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Hello, all! I am llama66613, but you can just call me llama, for short. I am a nerdy minecraft fan, and proud of it!

I like to post tons of stuff about minecraft. I started out in the suggestions forum, and now I have a quite popular suggestion running about The Arts. I also created a guide to the theme of minecraft, as well as an Already Suggested Megathread, where you can index your suggestions.

Also, I made a mod: Trapcraft!

If you like paradoxes, here's something to think about.

And finally, BACON.

Other then minecraft, I also like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Portal 1 & 2, math, computers, programming, and many other incredibly nerdy activities. And I am proud to be nerd, as nerds will inherit the earth.
Interests Computer games, programming, math, Star Trek, Doctor Who, all things nerdy.

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