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    posted a message on Jailbreak [Prison Server]IP: [OP Prison Server] [ROLEPLAY] [24/7] [IN THE TOP 5] [OP Prison Server] [OP Donor Rank
    sooo smexy, how are those schematic builds going for you?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] JailbreakZ - brand new prison server!
    nice to see all of you on the server! if you have any suggestions for us, please post them here or on we are taking any and all suggestions on how to improve the server
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    posted a message on Jailbreak [Prison Server]IP: [OP Prison Server] [ROLEPLAY] [24/7] [IN THE TOP 5] [OP Prison Server] [OP Donor Rank

    this is my proof that i was admin rank. can i have it back plz
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    posted a message on Jailbreak [Prison Server]IP: [OP Prison Server] [ROLEPLAY] [24/7] [IN THE TOP 5] [OP Prison Server] [OP Donor Rank
    wooooooooow smexy real mature ban reason. and for your information, no i am not gay, but thanks for asking
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    posted a message on Jailbreak [Prison Server]IP: [OP Prison Server] [ROLEPLAY] [24/7] [IN THE TOP 5] [OP Prison Server] [OP Donor Rank
    good job smexy. 2 days down now, and still not up? i doubt it ever will. but good luck anyways.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] JailbreakZ - brand new prison server!
    Quote from Badass804

    Ign: Delgado804
    Minecraft experience: Plenty iv been playing since before fishpoles + iv also had my own prison server before.
    Methods of contact: Skype (ask me for it) or just message me here
    Prison server experience: Plenty I use to own my own hosted prison server before + iv been staff on plenty of other servers
    Why should we whitelist you? I can help find glitches and I can help bring traffic to your server once its up and running

    the server is open and off whitelist, you should be able to join
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] JailbreakZ - brand new prison server!
    Quote from AronShark

    It is not up....


    Ummm, it says not whitelisted!

    ummm try again. you should be able to join, i copied the name you put, so it should work. if not, lemme know and i will see what i can do
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] JailbreakZ - brand new prison server!
    Quote from leoknighted

    Ign: leoknighted
    Minecraft experience: 14 months, 5 months with prison severs.
    Methods of contact: skype(skype name is leoknighted)
    Prison server experience: ive played various different prisons servers for about 5 months time. I was not guard on any of them as i dont have the best pk skills but i did play a few as a prisoner and earned my freedom and many of them.
    Why should we whitelist you? I cant really say why you should. im a loyal player, usually only play on one prison server at a time and im currently looking for one. I guess thats a reason to whitelist me but you wont be able to see whether thats true untill you whitelist me :P

    Quote from BlueArrowGames

    ign : bluearrow_studio

    minecraft experience : played minecraft for a year
    methods of contact : email [email protected] Skype BlueArrowStudio

    prison server experience : i played on 1 prison server for almost a year

    why should we white list you : because i am good at prison servers and good at following rules

    Quote from AronShark

    Ign: HowBabysRBrn
    Minecraft experience: I joined in 1.7 beta
    Methods of contact: Steam: BroBoxer
    Prison server experience: I have owned a prison server
    Why should we whitelist you? I know how to do prison servers, and I think I could help people who needed it.

    Quote from jen_na55

    ign : jen_na55
    minecraft experience : I have been playing minecraft ever since it started. I have been on all types of serves as well.
    methods of contact : [email protected] or my Skype is jen.na55
    prison server experience : i played on over 20 different Prison Servers. I have been guard on several and admin on 3. I am also a well known donator.

    why should we white list you: Because i have tons of prsion server experience and i can help you make the prison server a lot of fun. I also know a lot about minecraft and can help others. I am very trustworthy. :) Please whitelist me

    all whitelisted
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] JailbreakZ - brand new prison server!
    Quote from Tornadoed

    Minecraft experiance:I've been playing minecraft since it was out
    Methods of contact:[email protected]
    Prison server experience:I love prison servers and this one looks really good and I have been a mod on a prison server before
    Why should we whitelist you:I have got loads of experience and I can't wait to show it whith the fellow mods


    whitelisted. thank you for applying
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] JailbreakZ - brand new prison server!
    Quote from Adonay1234

    I am ChatMod on a prison server. Does that count?

    depends what you mean by count. it is a definite plus if we can see you in game guarding, and will improve your chances of getting guard. however, if you mean for whitelist, no. you will still need to file a whitelist application. i hope this helps!

    Quote from Yoshi

    Nice server :D

    thank you! the feedback is very appreciated!
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    posted a message on Jailbreak [Prison Server]IP: [OP Prison Server] [ROLEPLAY] [24/7] [IN THE TOP 5] [OP Prison Server] [OP Donor Rank
    well, this is a final goodbye jailbreak. seeing how i have heard smexy hates me, and chaotic probably won't unban me, this is it. i will not be returning. my server will open soon (thanks chaotic) and i won't have time for other servers. but before i go, i will share my story on this server. it is a good one.

    when i first joined back at the very end of january, i was greeted by a huge spam of welcome messages, one of these even from smexy. i think there were 18 people on at that time, when it was still quiet. that very first day, i had decided that this was a great server, and i would stick around it. i managed to get to citizen within 8 hours legitly, thanks to generous donations from a number of people. later, after meeting blackpoison04 (<3 no homo) and starting to create a base, smexy started trolling. he was flying around, spawning stuff, and making people say stuff in chat. when the regular players denied what was being said in our names, smexy banned many outright. thanks to nightblade (<3 no homo again) the server wasn't completely destroyed. he believed the players, not smexy, and i am sure he got talked to by smexy.

    later, smexy decided to help create blackpoison04s base, by world editing all the stuff out. this was greatly appreciated. about 10 days after the first time i joined the server, i was accepted for guard. it was one of the happiest moments on the server. i spent about 2 weeks as a regular guard before jml (<3 no homo) got warden, and ranked me up to srguard. around that time, i had also applied for mod, which also got accepted by jml, but then later denied because i had just been ranked up. i thought i was never going to get mod, but to my suprised, sunrays (<3 no homo) ranked me up to mod, and "demoted" pwnerz. he hadn't been, but that is besides the point. a few days later, blacksmoke got warden back, and then 2 days after that, smexy demoted all the wardens, and i was promoted to warden. around the time i got mod, smexy and i had started skyping a little bit, and i believe it is because of me that the wardens got demoted.

    when i first got warden, i lasted a few weeks, before i messed up big time. i gave bibimbap12 a ton of money, and got him banned, and me demoted. a few days later, smexy went on vacation, and then gave me admin back. i spent about 2 months total as warden, before i went onto kyx's server while skyping him, with smexy online at the time, and he gave me a fake title. when smexy saw this, he immediately went back to his server, and demoted me. when i joined it, he took away everything. i started telling everyone about what smexy does, and he bans me. then, when he called me on skype, he told me it was all a joke, but i don't take being demoted and banned as a joke. at this point, smexy starts hating me, and will not respond to me, or anything i say. he totally ignores it. i would just like to thank everyone for the good times on here, it was nice while it lasted, but i just don't see any reason to appeal the ban with my server opening soon. good luck to everyone
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] JailbreakZ - brand new prison server!


    now open!

    what is it
    JailbreakZ is a brand new server! It is based on a prison server, but is so much more. With mature, friendly staff members, and growing every day, it is sure to be a hit.

    Man, they finally caught you. You roamed the streets for years, evading the cops, but you just couldn’t escape this time, and thus it is time to do your sentence. you work hard, but it is not enough, too many other people around. But rumors are spreading…. There may be other ways out! One of these days, you will get your freedom back.. but how?

    1: griefing and stealing are only allowed in warp wild.
    2: do NOT use flint and steel, or lava.
    3: asking for ranks will result in you getting set back one rank. We only take staff by apps.
    4: if you ask for money, you will be ignored.
    5: listen and respect all staff. They wouldn’t have been hired if they didn’t know what they were doing.
    6: do not pvp in front of guards. They will get you, and kill you.
    7: keep contraband away by guards! (shhhhhh)

    this is the default starting rank. Pleasant to look at, but not a fun place to be. If you look carefully, you may be able to find hidden treasures! A lot of pvp here, get out as fast as possible

    not as fancy as c, but not as much pvp either. There are secrets scattered all around here, and the mines below the temple. Some say that a pleasant ghost still haunts this, others say he can be violent. Be careful, and you won’t have to be here long.

    a very pleasant place to be. With nice prices and good mines, this is a good place to be. You still have a long ways to go to get out of here, but why not stop and relax a bit? You earned it.

    Now we are finally getting somewhere. There isn’t pvp anywhere in elite, but there is a drowning risk. This block has 3 mines at your disposal, use them wisely.

    one final step before you can be paroled. A block like the showers, very open, but watched silently. Escape, and it will be found. You can watch people mine, steal their stuff, or just go to other blocks and gain money that way.

    Finally, the guards let you out on parole. Be careful though, you can be sent back to prison if you misbehave. Here, you can roam the streets once again, but to gain true freedom, you need to go back into the prison.

    Well, welcome back. we missed you. Did you enjoy your parole? Let’s hope so. To gain true freedom, you will have to pass through here. A nice place to be, but mostly empty. To finally roam the streets completely alone again, you will need to go back through it all. Enjoy your stay, it won’t last too long

    Staff ranks:

    So you think you can control all the prisoners huh? This rank gives you a chance to prove it. You don’t get to do much besides guard though, but man; you prove to them gangs that you are better than all of them. See below for guard requirements and application info.

    Senior guard:
    a wild warden appears! This rank is picked by admins of the server, who see that you are working hard, and pick you to be better than the rest. Here, you have access to more stuff, and a better guard kit. To rank up to mod, you will need to prove yourself here. Think you can do it?

    Man, now you showed all of them that you have what it takes. To become a moderator, you need to apply and an admin will check the application. To qualify, you must have either been a srguard, or moderator on a server that is still running for proof. But man, you got it good here.

    Aaaah, finally. A nice luxurious rank. Here, you finally get full access to kicks, bans and all the blocks. Oh, and did we mention creative? To achieve this rank, you must prove yourself trustworthy on the server, and extremely active. The final step before jradmin, or possibly a full on warden! Think you can handle it? Let’s hope so.

    Well well well, you have come a long way since that pvp ridden cblock. Here, you have access to a lot of stuff. This rank is for testing, mainly to see how you will do as a full on admin. Work hard here, and you could be our next admin. As a jr admin, you don’t have to do much, almost no guarding, and can go anywhere. But be prepared, all the prisoners will come to you with questions, be ready to answer as many as possible.

    a prestigious rank, highly regarded among all players, with great access to everything. You run the show, and are in charge of ranking staff up. This rank is as high as you can possibly get, but man, you got it good. Top dawg, and everyone respects you. Players do come to you with questions, and it is expected that you can answer it.

    This rank cannot be obtained, as it is reserved for the 2 server owners.


    to donate: visit

    get ready for jbz 2.0! coming soon!
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    posted a message on looking for people with permissions experience
    still looking
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    posted a message on looking for people with permissions experience
    hello all!

    i am looking to start a server soon, but no matter how hard i try, the permissions files always get me. thus, i am looking for someone who knows how to do permissions, but won't give all their alts star commands and destroy the server. to get to know you a little bit, i am doing this on an application basis. the server is currently whitelisted, and will give you more information in game about what we want in it.

    please use this format when posting an app, when the server opens you will be given a cool rank and title for helping out

    Method of contact (skype is preferable):
    Past experience:
    Why should we choose you:
    Any Additional Information:

    thank you for looking!
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