to better things, and wearing the title of this clan as a badge worthy to be proud of. It’s been a fantastic few years and we’ve made some amazing progress – the best way to put it is: congratulations – and good bye.


    But hey – I still want my personalized goodbye, not just an official goodbye. So here it goes:

    You guys were all simply fantastic – I’ve made some great memories here, and even better friends. The progress we’ve made during our clan’s lifetime has been phenomenal, and I’m proud to say that I’ve gotten to work with every one of you, including those of you who have since departed.

    I’ve invested more time than I’m willing to admit building, enough money to buy me a top-line video card, and even more time to do my best to ensure smooth operations and public relations. So it’s a huge change making this choice – it’s not easy to let go, but it’s something that needs to be done. But it all feels worth it – every choice made, every minute, every cent. And that’s because of all of you, and everything you’ve done. So thank you – it’s been fun.


    In order for people to finish up current projects on the server, or have a nice look around before it goes quiet, the server (for the moment) will stay up until the end of August. After that, I will archive the worlds and server setup, and put some of it up online, and keeping the rest for personal requests. I will keep the skype chats open indefinitely though, so if you'd like to still stay connected with people, you have that option!

    Well - I guess that's it! I'll respond to replies to this thread as long as it's alive, but if you have any reason or desire to contact me further, feel free to shoot me a PM, skype message, or email! It's not like I'm dying or something, so I'll still be around! I'll just be doing more school work, and playing plenty of games - across multiple devices. Speaking of which, if you want to connect over xbox 360 and one, my gamertag is M3gabyt300.

    Well, for the last time *single tear*,

    Happy Building!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Hey everyone! For those of you in the states, happy Independence Day weekend! Speaking of, this is the end of (at least for me) a very LONG weekend. Luckily though, I should be able to resume my usual activity now. Without further ado...

    Project Blockmaster6101

    The deadline has passed, but we are unable to finish up until I have spoken with the project owner. Until then, feel free to continue to add things to the map at warp p03! If you'd like to polish up p04, just continue up work in the business/academy districts in Therim!

    Project JehZirO

    This project will be started tonight (once I get a chance to set things up), and all work is to be done off-site. We are to make a server spawn town that's industrial/medieval themed. If you would like to help out in this project, please contact me and I will send you over the information to connect to the server!

    Project Devil_Creator

    Ben is heading this up. I will get more information on this project, but it is a dungeon-style build. If you'd like to join the group, either contact me or Ben and we can point you in the right direction!


    That should be all the current projects right now. If there's any questions or info you'd like to add, please let me know!

    @reesylou - As I stated above, you're welcome to add anything to p03 - structures, details, secrets. Whatever you'd like. Just stay within the "boundaries" (can be seen on the dynmap), and keep in mind that it's a survival (hunger) games style.

    As for the market in Therim, there is no primary focus at the moment. Ben decided to rework how the markets were set up, so right now it's hard to say. But you're always welcome to detail where you feel it would help!


    Okay, I think that's everything I needed to address. Anyways, I'm back from family, so everything should be smoother now.

    Happy Building!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired
    Quote from reesylou»

    Hi all.

    I have had a pretty insane time recently, and haven't been playing minecraft at all. I am looking at jumping back in to build with you guys as it was the most awesome team to work with. I cannot commit to team leading at the moment, and don't have a huge number of hours, but want to help building in whatever way I can.


    Hey! It's been a while! Of course you can come back and help out! Our current projects are at warp p03, and polishing up the business section of Therim. Let me know if you need anything! :)

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Hey all - as a quick heads up, I will probably be pretty busy this next week (unexpected company), so I won't have nearly as much time to work on things. Try to pick up some of the slack if you can :D

    Happy Building!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Hey Everyone, update time! Our current project is due by the middle of this upcoming week, so make sure to get everything done at p03. On another note, instead of making a p04, we are using the financial district of Therim (East side of city) - so please work on polishing up some areas for that too if you feel like it!

    Happy Building!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired
    Quote from Mauton99»

    Wait, what?!

    Skype group chat? I didn't even know there was one. xD

    Anyway, I'd like to know more about Ben's project, what he´s going to do and such.

    Haha - no issues. If you send me your skype info, I can add you to the group. And sign up for Moxtra :D

    Addressing your other inquiry, this is as much about the project as we know so far!

    Quote from superboer53»

    Contact info:

    IGN: Devil Creator
    skype: Bennieboy53

    Project info:
    Type: Dungeon
    Size: Medium to big sized

    Start area:
    A dungeon has to be made which looks really neat, fully functional. Redstone systems included.
    At the start some kind of little parkour, maze with open space for PvE fights

    Town area:

    After the start area, a little town with a library for a story to be told.
    the story has to go about the dungeon. not a lot of PvE going on here. but it has to
    look like there is a fight about to start.

    background story:

    The town of [no name yet] was the middle point of the Arena wars. from the early times of
    the medieval ages this was the place to go to see some real fighters destroy each other.
    But after 20 years a lot had changed. A flu was spreading around and everyone was sick.
    People started to die slowly with the cause being the flu.

    At night these dead people came back to life again but this time as zombies.
    Some of them even lose their skin and were left with bones. No one knows why but these
    flesh-less creatures picked up a bow and started to shoot them.

    Some night a woman was getting ready to go to bed. but when she finally was laying in bed
    she heard something laughing, laughing hard and it was getting closer. She stepped out of her bed
    and was curious who was laughing, she first thought it was her son but the further she wandered
    in her house she found out it was anything but here son. It was a skeleton beast laughing while
    shooting her husband with arrows.

    The town was killed within weeks, people fled to the caves to seek protection from these
    evil creatures.
    Everyone was scared. They didn't want to die but slowly they were getting crazy. Sick in their minds and some
    even started to worship the devil. Their time had come they said. they were done for.
    Suddenly people started to disappear. Some said that he saw some people wandering off into a side
    cave. They never came back. Others decided to look for the lost ones. These people also didn't return.

    After the people were hiding in the caves for 5 days the evil creatures walked in. threatening the people of [town name]
    they were killed slowly. The last few survivors claimed they saw the boss behind this all.

    They knew by what the legends told them, if you would kill the boss the flu would stop,
    The evil creatures would disappear and the lost souls would return.

    The survivors couldn't kill the boss but they want you to go looking for it and kill it.
    Can you revive the town of [town name]?

    Cave area:

    after the town area, there is a dark side of the tale. you flee from the town into the caves,
    one route will end up in the hell and the other will lead you out of the cave

    In order to get out of the cave you have to pair up.
    there where the cave splits up in 2 paths, one has to go left and the other right to open
    the door which uses 2 pressure plates or buttons to open.

    Once the one person is outside
    the other from the Hell has to go back and go to the exit of the cave, the other should be waiting here.

    Outside cave area:

    But once the first person is outside the door closes again, there is a big open terrain where he will be attacked by mobs
    while getting to another pressure plate about 50 blocks up ahead, this pressure plate will open the door again.
    but he is in the open and has to fight until his mate is at the door.
    It takes a few seconds to open the door so he has to stand on it for a while (on the pressure plate that is)

    Ruined town area:

    Once they are both out of the cave and are out of the open area they get back into the same town, but
    this time, the town is a big ruins filled with mobs and the players should go to the arena.
    The arena is the only thing that hasn't fallen to ruins and the players should be drawn into there.

    They will have some time to wonder around in the arena before they find out that there is a boss mob
    in the middle. They have to defeat the boss mob to win the dungeon. After the boss mob has been killed they should proceed
    to the exit, somewhere in the arena is another door located, a different one from where they came in.
    This one needs to be opened up by shooting an arrow at a button or a pressure plate to open this door.

    Once through this door they see the end. the end of the dungeon.

    Ending city area:

    This is where they can take a break and watch over the arena/entire city.
    However this is not the end of the entire dungeon.

    They now have to walk into the city (the same one as started in) but this one filled to the brim
    with people. (npc's) black smiths, (small standard town with the required facilities)

    There is a town square with in the middle a fountain.
    In front of this fountain is a pressure plate. this is where they will finish the dungeon
    and receive their reward*

    *this is what will be set on the Agion server by the owner.

    Additional information:

    Color palette: Medieval themed blocks
    Texture pack is default
    Server version is 1.8 but it can be made in 1.7.10

    Deadline is within 2 to 3 months.
    payed: It depends on how good the job is done.


    Happy Building!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Asri looks lik an awesome build! I will just use that instead. I will make sure to give you credit.

    Great! Glad it works for you! If you have any questions on it, feel free to ask! Also, in case you missed any notes I gave on the map, make sure to have fire spread turned off for the Asri world, or else things will catch on fire :P


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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired
    Quote from Chase1239»



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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Contact Info

    IGN: ChickenTheLegend

    Means of Contact (skype preferred): PM on the forums (I can't use skype :( )

    Project Info

    Type: Server Hub

    Size: Around Medium size, it doesn't matter too much.

    Description: Just need a simple server hub with spaces for portals to go to different parts of my server (survival, creative, etc.)

    Server Version: 1.7.10

    Additional Info

    Project Deadline: Don't really have one. Take your time :D

    Paid?: No

    Other: If you need to, your welcome to use my server to complete the project. I will PM you the IP if you need it. Just let me know.

    Hey, thanks for applying! We'd like to build a server hub for you, however the earliest we'd be able to start is in August. If you don't mind waiting until then for us to start, great! Otherwise, you may want to search elsewhere, or if you'd like you can use our spawn Asri.

    Let us know, and best of luck!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Hello everyone! The end of June is coming up, which means we will be ending p03 and p04 by the end of this month! While p03 is mostly done (any new builds that can be added are more than welcome (and I still need a helmet on my statue)), p04 is still not "created", though I will be getting it ready either tomorrow or the day after. Please put in as much work as possible these last few days however!

    On another note, we have two more projects coming up - one for JehZirO (server spawn) [p001], and another requested by Ben (dungeon and such) [p05]. p001 will be worked on at the hosts server, so once I have more information I will start to give out the required information. The themeing is Medieval/Industrial - anyone who wants to be a part of this project, please let me know and I will add you to my list. p05 will be hosted on our server, and the project will be head up by Ben as of this moment. Anyone who desires to be a part of this project, please let us know so we can add you to the list!

    I am not sure how many of you keep up on the skype group chat (useful for fast info), but we have another group management tool we are attempting to employ: Moxtra. This makes for easy/fast chat, quick file sharing/notation, and task delegation. It's completely free, so pm me or send me a skype with your email so I can send you an invite!

    Finally, I would like to encourage everyone here who has friends that would enjoy building, to invite them to apply!

    Happy Building!


    And the most recent changelog:

    Updated the opening page:

    • Updated schedule
    • Fixed typo from Sharkykzy to Sharkykzn
    • Fixed some formatting issues
    • Other formatting issues are a pain in the ass that don't want to go away.

    Updated Groups:

    • Creating specific groups for project owners to view their projects

    Potential Changes:

    • Soon enough, project warps will be on a "to build" basis, where the warp node will be added on a user basis - this will give that specific user access to that project, but will keep builders who are not part of the project from entering that warp without a warp from current member. This may be implemented, but we need a larger user base for the moment.
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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired
    Quote from JehZirO»

    Contact Info

    IGN: Sabretori

    Means of Contact (skype preferred): jehziro (Skype)

    Project Info

    Type: Spawn

    Size: Negotiable (Around 100x100)

    Description: To be used as a server spawn on a new server project being worked on.

    Color Palette: Dark Colours

    Texture Pack: Default

    Server Version: 1.8.7

    Additional Info

    Project Deadline: Sometime in July (Preferably before the 10th)

    Paid?: Totally

    Other: ---------------------
    Notes: Should be a proto-industrial style with medieval themes and industrial style mixed.

    Hello there! Project accepted! We will see what can happen with this project, and I'll try sending you some styling examples by the end of the weekend. Any pictures of styling or ideas that you'd like to send over would be a HUGE help. You're added on skype, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Hey everyone - update time!

    From today (6/15/2015) until the end of this month, our first priority is to be working on the two survival games maps. The first is currently in progress at "/warp p01", while the second is in background production. Please do your best to get this done!

    Happy Building!

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    posted a message on The Builders Coalition :: Retired

    Alright everyone! Got some updates for everyone - I'll start with forum/server side things:

    • Added Current Projects List to Front page
    • Made the current donations information easier to see/find
    • Removed chat views from the dynmap for privacy


    I have been able to work more at "/warp p03", working on some terraforming and imported a few structures for a start. Please feel free to start adding builds and adding secrets - I can add roads if you would rather not, so no need to worry about that!

    On another note, I'd like to know who is currently an active member of our team, so I can start setting up specified groups for tasks! I would like everyone who is active (with exception to the admins, as I am aware who is active there!) to send me a PM (via the forums) with the following information:


    Areas of Focus:

    Preferred Project(s): [Fort Blueprints (p02), SGa (p03), SGb (undecided), SGc (undecided)]

    Expected Activity:

    From there, we can start to plan how to delegate projects in order to complete them efficiently!

    On a related note, unless you are a part of the official "ptown" project (lead by Kbijon), please do not build in the surrounding area. This project has specifics, and is not an open build sub-division.


    That looks like all! Happy Building!

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