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    posted a message on ~DecoCraft 2.4.1!!~ Decorations for Minecraft! Updated to 1.11.2 !!! ~DecoCraft 2.4.1!!~
    Sorry for my bad english ...
    I love your mod! There are so many lovely things, which are so lacking Vanilla! Thank you for such a great and useful work))
    Let me make a suggestion.
    - Cabinets. Different cabinets may shelves, cupboards. Well, if there will be something to put. But even just for decoration - cabinets is not enough.
    - Screens, racks and partitions. Fishnet and thin as vine, only made of wood or other material, so they were put on any surface without support.
    - Plumbing: sink, bathtub. Not only white, best vintage, bronze example.
    - Jug of milk, a vase of flowers, a teapot.
    - Gardening tools: watering can, garden statues.

    If you want, I can draw a texture ...
    Hopefully useful ideas :) Thanks!
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