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    Are there VIP, Admins, Moderators, and such or just a random server with no ranks...?
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    Hey people who have stumbled upon this lil' peice of something... here are my Extreme Mining Rules v.1.0.0
    *Note these rules apply to Minecraft 1.3.2 itself however this is my first version of these rules ALSO I forgot to mention that you can play with friends and either work together or do all-man-for-himself style
    • Use diamond silk touch picaxe
    • Coal = 1 pt. Iron = 1 pt. Redstone= 4 pts. Lapis = 4 pts. Gold = 5 pts. Diamond = 6 pts. Emerald = 7 pts
    • Only cave in extreme hills biome (due to emeralds)
    • Have F3 on at ALL TIMES (see above :3)
    • You can’t attack mobs until 20 minutes has passed
    • Only mine for 30 minutes
    • No buckets allowed
    • If you attack any mob during the 20 minutes, -5 pts
    • Only attack mobs in the last 10 minutes with a Gold sword or unenchanted bow
    • If you mine the ore with a different picaxe, you get half the points (Coal & Iron = none, Gold & Emerald – 2)
    • Once your 30 minutes are through, go to the surface (or other base) and then count your ore
    • The person with the most points, wins (be sure to keep track of your penalties)
    • Good luck and have fun!!! :)
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