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    The server has been reset for the first time, come and join if you want to get in while it's still fresh.

    There's been several other mod updates too:

    - Tripled the size of the worldmap at spawn.

    - When teleporting back to the map, you'll be standing at your relative spot on the map (more RPG like).

    - Root-caused and fixed the lag spikes on prior server.

    - Player markers show where people are on the server, on the worldmap.

    - Votifier plugin with automatic vote rewards.

    - Town & plot permission option for attacking entities.

    - Discord bridge between ingame chat and discord chat.

    Some of the other features:

    - Nether and end towns.

    - single player sleep.

    - faster furnaces.

    - store XP in glass bottles

    - shulkers are kept on death.

    - zombie flesh is compostable.

    - can join multiple towns.

    - can enable PVP in plots & towns.

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    posted a message on llamaland.net [Australian] [Towns] [Worldmap] [Custom Enchants] [Shop chests] [Economy] [Survival] [Votifier] [1.16.5]

    A major update landed last night which automatically updates the server shop prices and makes the server shop almost infinite. It uses the 7-day buy and sell history to automatically reduce the sell price for over-sold items. Check back regularly for updated prices :)

    And welcome to those folks that joined last night! :D

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    Semi-vanilla server based in Sydney Australia.

    All plugins are completely custom & under active development.

    World map & compass

    Use a compass to teleport back to spawn. Click the world map with a compass to travel anywhere. The map updates frequently to show off your builds. Remember locations by using a compass on a cartography table.


    Use shop chests to trade items & make money. Shops have analytics to show who bought/sold and when. Server shops are available at SupaIGA.


    Create towns and plots to protect your items and builds. Towns are large (128x128) and plots are small (16x16). Plots with the same price are sold together. Plots can be sold between residents (to role-play flipping houses -- our national sport).

    Towns have taxes to kick inactive folk. Change permissions with a GUI. PVP can be enabled in towns and plots.

    Custom Enchants

    We have Soul Bound which will protect those items if you die. Other vanilla enchants have been boosted: efficiency 6, unbreaking 4, fortune 4.


    XP can be bottled with glass bottles on enchanting tables.

    Borders command can show plot, chunk & town borders

    All mods are server side. Extensive /help pages. Use /discord in-game to get the discord link.


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    Connect to llamaland.net & come say hi!

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