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Hey - I'm lloyd094! Really, I'm a sophomore college student studying Accounting, only to get into Law School. I'm a huge video game lover, music enthusiast, and I love to help people out when I can!

My goal in life is to eventually open my own private law firm in my small hometown, and with the money I make not only live well off, but give back to the community as much as I can. I would love to eventually open a location for anyone to come and hang out and play video games, study, etc - for free. Why? In small towns, things can get really boring. And when people (teens primarily) get bored, bad things tend to happen more. So why not make a place where anyone is able to come to where they don't have to worry about having money just to have some fun?

Of course that's real life - now onto the Minecrafty stuff that brings me to the forums.

I was introduced to minecraft somewhere in the Alpha stages, and eventually bought it during early Beta. Since then, I've owned two servers - one of which is still running to this day: The Builders Coalition. My goal is to make a great server that anyone (within reason) can join and help build up their dreams. We have a very low declination rate, as we accept all levels of builders. Those who are good at building, awesome. Those who are a bit greener - we help them learn to be better builders!

I could probably make pages of stuff about me, but I think I'll call it quits here. But if you're interested in talking more, feel free to add me on skype (christopher-harlan), steam (christophels094), or Xbox (M3gabyt300). Of course I have a Nintendo Account, but I can never seem to remember the details :P Just ask!

Happy Building!


Video games, online communities, discovering new music, minecraft, helping people out, freeing the world from falsities (religion, etc), riding my electric unicycle, and discovering new stuff!

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