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    posted a message on 1.17 New Lighting Source: Glowworm Nest

    Yep, new light sources are not necessary. Besides, I'm gonna be THAT GUY and use a lead on the glowsquid! Voila, portable light source! XD

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    posted a message on My first adventure map
    I just beat this (....by cheating XD) and I kinda like it. Though I wouldn't call this an adventure map per say, It's more like a mini dungeon w/ puzzles. The parkour is quite challenging even for a Minecraft veteran like myself. Also, I must admit that finding all the hidden diamonds does feel very rewarding.

    There is a glitch that the dispensers don't eject the button after activating the switches via arrows (thus lead me to cheating).

    I give this map a rating of 7/10. After you fix the glitch I found plus the spelling errors, this is easily a 9/10 map. One point less than 10 only because it's too short. Good job!
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