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    EDIT: This mod has been discontinued by the author. the author has given permission for someone else to continue it. This can be found here: TrapCraft v1.03

    Welcome to trapcraft, a mod that adds useful new blocks that can be used in countless ways to make evil, malicious, deadly new traps easier and better ever! Currently this mod adds 5 new blocks that are each extremely versatile, and open up a whole new world of trap making possibilities. We have another block coming soon, as well as new additions to the current blocks, bug fixes, and more. You are welcome to suggest additions to this mod.

    It now uses modloader! Yay!

    Table of contents
    1. Videos
    2. New Blocks
      1. Igniter
      2. One-way Glass
      3. Sticky Sand
      4. Spikes
      5. Trap Chest
    3. Download!
    4. Change Log
    5. Coming soon...

    By Palmer125
    By CaptainGrianWave

    New Blocks
    Here is an overview of all of the blocks added to the game:


    The igniter gives you control over fire. When powered by redstone, it lights on fire. Light monsters on fire and watch them burn at a safe distance!

    One-way Glass

    This block is pretty simple: On all sides but one it looks like normal glass, but at the right angle it looks like smooth stone. Look at monsters falling into your traps when they can't see you!

    Sticky Sand (And Gravel)

    This allows for much easier pitfall traps, closing doors, secret passage ways, ect. When placed, it looks like regular sand but doesn't fall, and when it is powered by redstone or an adjacent block is removed, it falls just like normal sand. As a bonus, it can even aid in your sand castle making! Sticky gravel works exactly the same.


    All of the current ways of damaging players have there own problems. Lava and fire are hard to control, and cactus is has strict rules about how it can be placed. However, for the price of a few iron, spikes are placed just like normal blocks and deal damage 3 times faster the cactus and doesn't destroy the items dropped by dead creatures.

    Trap Chest

    One problem with traps has always been triggering them. Pressure pads is the common solution, but these are not hard to avoid if the player observant. This block looks just like a normal chest, but when right clicked on, instead of opening, the latch turns red and it activates redstone around it.

    Trapcraft v0.2!

    Install instructions are inside. Please note that this needs modloader to work. You can find it here.

    Change Log
    v0.2 - Added modloader support
    v0.1 - Mod released!

    Coming Soon...
    Here is a list of things we are planning on adding to the mod when we get the chance. Please note that we are begging modders, so all of this stuff may take a while as we are still figuring stuff out.
    • Bug fixes - There seems to be numerous bugs, so we are going to work on those.
    • Bait blocks - Blocks that attract mobs. Meat blocks will attract monsters and hay blocks will attract animals.
    • Spikes on walls - So you can have smashing spike plates!
    • Other types of one-way glass - one way glass made of other materials.
    • Multiplayer mod - This may take a while, but we will try to make a bukkit plugin or something for this mod.
    • Igniter has to un- and re-light ever 10 seconds or so.
    Please report any bugs you find so we can fix them.

    If you like this mod, post to keep it alive and press the !
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    This is not a mod, and I didn't create it as a mod! However, the wonderful geniuses at ABP Mods have made a mod based on my Art Of Painting suggestion!Check it out!

    The great arts. Minecraft, as is, does well in two sections of the arts: Architecture and Sculpture. However, adding access to some of the more neglected arts would make fuel creativity and multiplayer role-playing, as well as having some practical applications. I am making a get satisfaction post for these topics. So far I have made the one for painting and literature, but I am holding off on the last one until it is perfected. Please, if you support these ideas, like them on get satisfaction, here and here!

    This is a relatively long suggestion that I will divide into three parts and develop over time. Each part will stick to the same format I show here:

    Quote from Example »
    Art Name
    How it is now: This paragraph talks about what this art is currently like as of now, and the flaws it currently has. Sometimes the art is in good shape but needs a few improvements, and some times it doesn't exist at all.

    How it could be improved: This section talks about what needs to be added to make this art complete. It doesn't talk about the specific mechanics, but just the general idea.

    What I purpose: This is the main section. It shows exactly how this art is improved, and what new tools, blocks, mechanics, items, and everything else that needs to be added to perfect this art.

    Why we need this: The fourth section talks about why we need this implementation. It talks about the role-playing value, creative value, and practical value of this perposal.

    Banner: And finally, included is a banner for that art. Banners will come in 100x500 and 50x250, as well as an Orion-Pyro style icon.

    And without further ado, here are the art topics:

    The Art of Painting!
    The Art of Literature!
    The Art of Music!

    Here are the images for the items:

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    Quote from Equeon

    Do you really want to see sheep and pigs in the swamp? No! So if none of the normal mobs are found here, there has to be custom mobs to fill those spots.

    But mobs take ALOT of Mojang's time, and if the swamp is overhauled, then the desert, savanna, rainforest, tundra, and all other biomes will need to be overhauled too in a near equal way. It adds up to be over 50 new mobs! And while that's great, it's going to take a unreasonably long time to code.

    I don't want to argue with you that much, because I do think this is a really great thread.
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    Nice! But too many unique mobs. I think each biome should have at most 1 or 2 unique mobs, no more.
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    Already Posted Topics
    Updated August 31, 2011

    Swingerzetta, and then Kira, were the original creators/managers of this thread. Thank him and her for their hard effort in the past  :smile.gif:

    This is the place for searching (with command+F) for ideas to make sure that they haven't already been posted, and posting links to ideas so they can be indexed. I will update this thread as often as possible, adding more suggestion threads to the list. I will only add topics that are on the first page and seem like they are relatively well made, but to make sure yours is added, post a link to it in this thread.

    This thread is meant to serve the community, not myself, so if there's something you'd like to see being done differently with this, feel free to discuss it with me. Be sure to post your suggestions (with links) so I can add it.

    Also, be sure to check out the Gigathread, an index of megathreads to also post your ideas in.

    This thread is divided into sections based on what kind of ideas it is, as well as being alphabetized in each section:

    Natural Blocks and Items, Terrain, Ores, Caves, Mobs, New Realms, and all of Nature
    Crafted Blocks and Items, New uses, Redstone, Tools, Workstations, Minecarts and all Player made Stuff
    GUI, Interface, Game modes, Abstract concepts, Graphics, and Miscellaneous
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    posted a message on A few things that Irk me about the Suggestion Forum
    Quote from BergyBirdman

    His topic was about in general how to 'behave' in the suggestion forum but i wrote about how everyone should be productive in creating suggestions. Essentially everyone who posts a topic in the suggestions want to see their idea put to life in vanilla minecraft and to play it. So as people create comments they help move the suggestion into creation. If people look down upon ideas than they have a very low chance of being implemented into the game.

    Not true. Notch couldn't care less if an idea in this forum has a million reps. He doesn't check this forum. This forum is just for getting advice and praise for your idea, and has no bearing for what gets in the game.

    In any case, I don't really understand what the point of this thread is. You should make it more clear who and what you are addressing,
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    Quote from watisagamertag

    Come on man, shes 7! Give her a break! Maybe there will be boss monsters in minecraft, this is a pretty good suggestion for a boss, I think. And im 14 so i applaud her for making better suggestions than 99% of the people who post that are around my age.

    Breaks should never be given for age. It's here for us to judge weather it should be in mine craft, and wether it came from a 7 or 70 year old has no bearing. I don't hate it. I don't love it. Im impartial, and my main complaint is that it is sort of unoriginal. But being written by one who is seven doesn't magically make it a better or worse idea.
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    but she is smarter than us , or atleast smarter than the 12 year old minecraft players.

    False. I am twelve.

    Although this isn't a wonderful, original idea, it sure makes me smile, and is appreciated a lot more then half a million two sentence moon realm suggestions each day.

    Ask her what it's called. ^^
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    Nah, minecraft has unrealistic skins like that for a reason. It gives it a fun, 8-bit, blocky feel. It would take a TON of work to add all of that advanced eyes and joints, and would partially kill the feel of the game in the process.
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    I'm 12. I find it disheartening that so many people my age and older are much more immature.
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