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    Prepare your orifice of choice. I am working, right now, as I type this, with my left hand, on an application for this server. You heard me right ladies and gents, THIS. VERY. SERVER.

    Watch this space...
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    Wow. I just wanna say congrats for picking up the server. I followed Dual over from Lost Days to TMP, and was rather sad when I learnt it kind of.. well. Crashed and burnt. But now he has a new project, and you guys are rebuilding from the ashes! So much happiness in my veins right now! Anyway, I may put in an application at some point. I'll try to make it female as well, seeing as there seems to be a silly amount of testosterone on Long Island at the moment (I guess we know how it got its name).
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    Quote from slayer123

    hey i am reapplying but i wanted to ask before the fact of posting the app can my parents die? i am not playing it as if i am out for revenge but more as a they are dead and i am moving on kind of thing.

    i just wanted to ask just in case

    I would say that as long as it isn't all cliché and stuff, it should be fine. As far as I can tell, the whole "revenge" rule was set in place to remove those RP'ers who write lazy back stories with no unique aspects or creativity.

    But hey, I may be wrong.

    Oh and Dual, maybe instead of race the app should say ethnicity? Or hey, why not both? Just my opinion.
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    OOC -
    IGN: lilfreddie
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 17
    Have you read the rules: Yes… but if there’s a catch here I missed it.
    Have you read the lore: Yes. Rather poetic at first, yet still tasteful. Very open as well. Could become anything… just as a good RP universe should be.

    RP Experience: I was involved with the Lost Days server for some time, even being accepted as leader for the NCR on that server, before it got shut down. Then, on the Manhattan Project, Dualmittens deemed me worthy of the esteemed role of Roleplay Monitor… a role I never got to play unfortunately, but oh well. Since then, I haven’t had time to “practise the craft”, nor have I found a server I deem worthy of effort, but hopefully I’ll luck out on this one.

    Fallout Experience: FNV multiple times, FO3 multiple times, yadda yadda yadda. In terms of the in game lore, I’m no Einstein, but I know enough. Bombs fell in 2077, the vaults are actually experiments (*Gasp!*), Super mutants are a result of the F.E.V. – otherwise known as the Forced Evolution Virus, the Enclave are power hungry ­s who think they’re doing the right thing, the BoS are the same but don’t get along with the Enclave because they came to the party in the same armour or something stupid… you get the picture. I know enough.

    Define Meta Gaming: Meta gaming is most easily explained as use of OOC knowledge IC. IE: Seeing a name through a wall, and knowing they’re there IC. Knowing someone’s identity due to their OOC name, when they’re in disguise in game. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    Define Power Gaming: Power gaming is the process of being an absolute tool who doesn’t appreciate a good RP. Okay, that’s not the dictionary definition, but it’s true. Anyway… *Ahem* Power gaming is the process of either using OOC knowledge of certain subjects or participating in un-realistic RP in order to place yourself in a position of unstoppable, unrealistic, or unjustified power. Refer to power levelling, speed runs, dupe glitching and meta gaming. IE: One guy on the Lost Days server who wound up with control of an F.E.V. nuke, an impregnable bunker, and god knows what else by using OOC knowledge, taking advantage of existing game mechanics, and being a ****.

    IC -
    Name: Jay Jesse James… Triple for short. (OMG! lilfreddie is playing a character who ISN’T from the Tenebras family? *Gasp!*)

    Gender: Male. (Obviously. Who names a girl Jay?)

    Age: 29.

    Race: White as white can be, if you ignore the dust… otherwise known as Caucasian, by more sophisticated folks.

    Appearance: Jay Jesse James –otherwise known as “Triple”- is of average… well, everything. If Triple could look more the part of your typical, downtrodden, alcoholic, slightly sexist, slightly racist, slightly everything-ist wastelander, the Mojave NCR may just get their nuclear winter (Thanks Santa). His clothes are made from the tattered remains of what he could find, his hair –black as the cracked asphalt he often walks upon- hasn’t been cut in years, and his shoes suck. They creak if he tries to sneak away from somewhere. If he needs to run, the laces come undone and fall off all the time. Whenever he travels, the soles of the shoes stick to the ground slightly, peeling away to reveal his toes in front of the harsh sun. Otherwise, he just has no real defining features.

    Signifying Traits: He talks about his shoes a lot. Complaining, mostly. But, for whatever reason, he chooses to keep them despite their flaws. Other signifying traits include: A general mistrust of humanity, a hate of non-Caucasians, a lack of respect for weak willed women, a knack for irritating any superiors he may have and his ever present flask.

    Signifying Skills: Triple is a master of none, just as none are master of Triple. However, he has come to enjoy the company of his flick knife (Melee), his boots –constantly in need of repair- (Repair), and his somewhat masterful, somewhat accidental ability of blowing things up (Explosives).


    Strength- 4
    Perception- 7
    Endurance- 4
    Charisma- 4
    Intelligence- 7
    Agility- 4
    Luck- 10

    RP example: I’m going to do this as a sort of script, rather than a narrative. Scripts seem to be more representative of how server RP goes down, and as such is hopefully more reliable as evidence to my ability (Dat professionalism).

    The scene is set at a cross roads, in the middle of nowhere. Off to one side –most likely with the sun to his back- is Triple, in the act of patching his shoes for the umpteenth time. From the opposite direction comes a small caravan, numbering two traders –armed with basic revolvers- and half a dozen guards –armed with not so basic energy weapons and various explosives.

    TRIPLE: Howdy moneybags. How goes the travelling? Is it lonely? Hard on the sole, I’d imagine.
    He giggles at his own pun. One of the guards smiles at him.
    GUARD: It’s hot, dusty, and rather boring. What about you? How goes the sitting?

    TRIPLE: Just fine thanks… although these damn shoes won’t stay together… say, do you ‘ave any tape?

    GUARD: Unfortunately no. But you could buy some if you want?

    TRIPLE: Buy some? (Yelling) Buy some! I’m sitting here, fixing my shoe, not causing harm to even the littlest of bloat flies that lands on my goddamned face and you’ve got the balls to ask me to pay! For a whole roll, no doubt! I only need, oh, an inch! (Muttering now) Ask for an inch, get offered a mile… and I “could buy some if I want”… (Insert grumbling). Limp wrist black *******…

    GUARD: Screw you. The suns fried your head you fricking ­.
    The Guard walks off to re-join the caravan.

    TRIPLE: Yeah, walk away. I have that effect on people. Go on, just leave me here to fix my damn shoes in peace! (He swigs from his ever present flask)

    I apologise for that abysmal piece of script (Especially that pun). But, it shows Triple’s main qualities, so success is the word I guess. Also, any sort of Yé Oldé Énglish is the fault of my drama class. Brechtian theatre leaves its mark.


    Jay Jesse James, nicknamed Triple for obvious reasons. Crimes: Insubordination, malicious intent, rape. Sins: Gluttony, Greed, Lust. Occupation: Forcibly retired NCR Quartermaster. He was held responsible for the distribution and maintenance of arms, munitions, and non-perishable supplies for Camp Hope for a period of seven months after the battle of Hoover Dam.

    His time prior to this employment was spent as a “punching bag in rags” for Caesar’s Legion. As such, he built up a rather strong hate of the Legion, and decided that the best way to help the mop-up operations was to ensure that “all the boom-sticks shoot straight.” However, the constant barrage of commands from his new colleagues were so similar to the constant barrage of commands from his previous captors that merely 7 months after his recruitment, he had a mental breakdown. He raped one Pvt. Robin Brooks, stabbed his CO in the thigh, and made off with the Medical Tents supply of sterilising alcohols.

    He was called to court martial, forcibly retired in his absence and given a bounty of 500 caps. It was learnt some time later, around the area commonly known as Eureka, the town of Dust and Demons, that NCR intelligence were notified of one Triple, working as a repairman for anyone who would pay.

    It is recommended that the person in question be approached with care, caution, and a fully loaded gun. Preferably two.
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    Quote from Dualmittens

    The only condition is that you don't have the power gaming traits of "genetic cell reproduction" or the stomach thing. I'm not sure what you mean by breeding, but i'll just have to assume its power gaming as it makes him the perfect survivor Anyway, Lost Day's is also not canon on our servers lore. So a lot of those events will not happen, or have happened in RP. By the way, our server takes place in 2290.

    In terms of the power gaming aspects of "genetic cell reproduction" and the stomach thing, it's not power gaming so much as just useful. An example of the cell thing... if Mane got a cut on his arm, it wouldn't instantly heal or anything silly. It would just heal perhaps one or two days quicker than the average human. In terms of eating things not fit for human consumption, that was more a reference to Mane's addiction to Radscorpian glands and his ability to stomach things like that. Also, in hindsight, "perfect survivor" was the wrong term. "Better survivor" is more accurate.

    -Mane Tenebras AKA lilfreddie
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    I would like to apologise in advance for the rambling mess that is this application. It's currently 2:30AM and I could not be bothered putting this off till a more sensible time.

    OOC -

    IGN: lilfreddie

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Have you read the rules: Yes. And I would like to point out that I am not so frugal that I wouldn’t financially contribute to the server, but I have –let’s be honest- more important uses for my money.

    Have you read the lore: I am the law. I have enlisted many an ass.
    …Wait. Wrong version of the word ‘law’.
    But on a more serious note, yes. I have read what lore there is. If there is more than the BoS and the PBR –I’m gonna call them that now. It’s quicker.- then I must be blind.

    RP Expierence: You’ve pretty much seen my experience. Also, whoever was in charge of making the application form spelt ‘experience’ as ‘expierence’. Twice.

    Fallout Expierence: I’ve done multiple play throughs of FO3 and FNV. I paid attention to the lore within the game etc. and can react appropriately to most topics within RP. That is not to say I am a lore junky.

    Define Meta Gaming: Meta gaming –as far as I remember- is the use of knowledge gained outside of your characters knowledge within RP. Might I add, a sin punishable by death.
    Seriously. I will hunt down the fool who Meta’s and eat his spleen. Maybe with some toast. IF they deserve to go with toast.

    Define Power Gaming: Power gaming in a non-RP sense is to take advantage of a certain in game mechanic, glitch, formula or other to “max-out” a character to the point of being a god. In Skyrim, this mostly consists of using a combination of Alchemy and Enchanting to create a spells-for-free master warlock.

    In an RP sense though, power gaming is all about putting yourself in a position of power you did not earn and is unbeatable. It is not –by my definition anyway- power-gaming if a character is able to obtain and use a set of hyper-enchanted power armour in combat legally, and has proven themselves enough to earn it. If they lock themselves in an impenetrable bunker with a big red button that destroys the bases of their enemies and their enemies only, that could be very easily considered power gaming.
    Unless they go to the effort of setting up all the redstone to actually do that. In that case, fair enough. But get a life.

    IC -

    Name: Mane Tenebras (like it would be anyone else. I just love him to much, and he get’s around a lot).

    Gender: Male

    Age: Depends strongly on WHEN the server is set. If it’s after the Lost Days server, then over 60.

    Race: Human. Mostly. I think we came to the conclusion he also had some Deathclaw, Radscorpian and Molerat genes in there as well.

    Appearence: It’s ‘appearance’. Anyway.
    Mane has messy black hair that slightly shadows his scarred and haggard face. His skin –though still appearing to be that of a man in his mid-thirties- was starting to show signs of the wars he’d been in and the years he had survived. His defining trait –his glowing green eye on the blackened half of his face- was still present after the many years he had roamed the wastes. His overalls were dusty and his leather backpack was made of good strong leather, but still showed the signs of age. You could see the repairs he had done on it quite clearly. His shoes were somewhat out of place, being of a military design particular to the NCR. He carried on his belt a large steel buckle. If you were to flip it over, you would be able to see the blood stains from one of Mane’s worst injuries. Carved on the front though, are the words “Forgotten General”.

    Signifying Traits:
    As mentioned in “Appearence” as it is so delightfully called –I’m feeling sarky today, can you tell?- one of his signifying traits is his large green eye. The sight of it has freaked out many a killing man and woman. Another trait is his ability to injure his left leg, and never his right. Thankfully, this has never resulted in a life long limp, but it has cost him many a litre of blood.

    Signifying Skills:
    Mane is a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades. He has proven to be an excellent farmer and medic, along with a good leader. Perhaps not the best in times of conflict, but certainly a good peace-maker. In the short amount of time he spent as a member of the NCR, he got rather good at swinging a machete. His even shorter time in the BoS taught him to use a laser pistol scarily well though. Throughout the years, Mane has also used his “silver-tongue” to trade with farmers and the like around him.
    A summary of his skills:
    -Melee weapons, blades in particular.
    -Energy weapons, lasers in particular.
    -Medicine. *Tagged*
    -Speech. *Tagged*
    -Barter. *Tagged*

    (40 points to distribute, maxes out on 10)
    Strength- 4
    Endurance- 8
    Charisma- 6
    Luck- 5

    RP example:
    *Based upon actual events in the “Lost Days” server*
    Some way below Mane’s tower, a small caravan enters his fledgling town of Gamma to trade. Cupping a hand around his lips, he yells down to what appears to be a young red headed gal.
    “Allo there! Lookin’ for anyone?”
    She looks around wildly on ground level for a bit, before noticing the silhouette on the top of the concrete building.
    “Yes actually. I heard that Mane was looking for a trading partner over the radio. Do you know him?” Her voice carried easily to him. Clearly, this woman was not some weak little flower in the dry ground of the wastes.
    “You would be speaking to him. I’ll be down in a second.” Mane rushed his way down the elevator shaft, barely clinging onto the ladders he had hung there once the elevator itself had fallen. Reaching the lobby, he rushed out the doors to great the trader. “Welcome to Gamma! I trust you know the rules, they’re on the signs on the way in.”
    “No shooting, no violence, etcetera etcetera?”
    “Etcetera etcetera. Now, I trust you want to hear my proposal?” Mane held out his hand in greeting as he spoke, a gesture that was quickly returned.
    “Yes. I have my own terms to set first though.” Mane frowned. “Fair enough.” He thought quickly, coming to the conclusion that this lass was no stranger to trade, or entering a strangers veritable fortress with no fear in her heart. “If I set up a stall here, you will get 15% of the caps I make. How does that sound, Mane?” He smiled. “I was gonna start at 10%. Deal.”


    The Tenebras family as a whole is an enigma to most. Consisting of Mane’s children –Danye and Tawny- and himself, they each pose a threat to all who get on their bad side. However, Mane is perhaps the most enigmatic of all.

    Whilst he is often seen as a charitable man trying to make life in the wastes easier, a few know him as the devil himself. His mixed up genes give him abilities some could only dream of, such as enhanced cell regeneration or the ability to digest most food sources whether they are strictly for human consumption or not. His “breeding” so to speak makes him the perfect wasteland survivor. This is something that many people have attempted to take from him. For example, if you do manage to get him drunk –an act that is nigh impossible due to his hate of drinking- he will speak of aliens and how he was abducted once. This tale is not as silly as it sounds.
    Other reasons for his more evil reputation with some people include cannibalism –an act that is not entirely his fault-, murder, theft, general banditry, and nuclear warfare. That last part was more to do with his children than himself, but everybody seems to forget that part.

    Bad things aside, Mane has recently turned to a nicer path. His later years have been spent creating peace between warring factions and creating small towns for people to live in. Unfortunately, it is part of his families enigma that eventually he must move on, and so he often passes the reigns to someone else and leaves them in charge of the town he has raised.

    In terms of his past, that is a close held secret. His first clear memory is of the Big Empty, a scientific research complex known –by about three people- for creating great horrors and being generally crazy. His escape from the hell he was born into involved a giant Molerat, a .357 pistol and a Ghoul named Jeanne. From that point onward, his life became a convoluted mess off good and evil acts, psychotic lapses and general inability to keep a stable life.

    This tragic –trust me, it is- life brought him to Manhattan, where he finds himself once again in the middle of a ­fight.
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    Hey Dual, it's Mane. Been a quadzillionbillionuslargnb years since I checked up on the server, and I just wanna say I'm impressed. I'm also working on a character application -whether it's needed or not- so I can be more involved. I may not be on much though, just saying. Final year of school and all. Anyway, will see you when I do.

    -Mane Tenebras AKA lilfreddie
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    RP Monitor:

    IGN: lilfreddie

    Name: Patrick (A lot of people know me as Mane)

    Gender: Female! I’m joking. We all know that 90% of females on the net are males.

    Age: 16

    Timezone: Good ol’ Australia

    Fallout Experience: I have played FNV –and all affiliated DLC- at least 12 times, yet only completed FO3 and its DLC once… I really must amend this.

    Roleplaying Experience: The majority of you guys have seen me RP… even if I was doing “surgery” at the time. For those that haven’t, I was a member of Lost Days from the Detroit launch till current, becoming NCR general somewhere towards the end.

    Other RP servers you have played on: Lost Days… ermmm… I once joined a random fantasy RP server for about 20 minutes, I guess. It was empty though…

    Why do you think you'd be a good RP Monitor? (1-2 paragraphs):
    *Clears throat* It appears to be formal time.
    I believe that I have the needed skills to ensure that RP is always fair and fun, due to my ability to perceive both sides of the story and come to a logical conclusion. I have experienced numerous RP scenarios, from combat to selling my services. NOT as a prostitute, I should add. As such, I understand how the situations shouldn’t unfold.
    For example, if a man were hiring a Mercenary –detestable scum as they are- the scene would not end with the customer being tied to a pole and used for *bleep*, not to mention *bleeeeeeeeeeeep* and defiantly not as a *bleep-bleep-bleeeeep* for a Molerat.

    If you find a un-serious or unrealistic Monitor, What would you do?(1 Paragraph): I would tell them kindly to get their act together, and if the ridicule or ridiculous-ness continued, I would force my own decision upon any situations they are dictating. Upon completing this action, I would ‘report’ the offender to the nearest Admin/Mod/Authority of choice (Other Authorities are available, each sold separately.).
    And now I feel like a dictator.
    ~~Yay communism?

    If someone argues with you about their RP what do you do?:
    If someone argued my decision, I would suggest that they stop, unless they enjoy being constantly dogged by a Schizophrenic Bi-polar sadistic MPD patient. But only if the process of getting them to accept my decision took longer than an hour. I’ve noticed that people are a lot more agreeable when they’re constantly going “WTF?!”
    Oh fine. I’ll be serious. I would request we take the debate to private chat, or Skype or some such, and continue there so as to avoid clogging up global. If the decision continued to be contested, I would send the matter on to a higher authority, along with a recommendation of a temp-ban or whatever punishment is appropriate for the crime.

    Skype (You need skype, although you do not need a Mic): You already have my Skype. Just sayin’.
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    I have to say, I am kinda disappointed.

    I finally get my act together, and get on the server expecting huge differences in the old start area, you know. Some kind of excellent mop up of the old builds, Making sure that chests that were previously full of food were empty, stuff like that. Brushfire didn't get a clean up, it looks like it got nuked. Gamma (The small settlement I, Mane Tenebras, built) has been less 'exploded', although it did age well in my opinion. I didn't bother checking my old base in the NC area -which contained 4 stacks of iron blocks, gained legally- because I have a good idea of what I would find.

    Also, you should proofread the rule signs. And I quote "I think YOU'RE a radier!"
    I almost died laughing at that.

    Oh, and this is more a personal issue, but I can't seem to get the Texture pack to work. Probably just my derp.

    I was really looking forward to seeing what's left of the NCR move into Gamma or something, or NC being VASTLY different... instead, it seems like copy pasta with explosion and vine sauce.

    Mane out. *click*

    EDIT: Well, I explored some more (Found my hideaway... was a giant underground hole cave.) and I like SOME things. I dun like the amount of stuff that just got blown up. Also, there is an area at X315 Z-388 with floating water, and there are floating fences near the old NCR capital.
    EDIT 2: Got the texture pack working. Not sure what was up with that. Oh, and can I get a name change to Tawny_Tenebras please? I'm Aussie, so chances of me being on when an admin is are low.
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    Well, someone said on the first page that previous members of Lost Days would be allowed back on... so yeah. Plox?

    (IGN) lilfreddie
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    So, any updates on the server status? Because I am itching to build...
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    So, anyone know if there is gonna be anymore "heavy lifting" for me to do in the short term? 'Cause I'm feelin' like some work.
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    Quote from dragonox1155

    Maaaaaaaney. add me on skype, bluestudioes1

    ***** please. Only Maddy calls me Maney. :P
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    I really wanna follow Tmy on his server(s), but I really like this Fallout themed server... *sigh*.
    Well, if I end up continuing on with Tmy, then I vote for an just after apocalypse thingy server...

    Why must awesome people like Tmy and the admins fight?
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    Quote from MATT17HMR

    Meet Maddy and Mane (without infected eye), in real life. :D Just a few things different.. like clothes.. Hair sorta but it's the best photo i could get to suit it :P

    Two awesome post apocalyptic looking bestfriends, ready for combat XD

    Awwww yeaaaahhhh... damn my eyes look good. lol
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