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    Thanks for accepting me! I'll see you guys on the server tomorrow
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    IGN: ZosoD please make me a member
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    :Diamond: IGN (In game name): ZosoD

    :Diamond: Age: i'll private message you it

    :Diamond: Country: USA

    :Diamond: Skype (We will add you once you're accepted): I don't have a skype.

    :Diamond: Job(s) you want, you can pick 1 or 2: Can I be a defender and a farmer please? Thank you.

    :Diamond: If you picked 2 jobs, tell us what will be your primary job and what your secondary: My primary job would be the defender and my secondary job would be the farmer.

    :Diamond: Tell us why you want that/those job(s): I want a defender because I want to have a fighting class, yet I don't exactly want to attack, I'd rather use fighting as a last resort. I want to be a farmer because in all of my maps and houses in servers, I have HUGE farms. I'm looking forward to doing that for not just me, but for other people to.

    :Diamond: Experience you have with the job(s): Like I said above, I am a really good farmer. What I did not mention above is that I have lots of Hunger Game challenges, and can destroy an enemy when forced to fight.

    :Diamond: Why do you want to join our clan?:I want to join because, for one, I hate creepers like you guys, and the second reason is because I feel like I would be safe around people who hate creepers and so far are a neutral clan.

    :Diamond: Have you been in any other clans?: I have been in one other clan, the Redbloods. I might not join them again though.

    :Diamond: About yourself outside minecraft:I am a huge roleplaying fan. I also read a lot of books and spend lots of free time reading. I could say more but I don't want to that much. After all, this is a forum open to people everywhere.
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