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    Quote from Auraven

    I hate using sound in java so much... I had everything set up right but was getting errors and I couldn't think of anything I was doing wrong and the runtime error was some bs nullpointer that pointed to a library. Ended up spending hours trying to figure it out and and for the hell of it I converted the .ogg files to .wav and then fkloiwaegrouhiaeg happened and now it works.

    Anyone want to make gun item textures?

    What specific items do you need I would be happy to help
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    minecraft tekkit nation is a survival tekkit server with factions the rules are simple:
    1. no griefing
    2. no hax!
    3. no hacked clients
    4. no begging
    5. no spamming
    6. be nice
    7. no racism
    admin: linther

    server ip:

    have fun.
    if you do not know what factions are they are like clans and you could go to war so be prepared if that ever happens
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