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    Quote from minestrike80»
    Shields do their job good but they are the only objects in combat that don't have enchantments.
    How about we make shields more viable than they are by adding 2 enchantments
    Bash II
    Reflect I
    Tower III

    Support. Dunno how this would affect ranged mobs like skeletons.

    Reflect: Increases ricochet velocity of arrows and reflects them towards mobs and players.
    (Much like thorns the enchantment is brutal on the durability)

    So what you're saying is the shield- when an arrow hits the shield- bounces back as quick as it did when being shot? Sounds fun, Support.

    Tower: Increase the speed in which you move while blocking.

    Simple enough.

    Overall I really like the enchantments. They're simple but powerful enough.

    Full Support

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    As the game is coded, blocks moving would look really stuttery and if not implemented correctly could produce tons of lag. They should use entities like boats and minecarts, which could have code used for these larger ships. Some code could allow you to freely walk on entities and even move along with them. It would work better and could be considered more minecrafty than having a bunch of cobblestone and plank textures floating around.

    A larger type of crafting table could be used to construct these ships.

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    posted a message on There needs a minecraft chimney!
    • Mojang uses campfires as chimneys for village houses because the smoke particles go high, so this would be redundant.
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    posted a message on About new features in 1.14.


    You have not suggested anything. Plus these new blocks really aren’t complete duplicates, they just make crafting faster. I do have some complaints but atleast have sone ideas

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    posted a message on The dark sea biome
    Quote from ryanextgen»

    The dark sea biome would be a biome that occasionally appears under deep oceans. In the dark sea the water would be darker and you would not be able to see as far. In the dark sea animals such as angler fish and giant octopuses would spawn. There would also be many strange sea creatures like possibly sea monsters.

    Please get a full idea of what you are suggesting before posting because these mobs are extremely vague.

    In the dark sea there would be structures that only appear in the dark sea. For example one of the structures might be an ancient totem pole or a giant shipwreck that is like the Titanic.

    Again with the unfinished idea. Totem poles could look cool and may function similar to a desert well, and giant shipwrecks could function well with a dangerous mob.

    There would be a lot of treasures hidden in these structures and the only way to swim down to them and explore them with a safe amount of air would be to use an air tank. The air tank would change your bubbles different colors. When your air bubbles are a different color they would last longer. When your air bubbles are brown, they last twice as long and takes twice as long to fill up. when the bubbles are gray they last five times as long and take five times as long to fill up. When they are yellow they last twenty times as long but take twenty times as long to fill up. When they are purple they last fifty times as long but take fifty times as long to fill up. To get brown bubbles you craft a leather air tank. To get gray bubbles you craft an iron air tank. To get yellow bubbles (not pee) you craft a gold air tank. To get purple bubbles you craft a diamond air tank. The reason they are purple and not blue is because normal bubbles are blue. The air tank would go in the chestplate spot. To craft the air tank you would use six of the material you want to use and a tube. A tube would be crafted with 2 sugarcane or bamboo. Also, there would be an enchantment for air tanks called filling. Filling would make your air tanks fill up faster.

    Or you could use water breathing potions...

    There would also be goggles that would make your vision underwater more clear. You craft goggles with 2 glass and a bamboo or sugarcane. But it would still be pretty hard to see stuff in the dark see with goggles but not as hard. You could also but goggles with dye to make them different colored. There would also be some species of coral that only spawn in the deep sea.

    Or you can use night vision potions on top of water breathing potions...

    You could also craft boots that would make it so you sink faster to the ground and do not float up when you are wearing them. They would be useful for looking for structure without floating back up. They would also be useful to get down quicker. You would craft them the same except with an obsidian under each boot. The better the material the faster you sink. Diamonds are the best and leather is the worst.

    I'd much rather just have another water enchantment like depth strider rather than a whole new item. Also armour doesn't cause you to float upwards in the ocean unless this is what the biome does... because you never specified that it did before writing this piece

    Conduits would also be very useful for a place to go back and fill up your air tank without going to the surface. There would be many other animals in the deep sea but I can not think of much right now.

    For the third time now, think about your suggestion and what it will have before you post. This entire thing is incredibly vague and redundant.

    No Support

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    posted a message on Using Bamboo for more things.

    More variants of already existing items? Count me in.

    Full Support

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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    The stonecutter shouldn't just be limited to stone, and even though the name is the way it is, you could say that it's a "cutter made out of stone" (did not take that from anyone obviously). Like putting a log in there could show stripped and bark blocks and planks would show stairs, slabs, fences, fence gates, etc. The stonecutter could be used like a chisel.

    There should also be many block varients that are stonecutter exclusive, like brick blocks with missing bricks or stone pillars.

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    This is basically a punishment for advancing into the game and not even a fun one in the slightest. Survival and vanilla servers would be hell with this added. Big no support on this.

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    posted a message on The Huntsman Update

    I like how you “dodged” the wishlist rule by adding that “all these new features will be found in forests”. However, you have suggested hunting rifles and backpacks so you have done a poor job with that. I suggest you read the discussion rules before you post suggestions as wishlists are not allowed. Make one thread for each idea and flesh out your vague ideas so we can understand what your talking about.

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