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    Client 2011/12/30 22:31
    Hello, I can see my game panel now. But the server status is "unknown" and still wont start. It has been many hours since it was supposed to be back up according to the message sent.

    IP Address:
    Daniel Ohberg
    Staff 2011/12/30 22:33

    We recently submitted an update news in our Game Panel about some delays, causing the service window to breach.
    We hope to have everything up within the hour, two maximum.

    Should you need further assistance, simply get back to us!

    Kind Regards,

    Ongoing. Solid state memory upgrade, WE HAVE A BREACH ON THE WINDOW, I REPEAT BREACH ON THE WINDOW *machine gun sounds*
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    Quote from LPTSO

    Your girlfriend needs moar Minecraft in her life.

    heh, tell me about it. things are going to be alright, not all late-twenty somthings are totally into this game. lol
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    Have you been looking for a sweet Towny PVP Server? This is it! PvP is forced ON everywhere except for spawn areas. Go 20 blocks out from spawn city and everyone is free to build/destroy. Anything that is not protected with included plugins is free to destroy/kill.

    ANARCHY server. Anything goes except hacks and spam (outside of spawn zone of course)

    The Raids that occur on this server are legendary. Ragequiting might happen here and there, but you have towny to keep you somewhat safe. Look up ways to protect yourself from TNT cannons, because you will probably encounter a cannon battle at your base sooner or later.

    NEW IP

    :Diamond: SERVER IP :Diamond:

    Towny Commands! http://towny.xshade.ca/commands/master-list

    30+ slots

    Base Battles, City Battles, Fort Battles, Old School Spawn Killin' Battles

    Full Frontal Frontier!
    Started 7-9-2011
    This is an economy towny pvp server

    NO McMMO, that ruins servers and combat completely. You want an advantage? Get potions and armor. End of story.

    Please post in this thread to help this server grow!
    Pave your own way
    With the towny plug-in you create your own towns, be a resident or a mayor. Don't tax you're people much, because they will just go start their own town! When you claim land for your town it becomes protected. Build towers and blast attackers with arrows who can't reach you!
    Full PvP
    PvP is enabled world-wide, except for the starting portal areas. The only safe area is the starting area. Using Towny you can make a fortress and keep mauraders out. If you can steal or destroy it, its open game. We offer plugins to protect things, don't use them at your own risk.
    Server Shop
    By using /mbuy (item) (amount, or /msell (item) (amount). you can see what is for sale on the shop by saying /mmarket list. The prices are dynamic and fluctuate slowly based on supply and demand. Farm, mine, hunt monsters to make money!
    Warps are enabled, you can create your own by saying /warp create (name). You can then visit it by saying /warp (name). /warp help will tell you more. Warping is VERY powerful, and to limit people abusing it to no end, they have a 20 second warm up!
    Come play some SMP with a starting zone, leaving the rest to the players to explore and civilize. Create towns for yourself, or larger towns with others. There is restricted warping with a long warm-up to minimize people teleporting out of fights. We offer a server /shop to buy and sell goods to the server, but player made shops are most likely cheaper.

    No Whitelist! Come check it out!



    1.0 Hacks or Modified clients are a ban, the end.
    2.0 Exploits and glitches are not allowed. If we find you using them we will punish you depending on the severity of the glitch.
    3.0 Spamming is a ban.
    4.0 Everything else goes, aside from obviously acting stupid and annoying. This is an ANARCHY server!

    Server Quick Guide coming soon.
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