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    posted a message on |DeltaCraft Network|Snapshot 14w32d|Whitelist Only|Youtubers Welcomed|World Boarder Starting At 500x500|NEW WORLD TODAY!|
    IGN: turcotte1

    Skype: turcotte1999

    Age: 15

    Have You Ever Been Banned?: No sir, Never been banned.

    Skills In Minecraft: Well I am a bad builder, excellent farmer, and a not so good pvper.

    Why You Want To Join?: A couple of people I know are on this server so I want to join them.

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: I think I've played for at least a couple years. Back when minecraft was beta.

    Extra/Screenshots/Past Servers/etc: I have played many servers but I don't plan to list them all.
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    Thank you ciabatta1 and Ultra_Viper593. I did really find that responsibility amusing though. I figured if my app wasn't that good it would be some trouble but I would be compelled to fix my application before told to if it was bad. I personally thought it was a good app and I'm glad you did too. Also I suppose you're right about the fact five... I couldn't really think of anything else. I guess in that way I am sloppy... But I had a second tab opened and clicked the wrong one. Oh well, I'll be on soon. In about a minute probably.
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    posted a message on Big Sister Gulliver Minecraft Server {Whitelisted, Forge}
    1. What is your minecraft username?
    'turcotte1' is my minecraft username. without the apostrophe's.

    2. Please explain why you would like to join the server.
    I would like to join the server because a server with the gulliver mod is hard to come by. Also from the
    video I saw, this server looks like it has a really good community. I have played a different server using
    this mod which also had a very nice community, sadly it closed down so I am on the search for a new
    one. This is by far the best I have found. That is why I want to join this server. I enjoy playing with a
    friendly community that I can trust.

    3. How will my talents/skills/experiences/personality traits and aspirations contribute positively to the server?
    I am often told by people that I am mature for my age. One way I plan to contribute to the server is by
    honest and kind. I am a very kind person and will always help someone if they need something or want
    some advice, etc. I am not particularly skilled in one thing but I guess I am a decent builder, I sort of
    play the piano and I have attempted modding before. I always try to stay positive even when things
    aren't so great. Even though this is impossible I always try to keep everyone happy. I'm your average
    guy who wants to join this server. Not skilled in a particular thing but I am willing to try.

    4. Five random facts about me.
    1) I enjoy more medieval type weapons (bows, swords, etc.) and magic but I like those in more of a
    futuristic world.

    2) I am more of a quiet guy and I seem to sneak up on a lot of people.

    3) I don't really like cake but if it's candy or ice cream, I would have it all day.

    4) When I bake cookies that you get in the plastic wrap (for example Pillsbury cookie dough), I usually
    shape it into something and bake it as one giant cookie.

    5) It took me two shots to write this application because as soon as I finished it the first time, I
    accidentally closed the tab.

    5. One right or responsibility I enjoy the most.
    I find the responsibility, "Please read all rights and responsibilities" amusing.

    6. Name of the official currency for the server.
    The name of the official currency for the server is nothing else but, "Cheese".
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    posted a message on how do i defed angainst taint in thaumcraft 4?
    silverwoods. Also the shimmer leafs (from the silverwoods) also seem to unfluence the taint. Also this is just speculation but nodes do have the ability to combine. So with enough pure nodes that one tainted node can be cleansed of taint. Also taint is everywere but in order to fully stop it you must target the node. If you don't all your doing is reverting grass. And silverwoods "ward" off taint... but I have seen some of them even get corrupted. So attack the node!!!

    Source: My Game
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Tubes! (2.0.5) 9-Nov-2014
    Quote from Tntrololol

    Just had to upload this! I re-textured the tubes a color reminiscent of their RP2 predecessors and I think they came out great! Schmoller's textures are very well done too though. This is just personal preference.

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    Here I will display each and every mod I make. It will act as a cross roads for my mods. I am essentally a noob at coding but if you can have patience I would be very greatful. As I make these mods I will learn more about coding and in-turn make these mods better. So as a start I have two mods I am gonna start. More info can be displayed below.

    This is one of the mods I will be working on. With this mod I plan to bring the best features from final fantasy and bring them together to one ultimate fantasy. This will for sure feature every weapon, mob, and spell. I plan to add world gen, and classes. That type of stuff. Let me know what you think.

    Oh and if you want to create FF models, textures, anything really. Then go right ahead and send it to me. Thanks for reading!

    Pictures will come!

    -World Gen
    -Possibly a FF Themed Battle System

    This is yet another mod I will be working on. In this mod I plan to add alot of crops from anything I can find. I will be adding tomatoes to something fantasy like possibly ore plants. Of course I will make it so that they will be hard to grow. I wouldn't want people having millions of ores. I would also make them reasonably hard to obtain. Let me know what you think.

    If you make any textures for these, send them in I will probably use them.

    -Green Beans

    -Bell Peppers


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    posted a message on Tinycraft [Technic] [Whitelist] [Fun] [SMP] [Friendly Staff] [Anti Grief]
    Welcome to -No Name-. We have a nice and friendly staff. We are faction pvp and we have reasnoble rules and grief prevention.

    In Game Name (Required)
    Your Age (optional)
    Skype (Optional)
    Why You Want To Play (Required)
    Responsibility (Required)
    Something About Yourself (Required)
    Have You Ever Been Banned? And Why? (Required)

    After being whitelisted you need to:
    1) Login to ip:
    2) Play!!Please come and join us! We want this to be a friendly community. Hope to see you soon!!!
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    posted a message on [WIP] Magic Pearls Coming soon to Minecraft
    Quote from anicet74

    the corrupted/purified part remind me terraria,nice

    Thanks. When making this I was not even thinking of terraria.
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    Magic Pearls
    (No good at art... Message me if you want to make some!

    This is a WIP mod I came up with when editing a skin I found and like very much. This is a mod that will add an alternate version of ender pearls that are essentially corrupt and do bad things the the environment around you. They will have some useful features like traveling to a alternate end and they will also be used to cast "Dark pearl magic" (notify me of a better name). The magic's will be used to do good and bad things to your world. Dark magic can be useful for a dark mage but not so much for any other type. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.


    - Add corrupted ender pearl item
    - Add purified ender pearl item
    - Add ender pearl block
    - Add corrupted ender pearl block
    - Add purified ender pearl block

    - Add corrupted end pearl chest
    - Add purified end pearl chest

    - Add corrupter
    - Add purifier

    - Add a dust for each pearl
    - Add a grinder
    - Add shards of each pearl

    In this part. I will just post the progress of the mod up until release were I will just post the features of the updates. Whatever is in red is not done, well yellow is what I'm working on. I plan a lot more then this. I just need to think of stuff and get suggestions.

    - Add armor of each color

    - Add features to each pearl.

    - Add features to each pearl block other then for storing pearls

    - Add features to each pearl chest

    - Add features to the corrupter and purifier

    - Add mobs

    - Add tame able pets

    - Add features to the dusts

    - Add features to the grinder

    - Add 2 dimensions

    - Add bosses for each dimension

    - Add blocks for each dimension

    - Add a magic system

    - Add runes

    - Add both good and bad npc's

    - Add weapons

    - Add features to weapons

    - Add armor

    - Add features to armor

    - Add essence

    - Add textures

    - Add shard features

    - Add power system

    - Add world gen to ores

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    posted a message on Modding Request
    I need help with making mods. I am currently learning more about java but I would like to know if someone would help me with certain things like making something that can shoot a projectile.
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    posted a message on Magic Pearls Coming soon to Minecraft (Help Needed)
    Quote from akira796

    This actually looks very nice, i would try it when this is done, also. . .
    This goes at WIP mods section, sorry dude :/
    Thanks. How do I move it?
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    posted a message on Magic Pearls Coming soon to Minecraft (Help Needed)
    Quote from Thief39

    Is the text invisible? Since I don't see anything.
    Sorry it posted before I was done
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