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    Experience:3-4 years of experience on a couple servers

    Ideas about server:Not really sure but if something comes up I would surely say something about it

    Favorite TV show:Impractical Jokers

    What separates someone from deserving a 1 day temp ban or a perm ban:Let's say if a player has done something aginst the rules they shall be warned and told to read the rules but if they do it over and over again it would have to cost them a perm ban.

    How much time can you offer the server per week:About 20 hrs a week

    What is the most important thing you value in other people: Purity

    What is a dream in your life:Don't really have one (YET).

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    Where are you from?: US South Carolina.

    How long can you be on daily?: 3-5 hrs a day.

    Do you go to work/school, please Identify where: HomeSchooled. (which is be good bc im pretty much home ALOT)

    Why would you like to become builder/staff?: I Would love to make it peaceful. and i would love to help build also help Guests on the server.


    Proof of skills:All.

    Can you code? What languages?(If not just ignore this part):No

    Sorry if I don't sound so special im not good with applications like this but i swear i will be good enough for this server if u give me a chance. Thank You! (Also u can trust me I Promise u can im also not a greifer and never have greifed anything)

    If you are accepted I will pm you the IP.

    If you do apply, thank you.


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